How to choose a washing machine with drying

Modern washing machines are multifunctional: they will wash and clean clothes. Only then it is necessary to dry it. The inhabitants of private houses do not have any problems with this: they hung clothes in the yard, it was aired and dried up. But in the apartments the situation is more complicated. Gives out either a balcony or placing a dryer near the radiators. Do I need to dry in the washing machine? Someone really needed. So we'll figure out which model to give preference to.

Content of the material:

  • 1Principle of operation and varieties of drying
    • 1.1Types of programs
    • 1.2Energy efficiency class
  • 2Characteristics of models by rating
    • 2.1Model Electrolux EWW 51685 WD
    • 2.2Vestfrost VFWD 1460 S
    • 2.3Siemens WD15H541OE
    • 2.4Bosch WVH28442OE Avantixx
    • 2.5AEG L87695WD
    • 2.6Hotpoint-Ariston AQD 1070 D49
    • 2.7Electrolux EWW1697MDW
    • 2.8LG F-1255RDS7
    • 2.9Candy CDB 475 D

Principle of operation and varieties of drying

What is the drying in the washing machine? This is an additional option, which allows you to dry the laundry after pressing. How does the washing machine work with the dryer? In conventional SMA, only one heating element is available for heating water - models with drying are equipped with a second heating element for heating air. Heated air evenly passes through the laundry due to the fact that the drum rotates. The resulting condensate is collected in the provided reservoirs.

Please note that in some models, the accumulated moisture immediately goes to the sewer.

Disadvantages of this program can be considered a large expenditure of electricity. Also the disadvantage is the mismatch between the two modes. When washing, you can load the laundry to the limit. However, when performing drying, the machine can process only a part of these things. As a result, you will have to load the drum several times.

Types of programs

There are basic and additional programs, their choice will affect the cost of SM.In combined washing machines with a drying regime, this function has an additional character. That is, the main importance is given to the effectiveness of washing. Therefore, you can dry things by setting the timer at your discretion. The disadvantage of this approach is that things can dry out drastically, or vice versa, do not get too dry. Some models are more perfect. The built-in Fuzzy Logic function, controlling humidity and temperature, sets the residual humidity of things. Such SMs are equipped with several drying modes that are user-friendly. For example, instead of the usual temperature signs, you can choose intensive, gentle drying or ironing.

Very useful mode is "Dry Wash". Stuffed things in the closet, especially when changing seasons, usually do not require washing. It is enough to refresh them a little, which is what this option does.

Energy efficiency class

Manufacturers have not yet perfected washing machines with a dryer. Therefore, conventional machines have a class of energy consumption A ++, which is considered the most economical. And washing machines with drying, at best, possess class B, and even C, D.

You have already come to the question: how to choose the best washing machine with drying? Now we'll figure it out.

Characteristics of models by rating

To select the most appropriate CMA model, it is necessary to study and compare the parameters and characteristics. Therefore, we have prepared for you an overview of the most rated washing machines with drying.

Model Electrolux EWW 51685 WD

Refers to stand-alone machines. Model EWW 51685 WD is equipped with electronic touch control with a display. The allowed capacity for washing is 8 kilograms, while it is possible to dry 4 kilograms of laundry. One of the latest developments, has a class of energy consumption A. Stiralka is protected from leaks, it is endowed with the option of protection from children.

Vestfrost VFWD 1460 S

With a drum capacity of up to 8 kilograms, the machine is able to dry 6 kilograms of laundry. Feature of Vestfrost VFWD 1460 S is a modern design and the possibility of embedding in a kitchen set.

Siemens WD15H541OE

The ability to load this stylalki - 7 kilograms, when drying 8 kilograms with moisture control. Electricity consumption belongs to class C. Quite compact size 8, x60x59 cm. The machine is equipped with useful options: protection from children and from leaks, from foaming. A self-cleaning program for heating elements is very convenient.

Bosch WVH28442OE Avantixx

The dimensions of the washing machine are more compact than the previous model - 84x60x59 cm. At the same time, she can wash 7 kilograms of laundry, and dry 4. The Bosch WVH28442OE is equipped with a wide selection of programs and an LCD display.SM works almost silently thanks to the Ecosilencedrive engine. In addition, there are additional options for protection from leaks and imbalances during spinning. The machine's energy efficiency is 10-25%, which relates it to class C.

AEG L87695WD

The washing machine has an excellent capacity - 9 kilograms. The ability to dry clothes reaches 4 kilograms at a time. With this loading, the styalka has small dimensions - 85x60x60. The protective functionality is similar to the previous model, and energy efficiency also belongs to class C.

Hotpoint-Ariston AQD 1070 D49

The acceptable load for washing is 10 kilograms, the drying done at a time is 7 kilograms. Ideal for a large family. Of course, both the consumption of electricity and water is much higher. However, quality assembly and affordable cost make the model in demand.

Electrolux EWW1697MDW

At small sizes - 85х60х61 cm - SM has the largest capacity - 9/7. An extensive selection of programs includes 10 options. When drying class C for energy consumption. Advantage is the function of saving settings when the power is turned off. The liquid crystal display allows you to monitor the processes, monitor the rest of the time.

LG F-1255RDS7

The most capacious machine of the entire rating. The LG drum can hold 17 kilograms of laundry and dry 9 kilograms. The energy efficiency class is beyond praise - A +. Of the minuses: large dimensions and high cost.

Candy CDB 475 D

The built-in Candy CDB 475 D is worth your attention. High energy consumption class A, 16 programs to choose from. At the same time, low cost, if compared with the above SM models.Now you are aware of the advantages of the drying function in the washing machine. Take our rating and choose high-quality equipment for home.

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