Washing machines with ironing function

Washing machines with ironing function are one more step to facilitate homework and save time. But how useful are the new programs, what are their pros and cons?

In the article we will talk about how justified the choice of SM with the ironing function.

Washing machines with ironing function

Content of the material:

  • 1What is the "Easy ironing" mode in the washing machine
    • 1.1Disadvantages of the regime
  • 2Review of SMA with ironing function
    • 2.1Samsung (Samsung) WW12H8400EX / LP
    • 2.2LG (ElGe) F1495BDS
    • 2.3Siemens (Siemens) WM 14W440OE
    • 2.4ZANUSSI (Zanussi) ZWSE6100V
  • 3Is it worth to make a purchase

What is the "Easy ironing" mode in the washing machine

Do not take the name of the regime literally: even a washing machine with an ironing mode can not be compared with an iron.

What is the secret function?

Setting the mode of "Easy ironing" in the stylalk makes it possible to prepare the laundry for the most easy ironing. You will get less wrinkled and more damp laundry, which allows you to quickly walk on it with an iron without stripping.

Consider how the ironing function works in the washing machine.

The machine uses more water, spinning runs at low speed - things are less crumpled. Another advantage of the function is less wear of the laundry. Since the spinning is minimized, the fabric is less rubbed and twisted.

What is the

However, in the washing machine with light ironing of clothes there are also negative sides.

Disadvantages of the regime

  1. Increased costs of consuming large amounts of water.
    The choice of washing with ironing leads to an increase in the program time. If you set the wash for 30 minutes, the cycle time with ironing will be 45 minutes. Consequently, electricity consumption also increases.
  2. After spin, you get wet clothes.
  3. To effectively operate the function in a washing machine it is desirable to load half of the items.
  4. Poor rinsing. Because no rinsing takes place before rinsing, the fabric gets rid of detergents worse.

According to users, the effect of less crumpled laundry can be obtained by loading fewer things into the drum and setting the minimum amount of spin speed.

In addition, additional modes increase the cost of a washing machine.

Review of SMA with ironing function

We present an overview of the popular SMA, so that you can compare all the facts.

Samsung (Samsung) WW12H8400EX / LP

One of the best models, which showed good results of pressing clothes with effective ironing. In addition, the machine is equipped with additional functionality: Fuzzy logic mode allows the system to automatically choose the best washing option, based on the weight of the laundry, the degree of soiling.

Samsung (Samsung) WW12H8400EX / LP

Improved external characteristics: a wide loading hatch and a capacity of 12 kilograms of laundry. Despite such impressive capacity, SMA refers to the most economical class A +++ for energy saving.

LG (ElGe) F1495BDS

AlJ also will please the user with the presence of "light ironing however, in comparison with the previous model, squeezing is an order of magnitude worse.

It is also possible to load up to 12 kg of styralka, and leakage protection and unbalance control allow the CM to perform the specified functions clearly.

LG (ElGe) F1495BDS

In the model, the auto-weighing function is implemented, there is a special filter for the nap. It works almost noiselessly - it produces only 54 dB.

Siemens (Siemens) WM 14W440OE

One of the expensive models of cars. Consumers noticed a less intense spin, although things are perfectly ironed after washing. Siemens WM 14W440OE also has additional functionality: protection against water leakage and control panel locking from children. At a time you can wash up to 9 kg of laundry.

Siemens (Siemens) WM 14W440OE

ZANUSSI (Zanussi) ZWSE6100V

Compact washing machine with dimensions of 85x5, x3, cm - you can load up to 5 kg of laundry in it. The ironing mode facilitates the further care of things, and the spin speed of 1000 turns makes it possible to get them almost dry.

Additional Fuzzy Logic technology automates the washing process. Energy efficiency class A ++.

ZANUSSI (Zanussi) ZWSE6100V

Is it worth to make a purchase

The function "Easy ironing" is really capable of facilitating further ironing of the tissues. Perhaps you will save on energy when using an iron. However, it is necessary to take into account the increased costs for consumption of water and energy by a washing machine with the function of drying and ironing.

Remember that each time the functional is improved, so it makes sense to look at the news.

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