Diagram of the dishwasher: how the main components are located and working

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The dishwasher layout may be necessary when a malfunction occurs. It is important to understand which nodes the machine consists of, what functions they perform. The electrical diagram of the control module is useful if you decide to perform an independent repair of the PMM. Let's consider in more detail all the details.

Our publication will be useful not only for those who want to repair the equipment, but also for those who want to understand the principle of the dishwasher. It is important to know how the details function to keep the PMM in order.

Content of the material:

  • 1Dishwasher installation
    • 1.1Dishwasher scheme
    • 1.2Schematic diagram of the operation of convection drying
    • 1.3Electrical circuit

Dishwasher installation

The location of the nodes may vary slightly, depending on the make and model of the PMM (Bosch, Electrolux, Siemens, Hansa). But the main device of the dishwasher is the same, regardless of the type of installation: built-in or stand-alone.

Some users believe that the compact machine is different from the standard size (45-60 cm). This is not true. The difference is only in the dimensions of the shell.

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Dishwasher scheme

General scheme of the components of the dishwasher

We'll figure out which nodes are responsible for what:

  • Basket. It is intended for placing dishes. The basket can be from two to three. Also there are special sections for knives and cutlery (depends on the complete set of PMM "Ariston "Electrolux "Elenberg" and others).
  • Springs. They serve to gently close the door. Thanks to the door closers, the door does not close, but closes gently.
  • Impellers. Both the built-in and the stand-alone technology can include one to three impellers. Water is supplied by the circulation pump to the sprayers and flies out of their nozzles. Jets under a strong pressure wash off the dishes contamination.
  • Thermal relays. Adjusts the water temperature during operation. Each program provides a certain temperature: 50, 65, 70 degrees. When the heating element heats the water, the thermostat determines if it is warm enough.
  • Filter.It is located in a pan of any dishwasher (Kuppersberg, Whirlpool). Delays food particles, garbage, which fall into the pan along with water.

Experts recommend that the filter be cleaned regularly so that the equipment functions normally. It is advisable to do this after each wash.

  • Drain hoseIt is connected to the pump and serves to drain the waste water.
  • Pressostat. Determines the water level in the chamber. Thanks to him, the machine takes as much as necessary in the selected mode.
  • Drain pump.Drains the water from the chamber.
  • Water receiverserves as a store of water for further washing.
  • System "Aquastop". There are electronic and mechanical. The first is located in the pallet: as soon as water accumulates there, a float sensor is triggered, and the control board receives a signal about a leak. Mechanical protection is located in the filler hose: when triggered, the special sponge swells and blocks the flow into the system.
  • The electronic unit. This is the main module, which manages all the nodes in the dishwasher.
  • Circulation pump.Supplies water to the sprayers, takes it back after cleaning with a filter and again uses it for the next washing stage.
  • Network filter. Protects the electronic part of the machine from combustion during power surges.
  • Dispenser for detergents. Contains compartments for powder, rinse, tablets.
  • Filling valve. The board sends a signal to the valve, its membrane opens, and water is poured into the chamber. Once it is typed enough, the membrane closes.
  • Door seal. Serves for tight adhesion to the surface. Seals and protects against leakage.
  • Cover of salt container. This is a special tank, where salt is poured. It protects machine parts from scale, softening water.

In many models of "Indesit "Bosch "Ariston" ion exchanger is installed. It contains tar, which reduces the hardness of water, which has a positive effect on the operation of machinery and dishwashing.

  • TEN. A heating element.How to replace the heater with a breakdown, read in one of the last articles.
  • Filling hose. It is often equipped with the "Aquastop" system.
  • Guide railallows you to quickly and easily install a basket with dishes in place.

This looks likethe bottom of the dishwasher, where the circulation pump is located:

Lower part of dishwasher with pump

Electric components of PMM:

Electroscheme and its components of the dishwasher

Schematic diagram of the operation of convection drying

If the PMM is equipped with drying, then it can additionally be equipped with a fan that pumps hot air into the chamber.

Principle of convection drying

  • MV - the electric motor of the fan.
  • TY6 is the connector through which the motor runs.
  • PU - switch contacts.
  • IP - door switch.

In such machines, an additional heater is built in, which heats the air.

Electrical circuit

After the installation and installation of the dishwasher is connected to the network 220 volts. The work proceeds according to the electric scheme:

Detailed schematic diagram

The electrical components of the scheme in the classical representation


  • X1-2 - the lock pads.
  • SO 1-4 - switches.
  • SL - relay RU-ZSM.
  • EV - valve KEN-1.
  • EK - heater НСМА.
  • H1-H3 - LED IMS-31.
  • H2-H4 - LED IMS-34.
  • MT - electric motor DSM 2-P.
  • M - electric motor DAV 71-2.
  • C 1-2 - capacitors;
  • CL1 - clamp for earthing.
  • FV - the place of connection of the fuse.
  • SK - relay sensor.

A more complex device provides a control module with manual program control. This is convenient when you need to set the temperature.

If the control module fails, you can check it yourself. When disassembling, pay attention to the burnt parts: they may need replacing. The main board is hidden in the case:

The board is hidden in the case

The main components of the board on dishwashers "Bosch" and "Siemens

The components of the boards are Bosch, Siemens

And so it looks like the BIT 100 and DIWA board for "Indesit" and "Ariston

The appearance of the boards of Indesit, Ariston

Thanks to the device of the control module, the machine can perform self-diagnostics of failures. When a problem occurs, the system immediately displays an error code on the display.Decoding depends on the brand PMM, you can find it in the instructions and our articles.

See a useful video, where you can see about the work of the machine:

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