The first start of a new washing machine

The first launch of a new washing machine is a responsible event. If you incorrectly connect the styralka, then the technique may break.

We will tell you about the first launch and help make the first inclusion simple and comfortable.

The first start of a new washing machine

Content of the material:

  • 1Instructions for use: what is important to know
  • 2Readiness Check
  • 3Selecting the optimal mode
  • 4First wash: important points
  • 5Useful tips for starting a washing machine

Instructions for use: what is important to know

The first thing after buying a styralka is to read the instructions to it, and not immediately try to run.

Often the instructions describe the installation process and the first run of the washing machine. Be sure to read the entire manual, taking into account all the footnotes - they can specify the most important points.

If you want a washing machine to consume less electricity, follow our advice:

  • It is forbidden to overload the machine more than allowed in the manual.
  • Do not wash items not intended for machine washing.
  • Make sure that the machine does not have a variety of metal products - they can damage your clothes and drum.

Readiness Check

To ensure that the first use of the washing machine does not become troublesome, we recommend that you not only read, but also perform the following actions:

  • On the back of the machine are transport bolts, designed to fix the stick of the styralka during transportation. If the bolts are not twisted, then you can not use the machine. First, you need to unscrew the fasteners, and in the remaining holes, insert plastic plugs (supplied with the machine).
  • Very useful will be the knowledge of what the rigidity of your tap water is. So you can clearly understand what kind of detergent to use for the first run and how much, so that the laundry does not remain dirty after washing.
  • The equipment must necessarily be connected to the water supply and sewage system. If you do not want to call a specialist, do it yourself.
  • Check the inlet hose valve. If it is blocked, open it so that the water begins to flow into the machine.

If you have a question, whether it is possible to turn on the washing machine without laundry, we will answer - it is possible. The opinion of specialists is that the first washing in the washing machine should be "idle".

Often, the machines are subjected to various tests, so the remainder of dirt and oil may remain in the drum. So that they do not get on your things, you must initially start up an empty machine - this will clear all internal parts.

When washing for the first time, it is recommended to pour a detergent into a powder in a small amount, select a mode with a long cycle and start.

Readiness Check

The efficiency and the progressive nature of the first start depends on how correctly the steps described above are performed. If you miss an important detail, you will not only fail to launch the AGR, but you will also harm it.

Selecting the optimal mode

After you checked the correctness of connecting the machine, drove the drum idle, it's time to move on to the next stage - select the washing program.

Modern models of machines differ not only in the number of programs, but also in their purpose. Of the more popular features of the machines is a quick wash program and additional functions, for example, a mode for disinfection.

When choosing a washing mode, consider the temperature that affects the quality of washing. Incorrectly selected temperature can spoil the thing. You will find out what functions and modes your eraser is in the instruction manual.

Selecting the optimal mode

Each model has different controls. For example, more budgetary machines are equipped with an adjusting wheel for selecting a mode. Expensive models allow you to set the mode by controlling the touch panel.

After the preparation for the work is completed, it will be necessary to understand how to start the styralka. The control panel should have a "Start" button - after pressing it, the machine will start to wash.

First wash: important points

Experimental washing is an opportunity to check the machine for leaks. So you can finally make sure that the technology is properly connected to the water supply and sewerage.

If leakage is detected, the machine must be stopped immediately. Forced water, then always consult a specialist. Only after the removal of all the problems the machine can be used again.

If everything is in order, and the test wash went perfectly, you can start washing clothes. Do not forget to follow the instructions and follow all the recommendations given in it. You will find information on the maximum load of laundry, and about how much washing detergent is poured into the tray.

In order not to damage things and the machine, you need to know all the important nuances, and set the right parameters.

After loading the laundry and selecting the washing mode, make sure that the door is closed tightly. Now start the Stiralk by clicking the "Start" button.

Important! Make sure that the machine does not leak. If this is not done, the equipment will fail and will not be usable.

Useful tips for starting a washing machine

We offer you some useful recommendations that will help you understand the work of the washing machine after its purchase:

  • Having started the typewriter for the first time and noticing that it is treading, it rattles and produces strange sounds, do nothing yourself. You are entitled to free repair of equipment in the service center for a warranty coupon. In such a situation, call the service and explain the problem. The master will come to you and repair the equipment or take it to the repair.
  • Regularly wipe the body of the washing machine. Use products that do not contain chlorine.
  • Do not forget to remove moisture and dirt after washing under the rubber seal.
  • Use special means for machine washing. Do not use hand-washing powders. This threatens not only that the dirt is not washed away, but the machine is broken.
  • Do not overload the machine with linen, because of this, the parts quickly wear out due to the imbalance of the drum.
  • As often as possible, try to clean the drain filter from various small blockages.
  • Before you load things into the drum, be sure to check the pockets for foreign objects.
  • After washing, do not close the door - the machine should be ventilated. If airing is not done, it will lead to the formation of mold, fungal infections and the appearance of an unpleasant, pungent odor.
  • Carry out prophylaxis. To remove scale from the heating element, it is recommended to use special agents, citric acid, soda or vinegar.

Useful tips for starting a washing machine

These simple rules will help you cope with any difficulties. Proper operation and regular maintenance of SM is a guarantee of stable, serviceable and high-quality work. Things will be clean and fresh, and the machine will last a long time.

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