How to properly water anthurium at home?

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Last year I was given a young anthurium. At first everything was fine, but eventually the leaves began to dry up on the tips. Maybe he does not have enough water? Tell me how to properly water anthurium at home?

Anthurium belongs to the ornamental flowering plants of the Aroids family. In a lush cap of dark green leaves during the flowering period there are many beautiful inflorescences of various colors. Due to the fact that its flowering is quite long, the anturium has grown fond of the flower growers and it can often be seen on the windowsills in apartments or offices.

The plant has a slightly capricious nature, mainly as regards the moisturizing regime. After all, the general condition of the flower and the quality of the flowering itself depend on the moisture level.

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Experienced growers recommend observing certain rules of how to water an anturium at home. This concerns the following points:

  • watering time;
  • number and frequency of watering;
  • watering method and water quality;
  • support of humidity in the room.

Irrigation watering time

The most optimal time for watering the plant is the morning. When evening watering there is a risk that the water will not have time to soak and evaporate, thus contributing to the stagnation of moisture in the bowl.

The excessive watering of the flower is indicated by the appearance on the leaves of mold and deoxidation of the roots, as well as the slowing of growth.

To exclude the possibility of moisture stagnation, you should choose a pot with large drainage holes, and always lay a drainage layer on the bottom.

Number and frequency of watering

The amount of water necessary for moistening the soil, as well as the frequency of watering, directly depend on such factors:

  1. The material of the pot. It is noticed that more water is required by anthuriums growing in earthenware. This is due to the fact that the clay itself absorbs moisture well, which then evaporates through a porous surface. When growing plants in plastic pots, they should be watered with a smaller volume of water.
  2. Age of anthurium. Young plants need to maintain a constant moisture of the upper soil layer, and adults should be watered only after it dries.
  3. Periods of development. The plant needs more moisture during flowering and active growth, but with the onset of the rest period, the amount of watering should be cut in half and only keep the soil moist.
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Watering and water quality

For watering anthurium it is better to use standing water at room temperature. The plant is mainly poured from above in the pot, but you can do this through a pallet. At the top watering, water should be poured until it appears in the pan. Then let the flower stand for 30 minutes and drain all the liquid that is glass.

With the constant watering of the anthurium through the pallet, it is necessary to use the surface method from time to time, so that the earth is completely saturated with moisture.

If the tips of the leaves began to dry out, brown spots appeared on them, and the flowers quickly fade, which means that the anthurium lacks moisture.

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Humidity level in the room

Anthuriums are hygrophilous plants and especially some varieties whose roots protrude outwards. Such species need constant high humidity. They should be sprayed not only on the leaves, but also the roots themselves. Other varieties also need to periodically moisten the leaves.

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