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Virtually every horticultural site grows a black currant bush. Love the currant, not only for its taste. Everyone knows about its unique usefulness and richness with vitamin C, but not everyone knows how to propagate the currant with cuttings. The most famous and simple method of reproduction of black currant is a method of propagation by cuttings. Although this method is simple enough, it requires some knowledge and skill.

Reproduction of currant in autumn

To grow your own healthy, fruit-bearing currant bush yourself, you need to know how to properly plant the currant cuttings or the method of dividing the bush. More detail on planting currant cuttings.

The best time for reproduction of currant cuttings - October. In autumn, planted and overwintered cuttings, using spring thawed water to grow rootlets, are well rooted and allowed to grow. However, in winter, under the influence of frost, cuttings can be displaced from the earth, and they have to be manually adjusted in the spring. The way out of this situation is to plant the cuttings in a position close to horizontal.

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First, one-year-old lignified shoots are prepared. They should not be thinner than 7 mm and sufficiently developed. The shoots are cut with a sharp knife into pieces 20 cm long. The tip is cut over the kidney at a right angle, and the lower one - under the kidney, obliquely.

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For cuttings, the simplest stimulant in the form of water is used. Cut off with a sharp pruner, shoots, lowered into the water. So they are kept in water for a week. Water needs to be changed a couple of times. The temperature in the room should be comfortable - +20 С. Soaked in this way cuttings are well rooted and take root.

Further planting cuttings of currants are produced in two ways:

  1. in prepared containers;
  2. in the open ground.

At the first method it is necessary to prepare the tanks for planting.Very convenient material for this are plastic transparent glasses or one-and-a-half-liter plastic bottles. Bottles are cut off the neck, pierced at the bottom of the drainage holes and covered with their prepared soil. Plant the cuttings in a container, compact the soil and spill it with water.

The containers with the cuttings are transferred to the windowsills and they are taken care of until the spring. Do not dry or over-moisten the soil. Flowers and ovaries, which during this period may appear, are ruthlessly removed to prevent the plant from loosening.

As for the second method, it consists in the following.Before the beginning of propagation, it is necessary to prepare a plot of fertile, loose soil, adding compost or manure to it. The site is dug, leveled, clods are broken. Cuttings of currants are more correct in autumn, as the kidneys at this time enter a state of rest.


Cuttings are planted in one or two lines in rows on a cord, sticking 40 cm in the aisles, 20 cm between the lines and 15 cm between the plants themselves.
It is desirable to plant cuttings obliquely. Only two kidneys remain on the surface. Further, the soil is well spilled with water, mulched with peat, straw, humus, a thick layer up to 5 cm. Mulch can be replaced with a dark or transparent film.

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A feature of this kind of cuttings of currant, is that the film spread on the ground is pierced at regular intervals and cuttings are planted in the finished holes.

Currant reproduction in summer

Cuttings of currant in summer are also a very productive way of reproduction of currants. But this will require additional labor for organizing a greenhouse or a greenhouse.

When reproducing the currant in summer, one-year-old shoots grow during the season, just at the moment when it turns from a soft green state into a lignified state. This shoot is considered ripe for propagation, when it retains some flexibility, but breaks when bending. The optimal cutting time for cuttings is July-August.

You can start harvesting cuttings in the summer only in the morning - in hot weather, overcast - during the whole day. Cuttings that are cut from the tops of branches are much more viable.

The cuttings are well preserved if they are wrapped in a wet coarse cloth. Cut twigs to 8-12 centimeters cuttings, while leaving them on 3-4 sheets, cutting or shortening the lower two leaves. The lower cut of the shoot is cut obliquely, and the upper cut is cut at a right angle.

For more effective rooting, cuttings are placed in a solution of heteroauxin (10 mg per 1 liter) per day and covered with a damp rag.

Next, you need to prepare the landing site. Greenhouses and hotbeds are prepared in advance. First, the soil is rolled and leveled, a layer of coarse sand and peat is piled on top. The soil is well spilled.

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Cuttings are buried in the ground for 2 cm, adhering to the distance between the plants 5 cm and 8 cm - between the rows. Again spilled the soil, not allowing the knocking out of cuttings from the ground, covered with a film coating and pritenyayut.

Care of cuttings

Proper care is of great importance for the further survival of the cuttings. It consists in maintaining high humidity and comfortable temperature. In the first weeks, cuttings 3-4 times a day are sprayed. The optimum temperature is 25 C in the daytime and 16 C at night. If the temperature under the shelter rises, then the ventilator is ventilated. Usually, after three weeks, the cuttings appear roots, watering decreases, and the plants are fed.

Gradually planted cuttings must be hardened! For this, the shelters are ventilated, and in due course completely cleaned.
Planting material for the next year by spring turns into full-length shoots, which in spring are planted already on another site or on a permanent place. And in the fall of them grow strong bushes.

Video: reproduction of black currant by cuttings

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