Choosing a vegetable peeler made in China


Many housewives admit that the longest stage in preparing a dish is cleaning vegetables. After all, it is very inconvenient to clean food with an ordinary knife. Therefore, in the kitchen must necessarily be a vegetable peeler. With its help you can polish and cut any vegetables or fruits.

A peeler can significantly speed up the process. In addition, it can be used for thin cutting and cutting decorative elements. After all, the vegetable peeler has a special design, which allows you to remove only the thin top layer. This reduces the amount of waste several times.

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Benefits of vegetable cleaning:

  1. Simplicity. To use the vegetable peeler, no additional skills are needed. Everything is simple and understandable.
  2. Speed. With the help of vegetable peelings, you can clear several kilograms of vegetables or fruits in a fairly short time.
  3. Beautiful slicing. A peeler allows you to cut the thinnest slices.
  4. Versatility. This device can be used for cutting vegetables, fruits, cheese and even chocolate.
  5. Security. There will be no more deep cuts.
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A peeler is a tool that must be in every kitchen. However, how much does such a universal device cost? Internet shops in Ukraine and Russia offer vegetable cleaning for 539 rubles. Quite expensive.

But on the site of Aliexpress you can buy vegetable peelings for only 99 rubles. This amount is almost 6 times less.

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Characteristics of Chinese vegetable peelings:

  • blade material - stainless steel;
  • material of the handle - plastic;
  • length - 1, cm;
  • color - red, black, yellow, light green;
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher.

As you can see, it's better to order vegetable grinding directly from a Chinese manufacturer. After all, in the domestic online store is quite a high price, and the characteristics are practically no different.

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