DIY sun mirror: design and construction, materials

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Crafting something with your own hands is not only an interesting and fascinating pastime. It also saves finances, develops your creativity and teaches something new.. In addition, in no store will you find the same original and beautiful thing that you get. Today we will tell you how to make a mirror with your own hands. This item will decorate any interior, and also help to always look perfect, wherever you go.

DIY sun mirror

What design and design to choose?

The content of the article

  • What design and design to choose?
  • Necessary materials and tools
  • We make a mirror-sun with our own hands

There are a huge number of different types of mirrors for which there is no clear classification. Their main feature is the round shape of the glass itself and the beams framing it from different materials. When choosing, it is worth considering two criteria: the material that you have at home and the size of the desired thing. For example, snack forks are ideal, which can be connected to each other, covered with paint and now the magnificent mirror is ready!

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IMPORTANT! The sun will suit many types of interior, but still not all due to its exotic appearance. Therefore, it is very important to imagine how the finished mirror will look in your room. Perhaps in order to make it more suitable, you only need to change the color of the so-called rays, or maybe it's better to try hanging it in another room.

It is also important to understand that although it is a mirror, it is rather decorative in nature due to its very small size. Of course, you can make it bigger, but then much more materials will be needed, and the rays, which should be quite long, will take up too much space. A massive mirror-sun will look ridiculous. It is better to dwell on medium options.

DIY sun mirror

Necessary materials and tools

In order to make such a thing with your own hands, you will not need any special materials that you had to buy specially. Here is a list of what you need:

  1. Snack forks or spoons.
  2. Cardboard.
  3. Unnecessary round mirror, for example, from powder box.
  4. Acrylic primer.
  5. Acrylic paint of the desired color (usually gold or shades of brown).
  6. Cutter.
  7. Brushes.

Here is such a set. It is worth noting that those sun-mirrors that are sold in stores and are so expensive are most often made of wood. It is their rays. Therefore, in most cases, self-taught masters are inclined to such shades of paint that will resemble real interior items made by professionals.

We make a mirror-sun with our own hands

When all materials are found and prepared, you can begin to work. First of all, it will be necessary to identify the basis for the future mirror - from thick cardboard.

  • First, cut a square that is approximately suitable for the size of the glass, which will be glued in the future.
  • Then place glass on it, trying to make it as even and accurate as possible. It is important that the glue that you use does not leak out from under the glass and does not stain the entire base, otherwise the further elements may stick inaccurately, then the whole craft will be damaged. It is better to do everything right right away than to waste time on endless remodeling.
  • Then you should proceed to the little forks - future rays. They should be coated with gold or any other acrylic paint. If their original color cannot be blocked, you will also have to deal with a primer. In this case, the forks need to be coated with soil in several layers and only then painted over with paint.

IMPORTANT! Please note that it is very important to let each coat dry thoroughly before applying a new one. Of course, from this approach the work process can be significantly delayed, but the resulting product will look much more beautiful and will delight the eye of everyone who sees it on the wall of your room.

  • The next step will be fitting the forks to the base. First arrange the four of them evenly apart, and then add the rest. You should not immediately paint over all the elements; there may be too many of them. And if in case of shortage you can just make a few more, the extra forks, painted with acrylic paint, will remain unnecessary and useless items that have to be thrown away.
  • If everything is in order, then you can stick them to the base. It is best to glue the rays more tightly to each other to get a real round sun. The final stage will be another painting of the finished product. Now it will shine like a real sun!

If you plan to hang a mirror on the wall, and not put it somewhere on the chest of drawers, then you will also need a fastener in the back. You can take it from an old unnecessary photo frame.

Now you know how to independently make a mirror-sun in order to diversify the interior of your apartment!

DIY sun mirror
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