Hose for garden irrigation irrigation system made in China


Modern summer residents have long appreciated the convenience of the irrigation system for cottages. But the hose of the system is thin and fragile, because it quickly breaks down and requires replacement. Having bought the irrigation system on "Aliexpress be prepared for the fact that soon you will have to buy and component parts to it. On the site of Chinese goods a large number of proposals to buy a hose for the irrigation system, here is one of them:

The hose is made of plastic. The description says that the material is treated with a protective agent against ultraviolet rays, which means that it can be constantly under the scorching rays of the sun. The hose diameter is 4/7 mm (inner / outer diameter, respectively). With such a small bandwidth, it is recommended to put as many adapters as possible, since clean water for irrigation in the country is a rarity, and clogs are not excluded. Adapters are supplied complete with a hose, but only 10 pieces. The hose length is 20 m, and it is optimal to use at least 15 adapters. Because the adapters will have to buy in addition:

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So, in order to purchase a garden hose for irrigation system on "Aliexpress" with adapters, 661 rubles 56 kopecks are required. Take care of buying better before the summer season, because the delivery will have to wait about 30 days.

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A hose for an irrigation system with a diameter of 4/7 mm is quite difficult to find even on the Internet, not to mention the construction markets or garden hypermarkets. The competitor "Alyexpress" offers to buy a 10 meter hose for 336 rubles, that is, 20 meters of the hose will cost the buyer 672 rubles. The price is about the same, but a big minus - in the complete set there are no adapters.

The irrigation system for cottages made in China is not distinguished by its strength and durability. Russian irrigation systems, of which there are many on the shelves of specialized hypermarkets, are much better, and are not much more expensive. So, "Obi" offers a watering system for 1099 rubles.

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An additional hose to it with a length of 24 meters will cost 459 rubles:

The Chinese analog is inferior in quality and price to its Russian "colleague because it is easier and more profitable not to wait for delivery of the goods because of borders, and think about purchasing an irrigation system for cottages and components and spare parts for the price of the domestic manufacturer. In addition, the purchase will extend a 2-week warranty on the check.

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