We replenish the missing vitamins with compote made of red currant

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Compote of red currant can serve as an excellent drink in the fight against beriberi in winter. All because the red currant is a treasure trove of nutrients. In addition to vitamins A, C, E, berries contain organic acids, iron, potassium, selenium, pectin substances and a lot of other necessary elements to improve the vital activity of the human body.

If you often drink currant juice or compote, you can get rid of unnecessary fluid in the body, from swelling of tissues and bags under the eyes. Also for a long time forget about thirst, colds, nausea, lung diseases of the stomach.

Red currant compote

A simple recipe of compote made of red currant without additives is very quickly prepared. It will go 400 grams of berries, this is, roughly, a glass, if there is nothing to measure grams. The syrup will need 200 grams of sugar and, liter of water.

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  1. Ripe berries to get rid of the pedicels and wash. Washing can be done under running water, placing the berries in a colander or in a large bowl of water, simply immersing the currant in the liquid for a while.
  2. Mix the water with sugar, boil.
  3. In boiling sweet water throw in a few clear berries and boil for 2 minutes.
  4. Wait for the cooling and you can drink. For canning for the winter, compote of red currant without sterilization, after the brewing of berries in syrup, the whole boiling mass must be poured over sterile jars and tightened with lids. Delicious billet you!

If you cook compote of frozen berries, then in this case, it is immediately added to the brewing syrup and boiled without defrosting.

Redcurrant compote with sterilization

Red currant has many components, allowing it to be stored for a long time in a canned form. But for a more reliable safety, after it is cooked, it is better to use the procedure for sterilizing berries together with compote in a jar. On compote of red currant for the winter will require two 150-gram glass of berries, two of the same glass of sugar and 3 liters of water. The bank for these ingredients should be prepared 3 liters, cleaning it with soda and sterilizing.

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  1. Remove stems from good berries, rinse them.
  2. To fall asleep in a jar.
  3. Boil the syrup (water + sugar) and pour over the red currant.
  4. Covering the lids, put the jars in a pot of water so that it reaches up to her shoulders. Start the sterilization process for 20 minutes (time for 3 liter capacity).
  5. Get the tongs from the pan with a jar and tighten the lid tightening machine. Wrap in a warm for 24 hours, the next day remove the canvas and let the week stand in a ventilated room. Then you can clean up in the pantry before winter.

This compote can be prepared without sterilization with a two-time filling of components in the can of boiling syrup.

Red currant compote with apples

Compote of apples and red currants is an acid-sweet drink from the minima of the ingredients. It will need 300 grams of currant and a half a kilo of apples. From this amount of components should be 5 liters of compote.

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  1. Remove the currant from the pedicels and wash.
  2. Cut apples into pieces or leave whole as desired.
  3. Place the clean ingredients in a saucepan, pour it to the brim with water and put it on a stove.
  4. As soon as the mixture boils to pour sugar, the amount of which will match your taste. Someone likes it too sweet, but someone has a pleasant sourish taste. After the next boiling, pour the liquid with berries and fruits on sterile jars and tighten.

Red currant compote with orange

Compotes with citrus additives are quite popular now. Combining berries from our land with a foreign curiosity is a great idea with an excellent taste. On the compote of red currants with orange will go half a kilo of red berries, one large orange, 200 grams of sugar. The provided ingredients are designed for a three-liter jar.


  1. Wash the currant without greens and put it in a sieve to make the glass water.
  2. Wash the orange. The form that you are going to give to an orange will depend only on your preference. It can be cut pieces together with the skin, also simply lobules without a shell.
  3. All the components are located in the bank. Occupied place should be 1/3 of the volume. For those who want to add some spicy taste to the provisions, you can add mint leaves. Compote of red currant with orange and mint for the winter looks aesthetically beautiful and has a cold aftertaste.
  4. Boil the water and fill it with cans. Covering the lids, let the tincture stay in this state for about 20 minutes.
  5. Drain the aromatic water in a saucepan, add sugar and boil.
  6. Drizzle mixture pour the cans with currant-orange composition and immediately close tightly with lids. Wrap in warm for a day.
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Assorted compote of red and black currant

Compote of red currant for the winter can be combined with seasonal fruits and get an unsurpassed taste. A drink will require one glass of red and black currants, as well as gooseberry. All this will be stored in a syrup consisting of two glasses of water and three liters of water. It should be noted that the volume of glasses in this recipe is 150 grams.


  1. All the berries in the recipe need to be freed from unnecessary foliage, twigs, cleaned of debris and thoroughly washed.
  2. Sterilize the jars and pour in them peeled berries.
  3. Boil ordinary water without additives and pour it into the jar to the berries. Cover with a lid, let it brew for 10 minutes.
  4. To put on a jar nylon cover with holes for draining the liquid and pour the fragrant, saturated with berry juice, water into the pan. Put in the water the right amount of sugar (you can adjust the volume of the loose to taste) and boil.
  5. Pour the boiling mixture over the jars and then plug them up immediately. Wrap in a warm blanket for 12 hours. Remove the blanket after cooling down - it's ready!

Gooseberries can be replaced with barberry, raspberries, josh.

Prepare 1-2 pots of compote for each recipe presented in the article and in your pantry will become richer for several types of blanks. In winter, each time relatives will drink a compote of a new unusual taste.

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