How to wash a mirror without stains: how to clean a mirror without stains a sliding wardrobe, how to clean, how to wash a mirror from stains

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Imprints of children's hands, spray, traces of varnish, limescale, dust - these are the main opponents of the mistress who dreams of seeing mirrors in her home in perfect condition. To defeat the enemies faster and more durable, be sure to use ready-made industrial and home cleaning products. They will not only help get rid of stains and stains, but will also return the sheen of the surface.

Fingerprints on the mirror

How to wash a mirror

The content of the article

  • How to wash a mirror
    • How to wash a mirror with clean water
    • We use household chemicals
    • Folk remedies
    • Using antistatic wipes
  • How to get rid of specific pollution
    • How to get rid of limescale on the mirror
    • How to remove traces of stickers and markers from a wardrobe mirror
  • What to wash

For a high-quality result, the reflective surface is washed and rubbed several times. First, they remove dust and dirt. Then they clean off problematic pollution, large formations, and only after finishing work on the use complex stains to prevent the appearance of stains (it will need to be carefully wipe). Final stage: polishing.

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How to wash a mirror with clean water

How to wash a mirror without streaks with plain water? Too much impurities in tap water, therefore it should not be used when cleaning a mirror surface - there will remain stains. Better to go to the spring and dial the key. It has a lower metal content and no disinfecting chemistry at all.

Further actions:

1. Gather a bunch of newspaper sheets or stock up on a roll of multilayer toilet paper (1-layer will become too wet and torn too quickly, it requires something more durable).

2. Pour water into the spray bottle.

3. Spray contents onto a limited area of ​​the mirror.

4. Wipe dry with newspaper sheets.

5. Similarly, treat the entire surface.

6. To polish (this step can be skipped).

How to wash a mirror without streaks

IMPORTANT. If a lot of dust has accumulated on the surface, then you will have to wash it 2 times (the first removes the dirt, and the second - its residues and stains). Well, a persistent fresh stain can be easily eliminated by applying a small amount of dishwashing detergent to the problem area.

We use household chemicals

What is requiredWhen choosing a product, you should pay attention to the main ingredient.Liquids with isopropyl alcohol evaporate quickly on their own, they do not need to be collected with a rag. They are inexpensive, with proper handling leave no residue and do not require rinsing. They are also effective against recently appeared oily stains. However, supplements specific to this category of products can be harmful to health. Another popular ingredient is ammonia. Products based on it give a glossy gloss without polishing, copes well with complex dirt, but flavored (a large number of fragrances are necessary to drown out the ammonia smell) and sometimes leaves whitish divorces.

IMPORTANT. For safety reasons, car products must not be used in living quarters. Means for washing car windows do well with greasy and persistent stains, but they are overly concentrated for an apartment or a private house. Their use can provoke an attack of acute headache.

Allergy sufferers and people who want to reduce contact with chemistry in everyday life should look at liquids with biodegradable plant components. They smell pleasant, as safe as possible, cope well with stains of organic and inorganic origin, but are much more expensive than analogues.

Folk remedies

  1. Ammonia. Mix a tablespoon with a glass of warm water. Process the entire surface of the mirror with a solution. Get wet.
  2. Green tea. Brew chifir, add salt. Soak a nylon cloth with a means, rub a mirror.
  3. Roots. Process the surface with half the onion or potato, rinse with water, wipe dry with a rag.

NOTE. The blue solution will give shine to the new mirror, onion juice will scare off insects (you need to grate it cut side), shaving foam will help solve the problem of fogging (apply to a rag, treat the entire surface). Milk will save you from clouding, and plasticine can be easily cleaned if it is slightly heated or, on the contrary, frozen (for example, remove the mirror and put it on the balcony in winter).

Using antistatic wipes

In the case of complex and old spots, they will not help, they are used only as a tool to maintain cleanliness. However, in this role they have no equal: when working with them, you do not need to resort to other cleaning products, rinse something, additionally treat the mirror surface with dust repellent substances or use several tools. Such a napkin is suitable for every stage of care, starting from removing deposits and finishing with polishing.

Using antistatic wipes

How to get rid of specific pollution

Memo to the hostess:

  • an old greasy stain will help remove a store-based tool based on ethanol (the solution is relevant for ordinary and dull mirrors);
  • from traces of smudges formed after fogging of windows, household chemicals with water-repellent additives will help;
  • if you wet the rags in the cologne, you can quickly get rid of the contaminants that have occurred after getting on the reflective surface of the hairspray;
  • the issue of dust is solved with the help of green tea;
  • Cinder, ash and ash are removed using salt and a small amount of water.

How to get rid of limescale on the mirror

Contaminants typical of reflective and glass surfaces in the bathroom are well removed with store-bought cleaners containing citric acid or vinegar. However, resort to them with caution. Acidic liquid when it enters the plumbing metal case (for example, a shower cabin) or the steel frame of the mirror causes strong oxidation.

IMPORTANT. If you want to maintain an attractive appearance of metal elements, use a slurry of water and crushed chalk or tooth powder (some prefer not to dilute). Both options relatively gently and efficiently clean lime deposits from different materials.

Industrial detergents can be replaced with regular lemon. Citrus is simply divided in half and its cut side is rubbed onto the reflective surface. The second alternative: a solution of citric acid (80 g of the product per 30 ml of boiling water, from above you can add a universal liquid tool for mirrors). The resulting substance is sprayed with limescale, then they wait a few minutes and eliminate the remnants of contamination with rags.

How to wash a mirror without streaks

How to remove traces of stickers and markers from a wardrobe mirror

Method one: rub the stickers with rags soaked in sunflower oil. Upon completion, be sure to wash the mirror surface with a good tool that does not leave stains.

Method Two: Wet a cotton rag and cover it with a mirror. From the water, the top side of the stickers will start to lag easily. Next, make a mild soap solution and wipe off sticky residues with it. In this way, even complex contaminants can be cleaned.

IMPORTANT. Sometimes it is recommended to cut off the stickers with a blade, but resorting to this option to solve the problem is only worth it if you do not mind the mirror. It will definitely be scratched. The issue with hands is solved easier: to protect them, you need to glue the blade with a medical plaster.

How to remove traces of stickers and markers from a wardrobe mirror

What to wash

You will need the following tools:

  • rags and napkins made of microfiber and artificial suede (perforated and smooth);
  • wiper;
  • scraper for windows and smooth surfaces (useful if the mirror is very large).

For ordinary housewives, the wiper seems too expensive a treat. In fact, it’s easy to buy a good household and even brand model for just 900-1400 rubles today. And it will be equally suitable for washing windows, mirrors, tiles.

More expensive models can be used everywhere from a car to porcelain tiles on the floor. They are partially or fully portable, equipped with a spray gun and come complete with various nozzles. With the help of the latter, it will be possible to quickly clean both a huge sliding wardrobe and very small mosaic inserts on the door.

What to wash
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