Preparing the garden for the winter - how to feed the fruit trees in the fall?

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Last year, a new garden was planted in the cottage. All seedlings have begun, but some have not survived the winter. The seller from whom we bought them, says that this could be due to the lack of autumn feeding. Tell me, what fertilizers to bring in the fall under the fruit trees? We plan to resume losses with new trees, and did not want them to die either.

Everyone knows that the application of fertilizers for garden and garden crops is mainly in the spring. But do not forget about the autumn feeding, especially for fruit trees. So that they can overwinter without loss, it is necessary to saturate the garden with nutrients. In addition, thanks to the autumn fertilizing in the spring, more ovaries will be tied, which in turn will have a positive effect on yields. A strong, healthy tree that does not lack useful microelements will "live" the winter cold season successfully and in the spring will please a good harvest.

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In the autumn under fruit trees it is possible to bring such fertilizers:

  • organic;
  • mineral;
  • complex top dressing.

In addition, it is very useful to sprinkle the near-trunk circle of trees with ash from the calculation of -1 buckets for one adult tree with further digging of the soil. Ashes not only replenish the stocks of trace elements, but will prevent soil silt and improve its structure.

Organic for trees in autumn

One of the most affordable fertilizers for the garden are organic, especially if there is a subsidiary farm. For example, bird droppings in the presence of chickens do not require absolutely no cost, but it contains many useful substances.

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It is also good to make such components as:

  • humus;
  • compost;
  • peat.

After applying fertilizers, you need to dig up the ground. The norm depends on the age of the culture: young trees will have enough and 1 bucket, and for adults, you may need 5 buckets.

Autumn mineral fertilizing for the garden

From mineral fertilizers to fruit trees are necessary:

  1. Potassium preparations(potassium sulphate, potassium chloride, calimagnesium).
  2. Phosphate preparations(superphosphate, double superphosphate).

Nitrogen-containing fertilizing in the autumn period can not be done, so as not to provoke growth (in winter, such branches will die without ripening).

Integrated autumn top dressing

For greater efficiency, experienced gardeners recommend the use of complex application of mineral preparations.

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Finished fertilizers with a balanced composition can be found in every specialized store. Not bad these drugs work:

  • "Fruitful
  • "Autumn complex fertilizer" from the trade mark of Hera;
  • "Fertilizer for fruit trees" from the trade mark Alliance.

The right time for autumn dressings

Fertilize the fruit trees necessarily before the frosts come. In the frozen ground, substances simply can not get to the roots. It is very difficult to name the exact date, because each region has its own climate. In some, winter comes early, and the feeding should be carried out at the end of September. In others, with a later winter, the procedure can be postponed to the end of October. So gardeners need to focus on the climatic features of their region.

Autumn feeding of the garden - video

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