How to stick a mirror on a mirror: is it possible to hang a mirror on a mirror and how to do it correctly, reliable means for gluing.

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How to stick a mirror on a mirror.The mirror is able to decorate the interior, give it uniqueness or just visually increase the space in the room. But sometimes it needs a replacement, which is problematic. Especially when it is difficult to remove the old reflective surface and you have to hang a mirror on the mirror.

Is it possible and how to glue a mirror to a mirror

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  • Is it possible and how to glue a mirror to a mirror
    • Bonding surfaces
    • Bonding Faces
  • Reliable tools for gluing mirrors

If for some reason there is a need to stick one mirror on another, or supplement the old with side elements - this is easy to do. It is enough to follow simple rules:

  1. No research experiments with adhesives: the mixture is worse than the original.
  2. Vigilance will prevent losses: expired glue is not always able to hold the canvas.
  3. After installation, it is best not to touch the mirror for several days.
  4. Before the sticker process, you should make sure that the glued surface is clean.
  5. Fragile and heavy, reflective surfaces, before the composition dries, require additional support points, whether it be a temporary stand or several fasteners.
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How to apply glue.

Observing these rules it is easy to cope with the tasks that are of two types.

Bonding surfaces

The most reliable way to connect two reflective sheets is to stick one on top of the other, replacing the old one with a new one.. To do this, you only need glue and sealant (transparent or white). The step-by-step process looks like this:

  • glued surfaces are cleaned of dirt;
  • glue is applied to one of them - a continuous strip around the perimeter, 2 cm from the edge, and a "grate" on the inner plane;
  • then a new mirror is applied to the old and gently pressed;
  • after complete drying, the end gaps are treated with a sealant.

Bonding Faces

If the mirror does not need to be replaced, but in addition, then knowledge of the method of connecting edge to edge is useful. This process is simple, but requires accuracy and accuracy.

Mirrors glued with faces.

ATTENTION! Do not first glue the edges, and then transfer the resulting structure: too small a joint area will not give the necessary strength. The seam will expand and have to be glued again.

Phased installation looks like this:

  • inspection of the connected faces for marriage and their cleaning, if necessary;
  • applying glue to the back of the canvases and to the connected ribs;
  • glue the mirrors in the right place, after which there is about 5 minutes left to adjust their position, fitting close to each other.

IMPORTANT! If you have to “glue” a new canvas to a wall that has long been hanging on the wall, the edges of the old mirror must be cleaned of dirt and degreased. Otherwise, you will not get a quality connection.

Reliable tools for gluing mirrors

Titanium for mirrors.The reflective surface consists of two layers: glass and amalgam. An improperly selected adhesive composition not only affects the quality of the connection with the surface, but also can damage silvering. This, in turn, is manifested by smudges and spots that worsen the reflectivity and reduce the aesthetic value of the mirror. Therefore, it is recommended to use only formulations from trusted manufacturers.

"Titan" is made from a mixture of resins and rubber, which provides a high-quality connection of the canvas with ceramics, wood, concrete or metal. With it, you can even decorate a plasterboard wall with a mirror. It is inexpensive, water resistant, but dries for a long time, so additional support points will come in handy.

Abro reliably glues glass with glass or metal. The two-component composition is mixed immediately before use, due to which it is possible to obtain a fast-setting substance of increased strength.

Loktit is another representative of two-component compositions. But the manufacturer was concerned about the convenience of users and, in addition to the standard set of two ampoules, introduced an aerosol version on the market. A very convenient solution if you have to paste over a large area with mirrors.

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