From the Chinese manufacturer of watering can for watering plants


In the country, a small watering can is needed as air. Many gardeners plant seedlings, for example, tomatoes, so as not to buy later saplings of unknown quality, or simply fragile plants in their plots. For watering of such specimens, it is best to use a compact convenient watering can. The principle of its operation and purpose is known to everyone:

  • Do not injure the plant with water;
  • do not blur the earth in the garden.

To choose a watering can be approached carefully, it should be light, have a low weight, do not splash water when watering. On the site of Chinese goods "Aliexpress" such a ruler will cost 781 rubles, excluding delivery. Delivery is paid separately and will cost 126 rubles 86 kopecks. In total, the purchase will have to pay 907 rubles 86 kopecks.

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The watering can is made of practically weightless plastic. A watering can and a nozzle are removable, there is a carving. The top of the watering can is half open, so that it is convenient to fill the water, but in the process of watering there is a risk that the water will spill out.

The appearance of the watering cane is pretty, and it will not be a shame to leave it on the windowsill or on the shelf in the cottage. The instrument holds 2 liters of water.

Is it necessary to order the simplest thing - watering can for irrigation, in China? So, the site My-shop offers a huge number of all kinds of leks, both plastic and steel. There are ordinary garden, there is a unique design. Each of them copes with the main function - irrigation of plants in the country.

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There is a watering can "Lily" with a capacity, liter. The appearance is original, there is no possibility to choose another color.

The only "drawback" when compared with a watering can from China is the absence of a removable nozzle. But in this case, the possibility of water flow is excluded. If you often remove a spout, the plastic thread will erase and begin to flow water, which means that the tool will become unusable.

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In the hypermarket for the house "Ikea" the original watering can be bought almost for a penny, for only 79 rubles:

Such a watering tool is slightly inferior to capacity - just a liter, but it is incredibly convenient and cheap.

So, the watering can from China is convenient and has an attractive appearance, but the price is too high. It will be much more practical and economical to choose a watering can for care of seedlings and indoor plants in any store near your home or on the way to the dacha.

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