Excellent place for privacy - garden bench from Aliekspress


The garden is a paradise in its own residence. Such pristine beauty is created by diligent laborers - gardeners. All their time they spend on taking care of trees and other plants. Particular attention these owners give to the creation of a truly royal design in their home garden. Just for this purpose they will need a garden bench from AliExpress. Stylish design, as well as a successful combination of wood with wrought iron will be a worthy accessory garden. It will become a wonderful place of relaxation or reception of guests, if, for example, to buy several copies.

Short description

An exquisite view of the bench will bring the spirit of aristocracy into a modest landscape design. Its back is made of cast-iron plates, creating the illusion of a wicker basket. This weaving is framed in a wooden frame. The contrast of bronze and light brown color gives the product a luxurious look. Moreover, the backrest has a slight tilt back, which allows you to relax during the rest.

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The seat is made in the form of a wave. Five wide rails, which form its base, are planted close to each other. This is so that there are no large gaps that create discomfort to the seated. Thus, the removal of tension in the area of ​​the muscular corset is guaranteed. Dimensions of the bench are quite compact:

  • length 5 m;
  • height 5 m;
  • width m;
  • the distance from the floor to the seat is 8 cm, and up to the armrest - 6 cm;
  • weight - 18 kg.
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For stability under the bench, special rods are provided that fix the legs of the structure. All fasteners do not stick out, but are deepened 3 mm into a tree. So ladies can not worry about their tights. At the same time, it's a pleasure to sit on such a work of art. Armrests and legs have a luxurious engraving:

  • the lateral arcs are decorated with crests of sea waves;
  • the supports are joined by an element that is similar to an anchor;
  • The corners are rubbed and have a green tint.

Such a variation of the decoration under the copper patina will be transferred by the holidaymaker to the era of knights and kings. This design of the garden bench is a tasty morsel for the owners of household plots.

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Life time

How much will this garden attribute last? Much depends on how to care for him. However, the huge contribution to the period of operation was invested by manufacturers. They used the following materials:

  • expensive mahogany "Neoton
  • cast iron alloy;
  • decorative paint;
  • anticorrosion coating.

Metal compounds are also treated with special anti-rust agents. So, a garden bench can withstand rains, frosts and scorching sun.

This charm for your garden is cheaper to buy on AliExpress. Such a purchase will cost the buyer within 7 100 rubles.In ordinary online stores, he will pay for the bench from 8 to 10 thousand rubles.

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