Mains filter for a washing machine

On Hansa (Miflex X 17-3) network filter for a washing machine is schematically shown a part of the elements. Visible on the body: 0.47 microfarads capacitance, two 4.7 nF, inductors couple to 1 mH, resistance at 680 ohms. Collect power filter for a washing machine with his own! Kindly below shows the electric circuit of the appliance. The choice is for the data shown below in Printing. This maximum current (amperes withstand much cascade) 16 A and the highest operating ambient temperature of 40 ° C. Note that the parameters are given for voltage of 250 V. This is supposed to take into account if you want to calculate the power of the washing machine to be protected. Priborchik worth 825 rubles - a lot of, let's see what offer to pay the money.

Why washing machine network filter

In the washing machine line filter - device transmissive oscillation of 50 Hz, but other frequencies the delay. voltage interruptions and jumps are different from the sine wave, there are tangible amplitude spikes that could affect the operation of the apparatus, to break even. Inside the device there is also unstable. Every operation of the relay and enable the induction motor accompanied by the generation of peaks or dips currents that should not get into the network in order not to harm, for example, neighbor equipment. Such instability constitute high-frequency harmonics, the connection of the washing machine to a network through a filter eliminates the damaging effect.

Filter washing machine

825 rubles is not the limit, but not the bottom bracket. Line filter is expensive. Housing a number of devices closes the housing of the washing machine. Is required to ground the unit. Often people say that it is permissible to operate without mains filter for a washing machine. Partly true. But interference by asynchronous motor, capable of damaging any appliance in the house: TV, Multivarki, microwave. Particularly affected machines with touch controls. Filter mainly protects the electrical network from the washing machine.

Noticed beat current devices after removing the plug from the socket. This is due to a power strip. The structure includes capacitors to store energy, then there is a brief discharge through the arm. Spark arresters chain comprising parallel electrical pressure sensors and valves, filters are also considered. This simple RC-chain component values ​​registered directly on the body. Mentioned above about the filter Hansa washing machine (Miflex X 17-3), the unit would look something like the image below. This scheme is drawn to the housing in an unusual form.

filter circuit

Inductor resistances are extremely high frequencies. Harmonics spectrum for them to repay. Going protection against sharp edges, bound by an induction motor and a number of other devices in the washing machine. The resonant frequency of the circuit is set to 50 Hz. Higher frequencies are closed through a capacitor. The resistor is present for the discharge. When we undertake to hand the plug and feel the impact, the phenomenon is due to the large chain constant RC-time. If you wait a little longer, the impact will be. The current through resistor descend.

In some cases, there is no inductance. This primitive design provides the worst quality. Possible to build a line filter for a washing machine in the presence of his own skill with a soldering iron treatment and etching circuit boards. You need to choose the right element base to withstand the impact of the supply voltage, wound inductors, which digest podvodimy current. Do not confuse the presence of the line filter of the washing machine and use a fuse. These are separate devices:

  1. Surge protector protects the network and the washing machine from interference;
  2. The fuse protects your equipment from overload.

Line filter is calculated on the maximum current consumption. It is found from the value of the power of the washing machine, taking value with a margin of 2 - 3 times. It is better to focus on the factory network filters. For example, for Hansa (Miflex X 17-3) the maximum permissible current value of 16 A at 250 V. The AC voltage Enough data to start designing a line filter for a washing machine.

No wonder the factory manufacturing the housing assembled from durable plastic and filled with a heat-resistant and water-resistant compound. If the liquid, it threatens the lives of people here get into the process. In the best case will beat traffic jams. For this reason, the cascade located in the upper housing. Filter rarely breaks capable oplavitsya lead wire. Then the device is replaced with a like product. Compounds possible today to buy. If the electronic components in stock, will be able to assemble a line filter for a washing machine on their own.

How do you know that in the washing machine network filter is broken

Resulted in a typical electrical circuit device. Permissible to ring input and output terminals, without touching the ground. This is enough to understand the principle of operation:

  • First, make sure that the contact pairs are calling. 680 kW - a lot of resistance, tend to believe that the meter will give a beep. The conventional insulation resistance in household appliances is 2 MW and above, a chance remains that the measuring equipment takes into account this fact.

Network filter

  • If everything is in order, measure the input impedance. Snack crocodiles on the plug. The resulting resistance is able to be different from 680 ohms parallel resistor sits input impedance of the washing machine. If the terminals in the mains filter area is not soldered, but separable, undock and then we carry out the measurement. For low resistance approximately two turn inductors 680 ohms.
  • Housing potted, evaluate performance capacitors difficult. However, permissible to measure the capacitance between the different inputs on the basis of the data already conduct further examination. Connected in parallel capacitors their values ​​are added together. Sequential - summed reciprocals. For this case, it looks like for the input capacitance by the plug:
  1. 2.35 nF - branch of series capacitors.
  2. 0.47 uF - single capacitor.
  3. In sum - .47235 uF.

An important detail for a washing machine

It is seen that a chain of low-capacitance capacitors hardly changed input capacitance of the line filter, damage to a hard to notice. If you flew element 0.47 uF, it will become apparent during the measurements. How to evaluate the performance of small capacitors: Meters will lead to the output side of the line filter for a washing machine. Find just the right contacts. Between two of them (outputs) the capacity would be approximately equal to 0.47 microfarads. And when pairing other contacts get about twice the value of each of the small capacitors. Within 9 nF. Otherwise, the burned part (in addition land can sit directly on the body of the washing machine, it is difficult not to notice).

Condenser with burn-up is able to give a short circuit. We call contact pairs. Who to call, there is a breakdown. If on the contrary - infinite resistance - goes, the capacitor has ceased to exist - undertake again for the calculator. One pair of contacts give almost pure 4,7-nF capacitor which survived. The second pair will give a series connection of two capacitances, 0.47 uF and 4.7 nF. It is given by:

C = S1S2 / (C1 + C2)

It turned about 4.65 nF. Finally, performance is evaluated simply chokes. If one of the input pins do not call any output, the corresponding coil burned. Repair is difficult. If chokes in order faulty resistors and capacitors may be hung directly from the outside, is soldered to a contact. Of course, the need to fill in the top compound for safety.

Schemes sequence elements conventionally lead to the reader became clear. If faulty capacitor, but gave no short circuit is still a chance to revive the stage, hung a necessary element of the outside of the right contacts - is shown in the diagram. Action to protect the washing machine first, until there is a digestible version. The use of a line filter such homespun design will be a measure of protection equipment.

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