Why is the washing machine does not drain

Most modern devices have error code display system. This is true even cheap multivarok, what can we say about the washing machine! LG smartphone models allow us to send a message through to tech support company, which illustrate the difficulty quickly. If no time for repairs if the house wife and children, before buying weigh maintainability device. Feature is called Smart Diagnosis, now let's talk details.

The principle of operation of the washing machine

The principle of operation of the washing machine

Diagnosis of the washing machine with a mobile phone

On the official website about the LG Smart Diagnosis function is written:

  1. On the smartphone relies install Smart Diagnosis application request from LG company if necessary.
  2. Including washing machine by pressing the power button.
  3. Bring the phone as close as possible to this button.
  4. Press and hold Wash / Rinse three seconds, without removing the phone from the power button.
  5. Acoustic transmission starts as squeaking different tonality. Sending lasts about 17 seconds. It is time to hold the phone near the power button of the washing machine.
  6. On the screen the app will give recommendations for fault correction.

In some countries, the operation may commit to the company's online service. Learn more learn from the technical support toll-free number 8-800-200-76-76. If the service is supported, the sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Contact by phone with LG diagnostic service.
  2. On command, press the power button of the washing machine.
    Call the operator by phone

    Call the operator by phone

  3. Hold the phone at the request of the LG washing machine power button.
  4. Press and hold Wash / Rinse three seconds.
  5. It will tone data transmission. packet duration about 17 seconds. Hold the phone near the power button of the washing machine. By the way, the timing numbers are shown on the display.
  6. Confirm professional manner specified own appeal. The information is transmitted to the service center. Be sure to leave contact information for feedback.

With Smart Diagnosis system does not need to be able to read error codes, turning over the leadership in the search for the correct answer. Telephone washing machine to repair, but will make recommendations to repair the washing machine and indicate that could break. Skilled craftsmen otherwise be required.

The device is a typical washing machine

To understand why the washing machine does not drain, you need to know the device. Water intake is conducted through an inlet solenoid valve and tray for detergents. And sometimes the double valve is linked to the regime. The level is controlled via a pressure switch, the tube which is immersed in the tank. All together is filling system.

The device is a washing machine

The device is a washing machine

Washing is conducted by a timer (programmer) used sometimes readings water pollution sensors. Together, decide whether to rotate the drum need, how long to heat water and so on. PETN on standard costs thermostat. When it's time, or sensors have decided that it is time to put an end to rinse, the water begins to coalesce through the drain pump. Signal or 220 (as in the case of the intake valve), or another voltage. Water through the drain pump is supplied to the output filter and flows through the hose. Drains.

Access to the output filter is simple. Look on the front of the washing machine small hatch in the bottom right-hand side. Sometimes it is hidden decorative panel. Able to look like a cork, which is supposed to unscrew. Unscrewing the cover, access directly to the drain. SEEN cross, sometimes overgrown with thread - output filter, supposed to clean every six months.

Note. When working substitute basin. Of the drainage channel is always drained about a glass of water.

Hose clogged rare, is not included in the main types of faults. Acceptable vacuum to purge tank through said aperture, if desired. Use caution, water and electricity - a dangerous combination. Turn off the power of the washing machine, vacuum cleaner body keep outside the bathroom. The external drain hose is disconnected, if necessary, the problem there are even more rare.

Next, the pump. This is a typical electric motor, which winding is ringing. Present complexity: a signal through a control circuit capable close as possible need to undock terminals. Then the engine to call when the power is off the washing machine. If everything is ok, you need a tester to check whether voltage is present at the right moment. Usually written on the engine power mode in the absence of information, use the AC mode. Of course, the operations carried out at the removed rear cover of the housing with respect measures to prevent electrical shock. By the way, on a smartphone application in advance will give advice on troubleshooting.

Pump washing machine

Pump washing machine

Finally, if the signal originated, and the engine running, broken mechanical part of the pump. Buy new at a reasonable price in a specialized market. Harder with the electronic control unit of the washing machine. It goes for a decent price, but because often a desire to personally solve the problem. The point lies sometimes in the programmer, one contact which somehow does not give the right moment stress. Then it is recommended to clean the mechanism. Sometimes it comes down to the oxidation of the contacts. alcohol or acid drop will correct position.

It is recommended to check the level sensor. He rarely responsible for plums, but is able to break the logic of the washing machine. For example, to show that the tank is already empty, although in reality the tank is full of water.

Check pressure switch washing machine

The pressure sensor in the professional environment is called a pressure switch. This sensor, not switch, triggering several levels, depending on the number of washing machine modes. Inside the body of the tank to the pressure sensor is a tube. You need to turn off the power and remove the pressure switch in homutok area. On the opposite side from the level sensor undocks bundle of wires. Pre better photograph node for subsequent correct assembly.

Check the pressure switch is easier with the help of a rubber pear (enema). It needs to find a small piece of rubber hose. The shorter, the better. Hose pressure switch and combine pear. Professionals use a pressure gauge indicating at what pressure should be heard clicks triggered switch. Relies to ensure that the number of clicks equal to the number of levels. In most cases the number is one less than a bundle of wires.

If everything is in order, start the tester to call each group of contacts, changing the pressure blower. At the same time useful to create a diagram indicating the colors of the wires. Insulation resistance expected at least 20 megohms, shorted contacts are not in the ideal resistance. If necessary to strip the terminals recovery device efficiency. In the case of fatal damage will have to buy a new part. To find used brand name (any inscriptions on the body of the pressure switch), composed circuitry. The item will be able to get it at a reasonable price. This is clearly not the most expensive spare parts.

List the main fault, admit that in practice there may be other reasons. Do not forget about the error codes, brand diagnostic system. They can help find the source. diagnostic methods have already resulted. Power to the pump is allowed to file a separate (off the washing machine), according to the rotation of the blades or the peace judge the technical condition of the engine.

We recommend more often to look at the site, where sometimes with minor inaccuracies, but it is generally true, sets out the technical material on the subject of home appliances. The correct answer is hard to find, the knowledge will help to correct the damage.

For example, a topic dedicated to the process how to dismantle the washing machine. The first top cover removed, is capable of attachment to hide behind the facing (upper and lower) panels. Immediately opens access to the inlet valve. Pressure switch is usually located on the left side, just below the tank, if you look at the back of the washing machine. Often just hangs in the air (it seems from the outside, in fact, there is similarity clamp) is sometimes attached to the body. Just remove the back cover to access the details.

We hope to tell the reader how to fix a washing machine. Read criticize leave some feedback in the comments, look down again, we do not rewrite the information, and create stories based on the study of art.

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