Washing machines AEG: TOP-15 models, brand reviews, tips before buying

In the post-Soviet space, automatic washing machines appeared more than two decades ago. They cost a lot, so the most popular for a long time enjoyed low-cost brands and models. But users realized that good washing machines are the enemy of the best.

They are safer, more economical and simply better clean clothes. As a result, top indispensable helpers are gradually becoming popular, among which are AEG washing machines.

The content of the article:

  • Features of washing machines from AEG
  • Low cost washers from AEG
    • Model # 1 - Functional AEG AMS7500I
    • Model # 2 - full protection in the AEG AMS7000U
    • Model # 3 is a spacious AEG L6FBI48S
    • Model # 4 - economical AEG L574270SL
    • Model # 5 - Stylish AEG L88489FL
  • Middle and expensive class
    • Model # 1 - Intelligent AEG L7FBE48SR
    • Model # 2 - spacious AEG L8WBC61S
    • Model # 3 - quiet AEG AMS8000I
    • Model # 4 - Stylish AEG L98699FL
    • Model # 5 - Costly AEG L9WBC61B
  • Review of styralok vertical loading
    • Model # 1 is the popular AEG L56106TL
    • Model # 2 - washing machine with steam AEG LTX7CR562
    • Model # 3 is an inexpensive AEG L56126TL
    • Model # 4 - Practical AEG LTX6GR261
    • Model # 5 - economical AEG LTX7ER272
  • Pros and cons of the brand
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Features of washing machines from AEG

Often, potential buyers when choosing household appliances are faced with expensive models of the unfamiliar brand AEG.

The fact is that in the middle of the 90s this company became the property of the famous Swedish manufacturer Electrolux, which, under the name AEG, continues to offer high-end household appliances to potential buyers all over the world level


This is how the AEG cars of the updated line look, so no one will turn the language to say that they are ugly or do not meet modern requirements

Given the cheap price, it becomes clear why, until recently, buyers were not very familiar with products manufactured under this brand.

Today Electrolux under the name AEG gives an opportunity to choose a washing machine in any price category. But you should know that in each of the segments of the model of this brand are among the most expensive.

The reason for all is the decent quality of each assembled unit. That is, even the units belonging to the initial level are not an economical option, since they have sufficient opportunities for high-quality washing and a long service life.

Today, the AEG line of machines is traditionally wide and has nearly 5 dozen models. This allows you to satisfy the requests of different categories of potential buyers.

Washing machines AEG

Washing machines sold under the AEG brand are among the best-selling in Europe, although the concern of the same name no longer exists.

Although the manufacturer’s diversity is more than enough, the technical characteristics of the products are quite easy to understand. Since all related to any price category, units have a set of basic functions.

They differ only in some important or minor features that can make any model more or less the best option for the buyer.

For example, L61260 and L71260 considered budget models have the same size, a number of other basic characteristics (loading, spin speed, control, etc.).

But the first washing machine has a class of electricity consumption A ++, and the second is more economical and belongs to A +++.

As a result, a more voracious car costs 7–8% less, but during the operation the owner’s expenses will be substantially greater.

AEG L73060SL

Model AEG L73060SL is a typical representative of the initial class, but even she is able to meet the needs of most consumers

And there are many such nuances, so a potential buyer should determine the necessary characteristics in advance and choose the best option.

Since all models that have a demanded frontal load, are budget or relate to products of medium and high price category, you should familiarize yourself with the features of each of them. This will help to make a choice based on the knowledge of the subject.

Low cost washers from AEG

Even inexpensive cars AEG differ in functionality, sufficient reliability and aesthetic qualities. This is evidenced by the traditionally high performance.

Which include:

  1. Maximum load - all budget cars of this brand are able to wash 6, and often 6.5 kg of things at once, and this figure is achieved with a fairly compact size.
  2. Maximum spin speed - even the most affordable AEG units perform this operation at a speed of 1200-1400 rpm. This is a good indicator, as inexpensive cars of other companies do not exceed these figures, and often their speed reaches only 1000, or even 800 revolutions.
  3. Control system - All inexpensive AEG machines are quite intelligent, able to control and adjust the washing process.

You should be aware that in this price category 6.5 kg loading indicators are among the best, and many manufacturers offer units capable of receiving only 5-5.5 kg, and in some cases the owner will not be able to load more than 4 kg.

A feature of this technique is its compact size - they do not exceed the size of washing units, produced by competing manufacturers. What allows to establish them even in small bathrooms, kitchens and even corridors.

Control Panel

In many cases, the AEG control panels are not Russified, but this does not cause irritation to users, since all the symbols are intuitive.

All manufactured cars have high aesthetic qualities, that is, even inexpensive models traditionally have a stylish and attractive appearance - this is the policy of the manufacturer.

In addition, the available units, produced under this brand, are distinguished by a rather large number of pre-installed programs.

Usually there are at least 14, and in some cases 15-16, which allows the machine to cope, and qualitatively, with the washing of various fabrics, including cotton, synthetics, wool, all kinds of delicate.

Additionally, the owner will be able to use a number of special programs that significantly expand the functionality of the machines.

Among the proposed following types of washing:

  • fast - at AEG it lasts 20 minutes and is intended for washing lightly soiled things;
  • intense - used for thorough cleaning of highly contaminated products.

Additionally, a person will be able to influence the temperature of an already selected program, the number of rinses. As well as electronics allows you to quickly and easily adjust the spin speed.

The function will be useful. "Easy ironing", The activation of which will lead to a decrease in the speed of rotation of the drum. After that, less folds are formed and things will be easier to iron, in addition, time is saved, electricity.


With high reliability, performance and excellent quality of washing, all AEG are distinguished by high aesthetics and ease of management.

Traditionally, washing machines manufactured by this brand are distinguished by the highest washing efficiency (class A).

And the quality of the spin can be different - the most affordable units perform this procedure for evaluation well, that is, they correspond to level C, which is quite acceptable. More expensive products are able to divert water at the highest level, therefore they belong to classes B and A.

In all models, the electronics in the identification of imbalance makes the appropriate adjustments. This is done to evenly distribute the laundry before spinning, which improves the quality of such a procedure.

In addition, the manufacturer has provided the presence of foam sensors in the entire line of machines and, if it starts to form, the washing will be stopped. This will prevent breakage, other troubles.

AEG text display

Controls can be push-button, touch, there is always an informative display, which makes the manipulation of the machine simple, understandable

All inexpensive AEGs are leak proof, but they can be different. For example, the cheapest cars usually have only partial protection, more expensive - full. In addition, two similar models may have differences, so a potential buyer should be attentive to this point.

An interested person should pay attention to the engine technology. Most of them are inverters, therefore, they are quiet and reliable. No wonder the manufacturer provides an impressive ten-year warranty.

All washing machines are equipped with informative displays, which makes management and control more convenient. Their sizes are significantly different and the optimum should be chosen for themselves. Below we look at the 5 most popular budget models.

Model # 1 - Functional AEG AMS7500I

AMS7500I is one of the most budget, though not the newest models. On her example, you can figure out what a person will receive by paying money.

This washing machine, weighing 62.4 kg, has the usual dimensions for this class, that is, with a 85 cm height, it is 60 cm wide and reaches a depth of 48 cm, which is slightly more than the usual 45 cm.

Due to its modest dimensions, the AMS7500I washing machine will not take away any extra space. In addition, if necessary, you can choose a narrower version of the more expensive models.

The appearance is nothing catchy and memorable, but the aesthetic qualities are sufficient to fit into almost any bathroom or kitchen interior.

The product is distinguished by verified ergonomics, so it is convenient to operate the machine or receive the necessary information, as well as to load / unload things. For the cycle, this budget AEG can wash up to 6.2 kg, which is an excellent result for its class.

Users say quiet operation, a good set of features and an affordable price. Among the negative points can be noted noisy intake and discharge of water. Overall, this is a great option at an affordable price.

Model # 2 - full protection in the AEG AMS7000U

Most of the low-cost models from AEG have the same basic functions as the AMS7000U, but there are some exceptions.

AMS7000U has full leak protection, child protection function is implemented. And its electronics are a little more intelligent, as the mode for delicate fabrics and the mode of washing without spinning are added, which allows to cope well even with the washing of curtains.

The display should always pay special attention, as it can be of various sizes, and therefore not always optimal. This model is equipped with a large display, and its design has a number of additional decorative elements that refresh the appearance.

Users like the absence of vibrations when working, convenient hatch, simple operation. At the same time, the cost of AMS7000U is slightly higher than similar models from other manufacturers.

Among the shortcomings noted inconveniently implemented a system to drain water from the filter.

Model # 3 is a spacious AEG L6FBI48S

L6FBI48S with dimensions similar to previous units will be able to wash almost a third of things more per cycle - up to 8 kg. Which makes it the best option for families with several children.

In addition, L6FBI48S is better pressed, therefore it is classified as Class B, and not C, as the previously mentioned models. When performing such a procedure, the drum can rotate at a decent speed of up to 1,400 rpm, which makes it possible to solve almost any problem qualitatively. And if there are none, then this feature can be simply turned off.

The manufacturer has provided a fairly large number of various programs, so the owner does not will need to think about how to properly wash frequently used cotton, synthetics, jeans, remove stains. The same applies to preventing creasing, double rinsing.

Of the additional functions in the car there is complete protection against leakage, control imbalance. And it has a low noise level - only 50 dB.

Model # 4 - economical AEG L574270SL

AEG L574270SL belongs to the category of the most economical models. The class of its energy consumption corresponds to A +++. This means that the machine spends 0.12 kWh / kg.

In the effectiveness of washing AEG L574270SL there is no doubt, it is at the highest level, corresponding to class A. Spin up to the best performance is not enough, responding to class B - it's just good.

There are a number of other useful functions - preliminary, economical and express laundry. And in any of the programs a person will be able to change the temperature value.

In the presence of control imbalance and the formation of foam, as well as the timer delayed washing. After executing the program, the washing machine will signal this.

Although AEG L574270SL refers to the initial level, but its noise level is very low (49 dB), which does not violate the comfort of the owners during operation.

Perhaps the only drawback of the AEG washer is its cost, which is almost one and a half times higher than that of similar models from its segment.

Model # 5 - Stylish AEG L88489FL

AEG L88489FL is classified as a very roomy front-loading machine. In one wash cycle it can wash up to 8 kg of linen.

The machine is equipped with sensors that instantly detect the appearance of leaks, after which the electronics drain the water. There is also a mode of protection against children and control over the level of imbalance.

As a conclusion, you can indicate that the presented AEG model has sufficient functionality, performance and although it does not use any innovative solutions, it is fully capable of meeting the needs of most users.

The AEG display is an important element of the design, as it is highly informative, for example, indicates the time of washing, which is not always the case.

The only drawback is the considerable cost of AEG L88489FL - you will have to pay a lot more money for it than for the most affordable models of most other well-known manufacturers.

Middle and expensive class

The equipment presented by the manufacturer, relating to the medium and expensive price segments, has a set of functions that is familiar from budget models.

But, the higher the cost of a washing machine, the more innovative or just advanced solutions are implemented in it.

Model AEG L7FBE48

This is how washing machines refer to the middle and high price category look like, but they don’t indulge in the variety of colors in AEG - their cars are almost always white.

Since the control system has a high level of intelligence, therefore, monitoring the quality of washing and process optimization is more efficient. In addition, among the pre-installed programs there are a lot of new, but users already liked options.

For example, non-budget AEG units are able to cope with washing:

  1. Sportswear - people who lead an active lifestyle have long noticed that their running T-shirts, thermal underwear, and other equipment It is difficult to clean up the quality of contamination, odor without loading the fabric fibers, which led to premature wear and tear. With the help of a specialized program, this has ceased to be a problem.
  2. Down blankets - a few years ago, not a single machine could cope with the solution of a similar problem; now all AEG models belonging to the expensive segment are equipped with the necessary function.

The units corresponding to the specified classes will perfectly suit users with allergies. They are equipped with a function "Anti-allergy", which is the most thorough rinsing.

To make washing more qualitative, all expensive units of this brand are completed with a system of residual use of powder, which additionally optimizes the washing procedure.

A potential buyer may have no doubt that among the cars belonging to the most expensive the segment, washing and subsequent spinning are performed only at the highest level (class A), that is, without any compromises.

The same applies to energy consumption - all non-cheap aggregates belong to class A +++.

Spin speed can reach 1400-1600 revolutions per minute, which allows you to effectively wipe moisture in any of the cases.

Loading hatch

It is necessary to approach the choice of the hatch carefully, as similar machines are produced, but with a different construction element.

The performance of the units belonging to the older price categories, always in the range of 6.5-10 kg. The most expensive washing machines manufactured under the AEG brand are equipped with a drying function.

They have protection against all known types of leaks, which makes work safer. Mandatory function is protection from children, so little helpers will not be able to make their own adjustments to the work of the machine.

In order to better understand which of the washing machines to choose, we offer you the top 5 models in your price segment. They all have an excellent feature set, build quality and good spaciousness.

Model # 1 - Intelligent AEG L7FBE48SR

A typical representative of the average price category. It is able to cope with the washing of 8 kg of things, spin at 1400 rpm. Optimizes and controls the procedure intelligent control system.

L7FBE48SR is quite economical, so it is enrolled in class A +++, the quality of work and spin is also the highest. Safety of use provides a complete system of protection against any leaks.

The machine has the power to clean cotton, wool, any delicate things from dirt, it is able to cope with the washing of sportswear, down blankets.

Its dimensions are similar to those of low-cost units. But with the exception of the depth, which reaches 50 cm, which is slightly more than the usual indicator of the most affordable models.

Model # 2 - spacious AEG L8WBC61S

Demanded model, referring to the average cost. It is capable of washing up to 10 kg of things, equipped with a dryer (up to 6 kg). Spin can be performed at a speed of 1600 rpm.

Washing in a typewriter L8WBC61S occurs using all modes specified for the previous model. In addition, an additional program is used that allows for the most delicate cleaning of wool.

There are modes of hand washing, cleaning of mixed fabrics, there are eco-programs. And also it should be remembered that products related to expensive ones work significantly quieter than budget ones.

Users like the good capacity of the machine, a large selection of washing programs, quiet operation.

Among the shortcomings, many note the impressive size, which often cause difficulty in placement.

Model # 3 - quiet AEG AMS8000I

Of all the models of washing machines from AEG, this is the quietest in the mid-expensive segment. The noise level emitted during the wash does not exceed 49 dB. Spinning occurs at a fairly high speed - 1400 rev / min, so it is somewhat noisier - 75 dB.

AMS8000I applies to front-loaded models with standard sizes. In one cycle, the machine can wash up to 6 kg of laundry, so it will be the perfect solution for a family of 2-3 people.

In addition to standard washing programs, a delicate fabric mode, a stain removal program and much more are provided in the washer. Users especially appreciated the quick wash mode, which in only 20 minutes is able to cope with fairly heavy soiling.

Of the additional functions, the manufacturer has provided full protection against leakage, protection against children, as well as a special program for washing curtains.

Based on user feedback, we can conclude that this is an excellent multifunctional model that fully justifies its value.

Model # 4 - Stylish AEG L98699FL

AEG L98699FL is one of the most stylish and expensive models in its price segment. In addition, it differs from other models and good capacity. So, in one cycle, it is able to wash up to 9 kg of linen.

The model refers to quite economical units, as evidenced by its class of energy consumption - A ++. In addition, in one cycle it uses 63 liters of water, which is quite a bit for 9 kg of linen.

The manufacturer has provided as many as 16 standard wash programs in the L98699FL. Also in the model implemented and special programs, among which is the function of removing stains, quick washing, washing delicate things, as well as the function of steam supply.

Among the advantages, users note a stylish design, quiet operation, a variety of programs, an informative display. The disadvantages include only the cost of such a miracle of technology.

Model # 5 - Costly AEG L9WBC61B

L9WBC61B can be classified as the most expensive styralok in the AEG lineup. But for an impressive amount, the user gets excellent functionality and capacity.

Thus, in one cycle the machine is capable of washing up to 10 kg of linen, while spending 0.09 kWh / kg, which is an indicator of the economical operation of the unit. In addition, the model has a drying function, which is limited to 6 kg of laundry.

L9WBC61B is a fairly quiet model, even in the spin mode, the noise level it produces does not exceed 65 dB.

Of the useful features here implemented a mode of protection against children, complete protection against leakage, control imbalance, as well as a delayed launch timer.

The car L9WBC61B differs from itself similar to an expanded set of functions, silent work and good spaciousness. Its only disadvantage is the market value.

Review of styralok vertical loading

The main feature of AEG units with vertical loading are their dimensions, more precisely, a small width of 40 cm. What allows to use cars in limited space.

If it is still not enough, then the rollers with which all products of this brand are equipped will help. That is, with their help, the washer can be moved to the pantry for storage or to the bathroom for washing.

Vertikalki - these are the same high-tech units, as well as varieties with front loading.

Therefore, their intelligent control systems are able to clean things in different modes, and with the most delicate. But the maximum load will not exceed 6.5-7 kg of linen.

Model AEG L76265TL3

Model AEG L76265TL3 is a typical representative of its class, so it is compact, narrow and equipped with rollers, which makes this unit the best solution for small spaces

Energy class usually does not exceed A ++, which is a good indicator for this class. Wash is almost always carried out at the highest level.

Spin even the most expensive products carried out according to the standard of class B. Which is a very good indicator.

In addition, a potential user should pay attention to the noise of technology. It never exceeds reasonable standards, but there are products capable of operating almost silently. And this is a significant advantage.

AEG engine

Most AEG models use modern inverter motors, which are characterized by very quiet operation and trustworthy reliability.

In this class of cars there is no protection against children and this is not a disadvantage - the height of the aggregates is 89 cm, and the kids simply cannot reach the buttons.

With leakage protection, you need to be careful, because on expensive models it can be partial, and on more accessible ones it can be complete.

Top-loading washers can be the perfect solution for small spaces. We offer you five models of the best models from AEG.

Model # 1 is the popular AEG L56106TL

The most popular unit with a vertical type of loading. It holds up to 6 kg of things, erases at the highest level, squeezes out on the assessment well, the same ball can be put for energy efficiency.

In the L56106TL washer, there are a half dozen programs in total, including stain removal, a popular express wash. And also in the presence of a mode of reducing creasing things and economical.

Spin speed is sufficient for most tasks and up to 1000 revolutions. Partial leakage protection.

AEG washing machines are produced only in the European Union, and not in the Middle Kingdom, which is an additional factor that ensures reliability.

Users appreciated the quiet operation of the washer, its compact size and good washing quality.

Model # 2 - washing machine with steam AEG LTX7CR562

One of the most expensive and economical machines in its segment. Its average cost is 87 thousand rubles.

It is equipped with 10 most popular modes. In addition, the LTX7CR562 additionally has a steam supply function, which allows you to smooth things out effectively and to disinfect them.

Model AEG LTX7CR562 has protection against leakage and against children. It controls the imbalance and monitors the level of foam.

The washing machine has rollers for movement on the body. And also allows the owner to choose the water temperature and the time to start work, delaying it, if desired, up to 20 hours.

In addition, it is one of the quietest models. So, the level of its noise at work does not exceed 47 dB.

Model # 3 is an inexpensive AEG L56126TL

The L56126TL is one of the cheapest models with a vertical load. It has a compact size of 40x60x89 cm and is designed to load up to 6 kg per wash.

Despite its affordable price, the L56126TL can be called a very economical model. The level of its energy consumption belongs to class A ++.

The manufacturer supplied the device with a number of useful functions. This includes leakage protection (although only partial), and control of the imbalance, and a delayed start timer.

Among the positive points that users noted, it is worth mentioning the ability to report things in the process of washing, adjusting the cycle time, affordable cost, compact dimensions.

Some users lack a special mode for washing sportswear and shoes. Although for an inexpensive model it is quite understandable.

Model # 4 - Practical AEG LTX6GR261

LTX6GR261 refers to the models with energy class A +++ and uses only 47 liters of water per cycle. At one time, she can handle 6 kg of dirty laundry.

Of the useful functions in the washer there is a choice of spin speed, the function of loading laundry. In addition, the manufacturer has implemented in LTX6GR261 full protection against leakage, as well as control imbalance.

In addition to 10 standard programs, you can use a special program for washing delicate items or down clothes. For heavily soiled things there is a special program for removing stains.

Of the advantages of the model, users especially like the quick wash mode, which takes only 20 minutes.

Model # 5 - economical AEG LTX7ER272

Treats the category of the most economic and capacious models with vertical loading. So, for one cycle, it is able to wash up to 7 kg of linen.

Energy class A +++ indicates a very economical operation of the machine. In one cycle, it consumes only 47 liters of water and 0.47 kWh / kg.

LTX7ER272 has 10 standard washing programs and special modes that help to cope with heavily soiled things, wash down items, etc.

In addition, the manufacturer has provided a night mode of washing, as well as the supply of steam. These functions are usually implemented in premium models.

Users like simple operation, the ability to easily move the car (due to the presence of wheels), quiet operation.

Pros and cons of the brand

Even with a strong desire for a significant amount of bad reviews on the AEG is not found. This means that they are not systemic. And someone expected another from a brand whose cars are traditionally included in the top sales in Germany and most other European countries?

In addition, it will be useful for skeptics to learn that AEG products are produced only in the European Union - France, Italy.

Support legs for AEG

AEG has very few drawbacks and one of them is that if there is a breakdown, problems may arise with the search or waiting for the necessary part. Although the absence in the workshops of the necessary elements indicates a sufficient reliability of products

But there are some disadvantages as well - this is not the most affordable price. As well as the high cost of spare parts and in some cases difficult to find them. The last point is leveled by the fact that the cars of this brand break rarely and most often in extreme old age.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The first video will help to clarify the issue of choosing the optimal washing machine for the house:

Features of the washing equipment brand AEG demonstrates the following story:

This video is an overview of the main mistakes made when choosing a washer:

Efficient, reliable, quiet and high-tech machines AEG are always a worthy choice. And regardless of the price category.

The only obstacle to their popularity in the post-Soviet territory is only the cost, which is significantly higher than that of similar products of most other well-known brands. But the person who did not want to save on quality and comfort, will be pleased with the choice.

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