We plant seedlings of nasturtium: when it is possible and how it is necessary

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Tell me, when is it better to plant nasturtium on seedlings? Last year most of the bushes after the transplantation were very frozen, although keeping them in the house for longer did not make sense, because they began to "outgrow". I do not want this story to happen again.

Compact low bushes or long hanging whips with bright inflorescences of various colors, which bloom until the fall, is a beauty nasturtium. It looks equally good both on the flowerbed and on the balcony, and the ampel varieties decorate the summerhouses and summer terraces.

Most nasturtium is grown in seedlings. It allows you to approximate the flowering time, and also more suitable for rare varieties. In purchased bags of seeds is not so much, and given that planting them in the open ground is recommended for 2 pieces per hole and not everyone rises, it is much more profitable to grow seedlings.

By and large this plant does not deliver special trouble to flower growers, since it grows well even with minimal care, however, there is one nuance and it is connected with the terms of planting. Since the flower is thermophilic and does not tolerate freezing, especially young plants, it is important to know when to plant nasturtium on seedlings in order to send it on time to the flower bed.

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Seeding time

Planting seedlings of nasturtium is better to start a couple of weeks before the moment when it is planned to plant it in the open ground. If the transplant is in mid-May, then the seeds are sown already at the end of April.

Separately it is necessary to mention the cultivation of nasturtium in pots, indoors. In this case, sowing of seeds is possible and in earlier periods, for example, in March, the main thing is that the flowers should be warm and light.

Features of growing seedlings

Seeds of nasturtium are large enough and covered with a dense membrane, besides they do not possess 100% germination, therefore they require pre-soaking.

One day before sowing planting material it is recommended to pour boiling water and leave in water, so that the hard skins soften, and the sprout was easier to break through. In the water, you can add a growth stimulant.

Since the roots of the nasturtium are fragile and often break during transplantation, it is necessary to immediately select individual containers for seedlings and lay one seed each. This will help to avoid the process of picking and additional traumatization of seedlings. For the same reason, transplantation to a permanent place is done by the method of transshipment. For the uniform development of nasturtium seedlings and to prevent stretching, it must be provided with good lighting.

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Video about cultivation of nasturtium seedlings

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