Integrated security system for cottages from China


Along with the decoration and arrangement of the suburban area, one should not forget about ensuring the security of the territory. An integrated security system will help organize alarms with GSM alerts. What are the advantages of such a system and where can it be purchased on the most favorable terms?

In domestic online stores, this type of alarm (with remote and instant alerts) is one of the most expensive. For example, a popular in the CIS store offers GSM signaling for about 10 500 rubles.

Alarms help you create an increased level of security for yourself and your loved ones. Also, you will not worry about the condition of all the cottage property in your absence. More cheap and at the same time effective devices can be bought on Alyexpress.

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The essence of the GSM system is that the user can insert a sim card into the device and set up notifications of all attempts to penetrate the site directly to your phone. In this model of the device you can make up to three phone numbers, which will receive messages. Also, the device has a voice alert function (in Russian).

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The complete set includes:

  • detailed instruction in Russian;
  • Wireless remote control (with four buttons and an antenna);
  • power supply alarm;
  • an additional panel;
  • the door or window opening sensor (depending on the place of installation of the device) - operates from a finger battery;
  • the alarm itself is a volumetric speaker with a plug for connection to other devices;
  • detector with antenna;
  • the system itself with GSM notification.
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Contents of the security system housing:

Also, the user has the opportunity to adjust the direction of the detector with a small joystick on the control panel of the device.

Appearance of the alarm control panel:

The cost of this device from the Chinese manufacturer is 2 115 rubles. The security system can work stably at temperatures from -10 to +40 degrees Celsius. In case of frosty weather, dismantle the device in order to avoid breakage.

A detailed review of the product and the principle of its operation is presented in the review from the buyer:

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