Review of Washing Machines Panasonic

Many users associate the brand Panasonic with cameras, cameras, TVs. Japanese quality extends not only to video equipment, but also to household appliances. Washing machines from Panasonic is a modern, functional technique.

How to choose the right model? Learn the advantages of Panasonic machines, consider popular models and consumer reviews.

Review of Washing Machines Panasonic

Content of the material:

  • 1Where do the washing machines "Panasonic"
  • 2How is the washing machine
  • 3Which Panasonic model to choose: customer reviews
    • 3.1Panasonic NA-16VX1
    • 3.2Panasonic NA-140VG3
    • 3.3Panasonic NA-106VC5

Where do the washing machines "Panasonic"

The brand "Panasonic" originates in 1918. It was then that Konosuke Matsushita founded a company for the production of lighting cartridges Osaka Light. However, the firm was not successful, so Matsushita took up any job. Soon he received an order for the manufacture of parts for the fan. So the company Matsushita Electric was founded.

In the 50's, the manufacturer is engaged in the development of audio products. Demand is constantly growing, so he decides to bring the company to the world market. So the name Matsushita Electric turns into a familiar brand of "Panasonic".

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Where do the washing machines

Today the company produces not only video and audio equipment, but also washing machines. The latter are characterized by high technical characteristics. Initially, domestic appliances were sold on the domestic market of the country. But today Japan is a place where high-quality goods are produced for marketing all over the world.

In the Russian market, washing machines "Panasonic" appeared in 2010.

How is the washing machine

The body of the machine has a laconic design - clear smooth lines, large loading hatch. The information panel in many models is much larger. The user can easily understand how to use electronic control. Wash modes are signed, on the panel there is a selector for switching programs.

The Panasonic Stiralk device is almost identical to other washing machines.

  • Front loading. All Panasonic machines have front loading. Luke advantageously differs in color from the body. Large capacity allows you to buy a styalka for a large family.
  • The dimensions of the case are different: from standard models to narrow ones, which are conveniently built in.

How is the washing machine

  • Inverter motor with direct drive. The motor is directly attached to the drum, so it works quieter, and breaks less often. The no-drive drive allows you to forget about problems with the falling belt.
  • The installed programs and functions help to care for any clothes. One of these is the stain removal mode. Includes three approaches: removing contaminants from collars and cuffs, stains from deodorant and sauce. You can use the mode for both blouses and t-shirts, and for kitchen towels.

How is the washing machine

  • TimeSaver saves resources by reducing the program. This does not affect the quality of washing.
  • 3D Sensor Wash - control of unbalance. The motor starts reversing rotation if the weight sensor detects a balance violation in the drum. The laundry is evenly distributed, after which the cycle continues.
  • Development of HydroActive +. When switched on, water jets are fed into the drum under strong pressure. The technology helps to better wash the dirt, and when rinsing it is effective to remove the detergent residue.
  • Technology Econavi. The "smart" system independently weighs the laundry, calculates the amount of water and powder.

Here are the main features of washing machines "Panasonic". But there are many other interesting functions, it all depends on the model.

Which Panasonic model to choose: customer reviews

Consider the features of popular models, as well as customer reviews.

Panasonic NA-16VX1

A detached model with a removable cover. The model can be built into a cabinet or a suite. Front loading, drum capacity - 7 kg. The control panel is electronic type, large display with backlight.

Panasonic NA-16VX1

The energy efficiency class A ++ allows you to save - the whole machine consumes, 5 kW / h. In one cycle, 44 liters of water are consumed. A silent inverter motor is installed. When spinning, the drum accelerates to 1600 rpm. The power can be adjusted.

The SMA housing is protected from leaks. There is a control of imbalance, foaming. The panel is blocked from accidental pressing.

The program selector allows you to select from 16 wash modes. In the car you can wash both delicate things and outer clothing with filler. The self-cleaning function of the drum effectively disinfects the surface after work.

Customer Reviews

Belova Ekaterina

A large machine. At delivery, the stylalka did not pass through the door. I had to disassemble the opening to install the machine. After the washing, the result was pleasant, but it works too loudly when spinning. Called the master, said that for the inclined drum there are not enough shock absorbers. Already in half a year it was necessary to change bearings.


  • Washing is quiet and the laundry is cleaned out.
  • Clear management.


  • Very large sizes, as for an apartment (60x60x85 cm).
  • Expensive and complex repairs. Spares have to be ordered and wait a long time.

Panasonic NA-140VG3

The machine can wash 10 kg of laundry at a time. The dimensions of the model are 60x60x85 cm, weight is quite large - 84 kg. The stylalk has a removable cover, so it can be integrated under the countertop. The inverter motor accelerates the drum up to 1400 revolutions per spin.

Lingerie is weighed during loading thanks to Perfect Sense technology. There is a calculation of water and detergents. As a result, the car received an energy efficiency class A ++, consuming, 5 kW / h and 63 liters of water.

Panasonic NA-140VG3

The control panel with the display has been protected from children.

The technology of five-jet water supply HydroActive + is built in. Linen is carefully soaked, water is sparingly consumed. Strong pressure at the feed allows the powder to penetrate better into the tissues and remove impurities. The machine will not start spinning until the laundry is evenly distributed over the drum.

Built-in 16 washing programs, including care for wool and delicate fabrics, washing children's and sports wear. Complete protection from leaks.

Customer Reviews

Popov Nikolay

I decided to replace the old styaralka, which worked for 10 years. He stopped at Panasonic, like progressive technologies. I was interested in a big load of 10 kg. We have a family of 4 people, so a large capacity is very handy.

As it turned out, to deliver a car weighing 84 kg is not easy on the fifth floor. But my wife and I do not regret about the choice. Washing is quality and quiet. The drum itself regulates the rotation and distributes the laundry.


  • Great loading.
  • Convenient inclined drum.
  • High-quality washing and spinning. The linen at the outlet is almost dry.
  • Economical consumption of water and electricity.
  • A wide range of programs and modes.

Cons: inThe high price. Although if compared with other brands of premium-class, Panasonic costs a few thousand cheaper.

Panasonic NA-106VC5

A narrow washing machine measuring 60x44x85 cm. Has a removable cover. With such dimensions, the excellent capacity of the drum is 6 kg.

The machine belongs to the energy consumption class A (, 2 kW / h). The water flow is 47 liters per cycle.

Panasonic NA-106VC5

Electronic control type, in the presence of a large display. There are 12 wash programs available. Interesting function of removing stains in three modes. The development is suitable for removing persistent contaminants and complex local spots. "Night Wash" is on, which is very quiet.

The number of spin speeds is small - 1000 per minute. The water temperature can be adjusted.

Styroalk housing is protected from leaks. Provides control foaming, imbalance, protection from children.

Customer Reviews

Svyatov Mikhail

I bought a washing machine expensive - 40000 rubles. Experienced - will it justify its value. I take a year, everything suits. The washing regimens last an average of 1 hour, whereas on Samsung earlier it was not less than, 0. Spin is good, even under delicate conditions, the laundry is almost dry.

I liked the night mode. Very convenient and not expensive in time.


  • Works quietly, well erases and squeezes.
  • Convenient and clear control.
  • A capacious machine. It does not take much space.
  • Attractive design.


  • High price.
  • A short program only at a temperature of 40 degrees.
  • Sometimes there is disbalance.

We presented one of the latest models of washing machines Panasonic. Based on user feedback, you can compile an opinion on each model.

It can be concluded that the Japanese assembly is worth the money spent. But if repairs are required, difficulties may arise.

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