Review of Washing Machines Indesit

Indesit washing machine is popular in the world market, considering a number of its positive features and despite some shortcomings. If you liked the machine-automaton brand "Indesit find out everything about it before you make a purchase.

Where they produce and collect, characteristics, popular models and reviews - all this you will learn from the review.

Review of Washing Machines Indesit

Content of the material:

  • 1Where do the washing machines "Indesit"
  • 2Washing machine models Indesit
    • 2.1Indesit IWUB 4105
    • 2.2Indesit NWSK 8128 L
    • 2.3Indesit ITW A 5851 W
    • 2.4Indesit ITW E 71252 G
    • 2.5Indesit XWDE 861480X W
  • 3How are the machines "Indesit"
  • 4What kind of washing machine "Indesit" choose

Where do the washing machines "Indesit"

The brand "Indesit" is closely connected by business ties with another Italian brand - "Ariston". The company developed like this:

  • In Italy in 75 g. XX century. there was a technique called Indesit, quickly gaining European buyers.
  • By that time, another Italian brand of household appliances was experiencing a period of its heyday. This is a company created by Aristide Merloni for 45 years earlier than the "Indesit".
  • Part of the firm later transferred to Aristide's son Vitorio, who in 1989 bought "Indesit".
  • Now the technology under the brands Indesit and Ariston are manufactured by E
  • The brand "Indesit" demand in the market was more successful, so Vitorio dared to rename the corporation in Indesit Company. So the younger company managed to become the leader due to the more influential corporation that bought it.
  • For those who are interested in where the washing machines "Indesit" are collected, there is information: despite the Italian roots of the company, the manufacturer has located its capacities in a number of European countries: France, Poland and so on.

On the Russian market, the first styroalk Indesit hit the beginning of the 90s, and already in 1995 the domestic representative office was opened. In 2000, the company bought in Lipetsk the plant "Stinol where they now produce the equipment "Indesit" and "Ariston" for the countries of the post-Soviet space.

Where do the washing machines

If you trust only European quality, specify in the store, whose production is at the chosen model. Or find out the serial number of the machine in the online store or outlet and determine the place of production using the article "Marking washing machines Indesit: decoding notation."

Washing machine models Indesit

Models of "Insite" spinners differ in a number of parameters, we will consider the most popular of them.

Indesit IWUB 4105

Indesit IWUB 4105

This machine has a top cover with a removable function. The drum is designed for 4 kg, makes up to 1000 revolutions during spinning. With the highest class of washing, the squeezing class is "C". This is a narrow model, only 33 cm deep.

The budget model costs around 1, 00 rubles. and will be an optimal acquisition for a small family. Produced in Russia.

Indesit NWSK 8128 L

Indesit NWSK 8128 L

Another front modification of the SMA, with a drum of 8 kg and a spin speed of up to 1200 rpm. A 49 cm diameter hatch simplifies the loading of laundry. Machine dimensions: 85x44x60 cm. There are 18 different programs with the ability to adjust the temperature and spin.

It is made from us, costs from 21 000 rubles.

Indesit ITW A 5851 W

Indesit ITW A 5851 W

Vertical models are most successfully represented by this machine with loading 5 kg and pressing up to 800 rotations. This is a small styaralka for small apartments.

It is made in the Russian Federation, costs about 18 000 rbl.

Indesit ITW E 71252 G

Indesit ITW E 71252 G

Vertical with a capacious drum of 7 kg. The maximum spin is performed at a speed of 1200 rotations per minute. The model differs from the previous one by the presence of a digital display and intelligent control. Among 14 programs, there are regimes for delicate and other tissues.

The cost is about 27 000 rubles, the production is RF.

Indesit XWDE 861480X W

Indesit XWDE 861480X W

Washing machine + dryer. SMA is capable of washing up to 8 kg of laundry and drying up to 6 kg. The maximum spin speed is 1400 revolutions. All classes are A. There are 16 modes in total. Built-in technology that eliminates unpleasant odor. The quality is confirmed by Italian production.

Sold at an affordable price (compared to competitive analogs of other firms) - 42 000 rubles.

How are the machines "Indesit"

As you can see from the review, the "Indesit" stilalkas are not too innovative, but understandable to any user. The absence of "lotions" does not affect the quality of washing or the service life of equipment.

In general, the characteristics of SMA are the same as those of other brands. But there are some features:

  • Function Memo. It stores the wash parameters. Set the temperature mode, select the number of revolutions of the spinning drum and other parameters, so that the option "memorized" them and reproduced the next time they are washed.
  • "Quick" mode. This cycle you will find in each vertical model. Users note that with a small amount of time, the quality of washing is excellent. Fast washing lasts 60 minutes and a half load of the drum.
  • Special Shoes and Special Sport - options for sports and shoes. In this mode, you can wash membrane fabrics or synthetics.
  • There is an option of half loading the drum to reduce the cost of the communal.
  • Extra Spulen - technology for high-quality rinsing, is provided in many models.
  • Possibility of emergency stop of washing. It will be necessary, if you accidentally washed money or phone.
  • Dimensions are suitable for any premises - from 33 centimeters in depth. Opportunities for compact placement of household appliances.

Important! All models have a standard warranty - this is no surprise. But on the Russian site Indesit, at the time of writing the review, an additional warranty period of up to 7 years on the engine is offered.

What kind of washing machine "Indesit" choose

The rating of this or that model of the machine depends on the reaction of customers. Therefore, it is worthwhile to study the reviews before going for a purchase - real opinion is always more expensive and truthful than advertising of producers.

Elena, Kirov

Stiralka 1, years. In the last 2 years has become rust. Do not like a strong noise when you squeeze - everything goes shaking. I handed over 1 time to repair. I will not say that the machine is bad - it has many programs, it squeezes well, you can adjust the temperature. But some minuses, in addition to rust, there is still. Immediately noticed that the powder is poorly washed out of its department, so I fall asleep directly into the drum.

Sergey, Nadym

I guess I'm lucky. The machine worked for 5 years without failures a-b-co-lut-no. And now the electronics is buggy. The washing starts, but the mode hangs at the end. The panel flashes like a garland on a Christmas tree. I feel, crying for the master. In the rest everything is like: the linen is whole, the shirt does not tear, the stains are washed.

Olga, n. Alexandrovka

The machine was bought the day before yesterday by my elderly mother. Long read the instructions, but my mother quickly remembered the big blue button of everyday washing. The powder was washed out of the compartment in the first 2 washings, maybe everything will be fine after that. It's good that there is a signal, because in the previous machine was not, and my mother forgot to put on linen for several days (yes, there were such precedents). Now everything is fine, I hope the technique is good and will work long.

Speaking frankly, there are a lot of angry responses on the web that the machine jumps, tears clothes, does not rinse out the powder. Our experts can not call these opinions objective, because the machine can be installed incorrectly, choose the wrong regime or fill up cheap powder - hence the problem.

If you use the technology carefully, even such a budget SMA as "Indesit" will last for many years.

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