Review of washing machines Samsung

Samsung gives its washing machines the latest technologies and developments. They occupy a leading position among other brands. Stylish and modern design of the case, a large selection of programs and a different degree of loading - all this is obtained by the user of this trademark.

Which model should I prefer? For you, we have compiled an overview of Samsung's most interesting sponges.

Review of washing machines Samsung

Content of the material:

  • 1Where is the SMA "Samsung"
  • 2Features and devices of Samsung machines
  • 3Models overview
    • 3.1Samsung WF8590NLW8
    • 3.2Samsung WW60H2200EWD / LP
    • 3.3Samsung WW60H2210EW
    • 3.4Samsung WW90H7410EW / LP
    • 3.5Samsung WD1142XVR

Where is the SMA "Samsung"

The idea of ​​creating Samsung Trading Co in 1938 belongs to the Korean Chull Lee. But the first washing machine of this firm was released only in 1974.

Where are the Samsung Stirka today? The main producing country is China. Another technique is produced in Korea, the USA, and also in Russia since 2008.

Most of the spare parts for assembling washing machines at the Russian plant come from China. Only the minimum number of parts is manufactured at the plant in the Kaluga region.

Features and devices of Samsung machines

The lineup of automatic machine "Samsung" is quite wide. It all depends on the user's requirements, the location of the installation, the amount of loading.

  • By way of loading there are front and vertical models. A front-facing machine can be full-sized with large capacity or narrow. The depth of the case of narrow models is much smaller than full-scale ones. Therefore, it is often built-in SMA, which is conveniently located in the kitchen.
    The vertical model can be placed between the bathroom and the sink, as the lid opens upwards.

Features and devices of Samsung machines

  • Modern Samsung models are manufactured with inverter motors. They work quieter, faster, less often breaks. A CM is issued a guarantee of up to 10 years.

The manufacturer tries to make the washing as efficient as possible and constantly improves its technique. In new models you can see such options:

  • Function Eco Bubble (Eco Bubble). At washing air bubbles are formed. They help to better break down the granules of the powder, wash off the dirt and rinse the detergent out of the laundry.

Features and devices of Samsung machines

  • The drum also has an improved structure. So, Diamond technology provides a special form of drum. Its holes are much smaller than in standard models. This development allows you to carefully take care of things and reduces wear and tear.

Features and devices of Samsung machines

  • The development of Can Balance provides control of imbalance. Thanks to the mobile balls built into the drum, the machine restores balance when washing.

Features and devices of Samsung machines

  • Some models with drying reduce the time to care for clothes. In the machine, drying takes place much more quickly, the more the degree of humidity can be adjusted.
  • Function Silver Nano, with ions of silver, serves to create an antibacterial effect. A useful find for allergy sufferers, as well as help with washing children's underwear.
  • Improved heater is made of ceramics, so the scum is not terrible.

Features and devices of Samsung machines

  • AddWash technology will help you to load forgotten clothes during the washing process. On the door there is a special hatch, which is located above the water level.

Models overview

Which model is better and why? So that you can compare and choose, read the description of popular styarok.

Samsung WF8590NLW8

The machine with front loading can hold 6 kg of laundry. Dimensions: 60х45х85 cm. The stylalk has a narrow body and a removable cover, so it can be built into the headset.

Electronic control with a display allows you to conveniently select programs. In addition to the standard modes, there is Volt Control technology, which stabilizes the voltage. Drum Diamond Drum protects the fabric from damage.

Samsung WF8590NLW8

The spinning reaches 1000 revolutions per minute, the power can be adjusted in steps of 200 revolutions. Such a car costs about 2, 00 rubles.

Samsung WW60H2200EWD / LP

The washing machine has a narrow body. Drum Diamond Drum for 6 kg has a special design with pyramidal recesses. As a result, the laundry does not get stuck in the holes, so it wears less.

Samsung WW60H2200EWD / LP

The built-in ceramic heater is not afraid of scale, it heats up faster, saving electricity. Thanks to the electronic control, the operation of the AGR is simple. There are 14 washing modes, which include caring for woolen products and a quick program in 15 minutes.

The cost of styralka - from 22 000 rubles.

Samsung WW60H2210EW

The characteristics of this model are: a drum with a capacity of 6 kg, a maximum spin of , 00 revolutions, 12 programs for the care of things. Convenient control allows you to adjust the temperature, spin, the start can be delayed at a convenient time.

Samsung WW60H2210EW

Bubble effect promotes quality washing. Control of foaming and unbalance, the housing is protected from leaks. The panel is equipped with protection against accidental pressing.

A fairly effective model, consumes 39 liters of water per cycle. The price is from 23 000 rubles.

Samsung WW90H7410EW / LP

Full-size machine with inverter motor. Model with an "additional door". The large hatch has two hinges, which facilitates the loading and unloading of the laundry.

Samsung WW90H7410EW / LP

The backlit drum holds 9 kg of laundry at a time. The high-quality spinning of 1400 turns allows you to get almost dry things.

Among the interesting features: Eco Bubble technology, self-cleaning of the drum, diagnostics of breakages through connection to the smartphone. Also there is a VRT Plus function - to reduce noise and vibrations.

There are 14 wash modes. The cost is from 50 000 rubles.

Samsung WD1142XVR

Washing machine for a large family. The backlit drum holds 14 kg of laundry, while not only washing, but also drying. The maximum spin is , 00 revolutions. The dimensions of the styara are quite large: 9, x6, x82 cm.

There is a display, 14 programs, a new technology Eco Bubble with bubble effect. Self-cleaning Eco Drum Clean drum at 70 degrees, effectively removes detergents.

Samsung WD1142XVR

The WD1142XVR model, with all the advantages, requires a lot of space for installation. The energy consumption class C suggests that the operation of the AGR will be disadvantageous in terms of saving resources.

The price is from 83 000 rubles.

You can choose the best models by reading customer reviews. Having studied them, we identified the main, according to users, pluses and minuses of Samsung's washers.


  • Extensive selection of modes. You can care for any type of fabric.
  • The inverter motor runs quietly, allowing the car to accelerate to 1200-1400 rpm when spinning.
  • Users also appreciated new developments and technologies.
  • Clear electronic control with display.
  • Good models with drying - for those who value their time.
  • Large capacity: on average, from 6 to 10 kg of laundry.

Samsung WD1142XVR


  • A flimsy metal housing can be deformed with strong spinning.
  • High cost models with new technologies.
  • With time, the noise and vibration levels increase.
  • In most cases, there is no system memory. After the power failure, the cycle is started first.

Having studied the advantages and disadvantages of washing machines "Samsung you can quickly make a choice when buying. Choosing models with a lot of functions, think about whether you will use them or in vain overpay.

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