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Vitamin-rich black currant berries can be found in country cottages and homesteads from Moscow to Siberia, as its popularity grows every year. Today, many varieties of black currant have been introduced, which allow choosing the most suitable for any region of our country.

Each variety of currant has unique characteristics, when comparing which you can make the right choice in favor of this or that black currant:

  • the time of fruiting;
  • taste qualities (sweet, sweet and sour);
  • thickness of the skin of berries;
  • drought resistance;
  • frost resistance;
  • resistance to damage by diseases and pests.

For beginners we recommend to stop on 2-4 grades of blackcurrant with different maturation periods in order to have delicious and healthy berries in your diet as long as possible.

Early varieties of black currant

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The early currant ripens in early July and is not afraid of recurrent frosts in May. Since the main harvest is collected before the onset of hot days, most of the diseases, the kidney mite and powdery mildew are not afraid of it:

  • A curious - medium-height bush with oval sweet and sour berries weighing 2 grams and dense skin;
  • Selechenskaya-2 - a popular variety in the middle belt and the suburbs, has an erect bush with round berries of dessert taste with a mass of 4-5gr;
  • Exotic - a universal variety with round berries 4-5gr and thin skin, suitable for canning and grinding with sugar;
  • Seedling Doves - an ultra-early variety that has been tested in many areas of our country for many years, has small berries 1.2 - 1.7gr, which, when ripe, are cracked, suitable for manual harvesting harvest;
  • Pleasant - fast-growing bushes with short brushes for 6-9 berries, yields 4-5 kg ​​from the bush.
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The best early varieties for the Moscow region and the middle zone of Russia are:

  • Summer cottage;
  • Nara;
  • Nester Kozin;
  • The Belarusian.

They are distinguished by a harmonious maturation and high yield.

Medium varieties of black currant

Medium-ripening varieties of black currant have sweet berries and medium spreading drought-resistant bushes:

  • Perun - a variety resistant to diseases and pests with large aromatic berries;
  • Dubovskaya - characterized by compact low-growing shrubs with sweet berries of medium size;
  • Dobrynia - is resistant to diseases and pests;
  • Raisin - has sweet berries with an original aroma of high yield, which do not crumble during the final ripening, but wither on the bushes.

The average variety is the broadest group of black currant, which also includes new high-yielding varieties:

  • Fidelity;
  • Green haze;
  • Black Pearl;
  • Necklace;
  • The riddle;
  • Orlovia.

Late black currant varieties

Late black currant is most suitable for preservation, cooking jam, compotes and other blanks.

It is late varieties of black currant with a dense peel of berries frozen to replenish vitamins winter diet:

  • Venus - has a strongly-bush shrub with sweet large berries (5-6gr) unpretentious to the conditions of growing and soil composition;
  • Vologda - strongly-strong frost-resistant bushes with large berries are suitable for mechanized harvesting;
  • Natasha - a variety of universal destination with dense rounded black berries, gives a consistently high yield of good taste.

To obtain high yields of late currant varieties, it is necessary to provide optimal growth conditions for the bushes throughout the growing season.

Large-bodied black currant

Choosing large varieties of black currant, you need to consider for which region they are withdrawn. After all, even the best currant varieties for Siberia or the Urals will not give the desired rich harvest in the suburbs, as the growing conditions will differ from those claimed by breeders.

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To obtain high yields and large berries you need to follow some recommendations:

  • For the country site select proven varieties that have proven themselves for several years: Yadrenaya, Gross, Guliver, Pearl, Bagheera, Lazy;
  • Select the zoned varieties that are adapted to the specific conditions of cultivation of the Urals, Siberia or the Moscow region;
  • A strong healthy planting stock, which nurseries offer, is the guarantee of the future harvest;
  • Observance of correct agricultural techniques in the area ensures maximum yield.

Competent care for the berry (timely watering, fertilization, pruning) - a guarantee of successful cultivation of large varieties of black currant.

Zoned black currant varieties

Depending on the weather conditions, the same variety of black currant can manifest itself in different ways in different regions of Russia. Breeders breed varieties resistant to diseases and pests, as well as adapting to changes in growing conditions. For each climatic zone of our country the best varieties of black currant are zoned out, of which the most promising are selected.

  • The best black currant varieties for the Moscow region (Belarusian sweet, Detskoselskaya, Moscow, Izmaylovskaya, Karelskaya, Paulinka) - are perfectly suited to the varieties of black currant European selection for the middle belt, which are derived in view of climatic features and weather conditions in this region, drought-resistant, self-fertilized, well tolerate sharp changes in spring temperatures.
  • The best varieties of black currant for Siberia (Brown, Riddle, Minusinka, Hercules, Lucia) - are characterized by high frost-resistant and unpretentious to growing conditions.
  • The best varieties of black currant for the Urals (Nina, Kent, Michurin's memory, Sybil, Dashkovskaya, Rhapsody) are winter hardy, resistant to diseases and damages of pests, perfectly tolerate recurrent frosts and sharp changes temperatures.

Choosing a currant for your site, it is important to pay attention to the soil composition of the site, the climatic conditions in the region, the size of the berries, the taste and the yield of the variety.

For dacha owners who have the opportunity to come to the site once a week, drought-tolerant varieties are most preferred, in which the berries do not crumble when ripe:

  • Raisin;
  • Guliver;
  • Nara;
  • Titania.
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Usually the catalogs contain descriptions of each variety of black currant with a photo, where its characteristics and advantages are briefly given.

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