The height of the chest: standard sizes, other dimensions

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Chest of drawersChest of drawers - a cabinet containing drawers, quite low. Standard its size - greater than 85 cm but no more than 130-160 cm. Anything above - the usual case, which is below - cabinet. High chest of drawers - a reason to dream, placing a vase or a lamp, but this method of use is more common in the West. We also use this piece of furniture to store things (those which are conveniently located in the drawers boxes - dishes, laundry, detail, footwear, etc.), baby changing mat and storage of his wardrobe, a television and so. Further.

standard dimensions

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  • standard dimensions
  • Other dimensions of the chest
  • What size to put a dresser in the bedroom

Standard is typically two feet in chest depth, not more than 130 in height and length - from 85-90 to 130 cm. This is due to the following reasons:

  1. Such furniture is most stable when you open the top drawer.
  2. The standard number of boxes in the chest - from two to five or more, and they can be of different heights. The most common value - 4-5, it will provide a number of convenient access to things. Instead of increasing the number of "up" designers often use "along" the division of space, placing on the same level as at least two or three drawers.
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  3. Open boxes should be comfortable and easy, sandwiching all required. The used length of said even less, since it is subtracted from the thickness of the rear wall.
  4. The value of 120 cm is optimal for installation on the monitor countertop, photographs or decorations. It is at such a height overview of the surface is suitable for a person of average height. Shop windows are also better placed at that level.
  5. The length of this piece of furniture inconvenient less than half a meter, and at values ​​over 130 cm will require acquisition of modular design. In the latter case it may be difficult with accommodation in standard apartments.Chest of drawers

In order to enlarge the usable space of the chest, it is possible to use a shape acquiring angular, trapezoidal or Radius (curved fragments) option. This furniture will fit well in a small room.

Other dimensions of the chest

When designing a design often used pieces of furniture with parameters different from standard.

For classically designed and has sometimes become high chests - 130 cm. Placing them on the lamp, you can get diffused soft light, creating additional comfort.

The spacious rooms can push to acquire individually configured solutions about 2 meters wide or more.

Important! The maximum depth of the boxes in any case it is recommended to choose not more than 60 cm, otherwise you may encounter problems when vydviganii.Chest of drawers

Alternatively, one can purchase a chest of drawers rotating elevator or, if desired, and folding shelves - in this case it will be possible to achieve the maximum use of interior space.

What size to put a dresser in the bedroom

The primary directive of choice are the size of the room itself. The measurements should take into account all the nuances, such as the location and thickness of the floor. Think also about:

  1. As you will drawers? If you place a little bit, you may want to consider a different design.
  2. Tall and narrow things visually increase the room with low ceilings, low and elongated - will create a common space dominance.
  3. If you plan to use a chest of drawers as a dressing table with a mirror or as a pedestal for TV, better to choose a height from 120 cm to glance could easily cast a countertop items are on. The same applies to the acquisition of "showcases".
  4. If the children's bedroom, the height of the furniture should be purchased to match the owner based on the age and growth: that he reached for any box with ease.
  5. If in the future it would be desirable to use the new acquisition as a changing table, a secretary (ie, workplace) or the ironing board, it is necessary to take into account the increase of its dimensions in the spread condition.
  6. Mobile commode - the perfect solution if you have not decided to end with a plan bedroom, and will produce a rearrangement of furniture.
  7. When choosing not forget about the space occupied by furniture. If desired, one can choose a wall model (having no legs) to save on space at placement, or a model with adjustable height legs (especially useful if there is a difference in the room floor levels). Popular, bureaus, whose drawers are opened by pressing on the facade.
  8. Pay attention to the size of each box and the presence of a partition - the latter much to make life easier when sorting items in a long box. Also popular chests with a few small single-level boxes with total lengths.
  9. Apart from the size, take into account minor tweaks: white furniture fits everywhere.Chest of drawers

Important! For children should be sustainable (and therefore, not very tall and narrow) chest for safety. Remember that when you put forward the top drawer, in which there are heavy objects, shifting the center of gravity, and even the most stable furniture can stop being such.

Imagine how you would use a locker daily, you will be able to come to the store and choose the option that will serve in the future for a long time and reliably!

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