Autumn fertilizer plot for potatoes and garlic

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Tell me, what kind of fertilizer can you feed the autumn beds for potatoes and garlic? It is not always possible to apply fertilizers during the spring planting, due to lack of time. Our summer cottage is far away, and it is not always possible to arrive early, and even for a few days. And judging by the current harvested crop of these crops, our garden was pretty "wasted."

Autumn fertilization of the garden is one of the important moments to ensure a plentiful harvest in the next season. Such feeding will help to return to the soil useful substances that have been consumed during the past growing season. In addition, autumn for some crops such as garlic, and also the time of planting, so the preparation of the beds plays a special role for him. No less responsible is the preparation of the site for the spring planting of potatoes - in rich soil and the roots will be large.

In the fall, potatoes and garlic must be fertilized and organic.

And now more on each culture.

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Autumn top dressing of garlic

Before proceeding with the application of fertilizers, the plot must be prepared:

  • remove from the beds the remains of vegetation and weeds;
  • For the purpose of disinfection, pour the area with copper sulfate (1 tablespoon per bucket of water).

To top dressing garlic beds should begin already in early September. You can make fertilizers in October, but in case of planting winter garlic, do it no later than 2 weeks.

When the soil is decontaminated, it is possible to proceed with digging, but first, in the future beds, it is necessary to decompose a mixture of humus and superphosphate (5 kg and 20 g respectively per 1 sq. Km. m.). As organic material, you can also use compost, but it will need more - about 10 kg per square. Now it remains only to dig the beds on the spade bayonet. If the landing of winter garlic is not planned, in this condition the site remains until the spring. In the case of the landing subzimney, the ground is leveled with rakes (directly in front of it).

In the case where the soil is acidic, it is necessary to lime it, adding wood ash to the named fertilizers. In acidic soil, the leaves of garlic will turn yellow.

Preparation of the plot for potatoes

To potato tubers grown large, they need nitrogen and potassium, and for a rich harvest you need to replenish the phosphorus reserves. Most often before the autumn plowing of the garden with potatoes make such a composition of fertilizers (per 1 sq. Km. m.):

  • 6 buckets of humus;
  • 15 g of potassium sulfate;
  • 35-30 g superphosphate.
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Autumn application of these fertilizers will provide the necessary potatoes to the spring.

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