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I only use organic matter to fertilize my vegetable garden. This year I decided to try out plant fertilizing from weeds. Tell me, for what plants is applicable fertilizer from nettle and dandelions and is it suitable for tomatoes?

To date, there is a huge range of choice of fertilizers. However, many gardeners prefer to use folk methods, using natural organic matter instead of chemistry. This applies not only to the waste of birds and animals, but also to herbal infusions, such as nettle fertilizer and dandelions. First, this method significantly saves the budget, and secondly, weeds contain many nutrients that are well absorbed by cultivated plants.

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The benefits of nettle fertilizer and dandelions

The basis of the nutritional infusion is nettle. It contains such useful elements as potassium, magnesium, calcium, nitrogen and others. Once in the soil, they enrich it and are absorbed by plants through the root system. As a result, “immunity is strengthened” in front of various diseases and active growth is stimulated, both of garden crops and their fruits.

The treatment with nettle-based fertilizer of berry bushes helps to enhance their taste, making the fruit more sweet. This infusion also repels harmful insects.

The nettle and dandelion fertilizer is suitable for almost all plants, and tomatoes are particularly good at reacting to it. When combined with the introduction of mineral supplements, tomato bushes quickly increase the green mass and abundantly bear fruit. In addition, the infusion is recommended to apply for dressings:

  • white cabbage;
  • pepper;
  • cucumbers;
  • strawberries;
  • Bulgarian pepper;
  • colors.

Nettle infusion is not used for legumes, garlic and onions, as it inhibits their growth.

Preparation of fertilizer

To prepare the fertilizer, in the spring the green mass of nettle and dandelions are torn off before seeds start to form on them. To dry the tops( 1 kg), chop and put into a plastic bucket. Top with water( preferably rain), a little without pouring up to the top. The mass will foam and may overflow. You can use pure water, and you can add 1 teaspoon of solution of humate to it.

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Vegetable extract should be left in direct sunlight for 5-7 days, stirring it daily. To accelerate the fermentation, add the drug Baikal or regular yeast.

Stone flour or valerian herb is added to eliminate unpleasant odors emanating during fermentation.

Application of fertilizer

After the fertilizer has stopped foaming, it is diluted with water 1:10.Water the plants under the root no more than once every two weeks. To improve the composition in the finished infusion is recommended to add wood ash.

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How to make nettle-based fertilizer - video

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