The best varieties of black currant

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Black currant grows on every garden plot. From its berries are very delicious compotes, jams and jam. Breeders harvested new crop varieties of currant, which are resistant to fungal diseases and have berries weighing up to 8 grams. Let's consider some of them.

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Sort of Treasure

Currant Treasure ripens evenly and in early periods, has a rich sweet and sour taste. The skin of the fruit is thin. When collecting berries, it is not damaged. Variety Treasure - large-berry, berries reach weight in, gr. The bush is a medium-sized, winter-hardy, resistant to various fungal diseases and is not damaged by the kidney mite. The virtue of variety is self-fertility.

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Variety Sybil

Berries of this class can weigh up to 5 gr. The variety belongs to the medium-ripened, the berries ripen evenly. The taste of them is sweet, the acid is almost not felt. Variety, like Treasure - srednerosly, self-fertilized and winter-hardy, does not suffer from powdery mildew.

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Grade Exotic

Variety - yielding, resistant to viral and fungal diseases, almost not affected by pests. The bush is tall, about 1 m high and 1 m in diameter. Density is medium. Brushes of variety Exotica are powerful and densely studded with berries, 10-12 pieces on one brush. Berries the size of a large cherry, collected in clusters, reminiscent of grapes. Fruits mature a little later than the currant variety of Treasure, but their weight is from, to 5 g. The taste of berries can not be called habitual for black currant - there is absolutely no acid in it, the flesh is very dense and has a slightly noticeable honey flavor. Variety Exotic - resistant to frost.

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Variety Dachnitsa

Berries in the penumbra reach weight, gr. In a well-lit area of ​​the sun, the berries produce more pigment and become a saturated bluish-black color. Their weight can reach 4 grams. The skin of the fruit is sweet. Shrubs need cross-pollination, so the villagers are planted next to other currant varieties. From one plant you can collect up to, buckets of berries.

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Variety of Kernels

The largest black currant is Yadryonaya. Her berries can weigh up to 8 grams, although the bush itself is medium to large and compact. Fruits are plum-shaped with dense fleshy flesh. The skin is dense. If you plant the bush in the penumbra, the peel will have a little bit of tartness. Yadryonaya is a currant of late maturity, brushes are abundantly covered with berries.

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