Is it possible to install a washing machine in the corridor

Washing machine in the corridor is a convenient, but extremely rare solution. But if there is no place to put the car in the bathroom or in the kitchen, especially if you are the owner of a small "Khrushchev the installation in the corridor or hallway is the best option.

Next, we'll look at the features of the AGR installation and describe in detail the connection of the machine to the communications from the corridor.

Is it possible to install a washing machine in the corridor

Content of the material:

  • 1How to install a car in the hallway
  • 2Installation options
    • 2.1Option 1. Cupboard
    • 2.2Option 2. Door
    • 2.3Option 3. Angle
    • 2.4Option 4. Curtain
  • 3How to connect the machine correctly

How to install a car in the hallway

If the corridor is the only convenient place for a washing machine, the connection will not be difficult. The main thing is to observe the rules, taking into account the peculiarities of equipment and premises:

  • The installation of a stiralk in the corridor is possible, if the area allows. On two square meters there is nowhere to turn around, not that the machine put. Take into account all the furniture, the radius of opening the doors and the area of ​​the entire room, so that the car is fully fit and does not interfere with walking.
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How to install a car in the hallway

  • Remoteness from the sewage system creates difficulties. First, it will be necessary to increase the fill and drain hoses with their insufficient length. Secondly, such a connection will create an additional load on the pump, because of what it can serve less than the deadline.
  • In the presence of a niche, you can take out a car into it, saving space. If there is no niche, you can build it yourself.
  • The dimensions of the machine must be taken into account. Give preference to a narrow model, so that it fully accommodates.

How to install a car in the hallway

  • If you do not want the guests to get into the "laundry when entering the apartment, remove the machine from extraneous views.

Installation options

We'll figure out how to hide the technique and build it in such a way that it does not catch the eye and does not clutter the apartment. Thanks to the enterprising and imagination of designers there are a lot of ideas that will prompt how to install the machine, making it unobtrusive.

Option 1. Cupboard

This washing machine is hidden in the closet. Instead of the cabinet, you can use a cabinet or a chest-cabinet with shelves for washing.

Option 1

Option 2. Door

How to build a machine so that it can not be seen at all? Make a sliding door, as in a closet, and no one will guess that behind a beautiful door is a powerful electrical appliance. Saving space along with convenience - a number you can place hangers or hang shelves for washing.

Option 2

Option 3. Angle

If the task is not to hide the technique, but simply put it where it is convenient, the photo below presents such an option. Aesthetics in it is small, but it will be convenient to use the device.

Option 3

Option 4. Curtain

Budget, but no less interesting way - blind. Today, the choice of textiles is so wide that you can pick up decent options that harmoniously fit into the interior and hide your "helper". For fixing use a special rod or cornice.

Option 4

Is it possible to install AGR in the hallway? And in the corridor? Of course you can! The main thing is to ensure that it is properly connected and take care that it does not distort the interior solution. The nuances of connection will be discussed below.

How to connect the machine correctly

The main "headache" is how to hide hoses and tubes. If there is a kitchen or bathroom outside the kitchen, there will be no problems. But, if the stylalka is installed on the opposite side, how to connect it so that nothing hinders?

The only way out is to hide communications in the floor. But this is already the task of the repairman. We will tell you about the classic method of connection:

  • Buy elongated hoses for draining and taking water. Avoid docking, otherwise the risk of leaks will be high. It is advisable not to use hoses longer than 3 m.

Important! By extending the hose, in the event of a breakdown, you are unlikely to return the AGR for repairs under warranty.

  • When plumbing is connected, use a siphon or direct the hose directly into the drain. About how to connect the washing machine to the sewer, we already wrote.

How to connect the machine correctly

  • When connecting to a water pipe, you can go in three ways:
  1. If you connect to a metal tube, you can use a clamping clutch. Install the coupling on the pipe, drill a hole and connect the ball valve, the threaded outlet of which is ¾ - under the diameter of the fill tube.How to connect the machine correctly
  2. For metal-plastic pipes, use the fitting. The fitting cuts into the pipe, and the joints are sealed using seals. Attach the faucet to the fitting, through which the dial hose is connected.How to connect the machine correctly
  3. Connect to the mixer with a tee. The tee together with the tap is attached between the mixer hose and the water supply pipe. In the free branch, connect the styralka.

How to connect the machine correctly

If you have a separate outlet of a water pipe in the wall, you can connect the drain hose there through the tap.

After connecting the "water" communications, take care of electricity. The closer the socket to the car, the better. If there is not a suitable outlet nearby, check the "How to correctly connect the machine to the mains" page.

Let's sum up: a washing machine is rarely put in the corridor, but if everything is correctly planned and correctly connected, no difficulties are foreseen.

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