We make an ice rink for ourselves

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A lawn roller is a necessary element of garden tools. Although it is used in the suburban area not often, but still its absence brings unnecessary trouble, so we recommend buying it in the store or making it yourself.

Purpose of the roller

The skating rink at the dacha is used for several types of work:

  1. Preparation of gravel and sand base under the tracks.
  2. Sealing and leveling the surface for lawn sowing.
  3. Seeding after seeding.
  4. Rolling lawn rolling.
  5. Rolling of asphalt during its laying.
  6. Rolling of cut grass grass and other mulch.

Choosing a roller

Before you go to the store, you should decide on the model of the rink that suits you for the financial possibilities and the volume of work that will be performed.

For large areas of large suburban areas you can recommend a large roller that will be attached to any self-propelled mechanism.

For plantations that are not very large, a hand roller for lawn will be more suitable. He also weighs less, and the sizes will allow to use it in narrow places, in passages and on paths.

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When choosing a model, you should also pay attention to the smooth rotation of the drum of the roller around the axis, so it is desirable that the roller is equipped with bearings.

It is also not bad if the roller is equipped with an unscrewed stopper for filling sand or similar weighting materials. This will increase the functionality of the mechanism, apply it in a wider range of conditions.

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Homemade Rollers

For our dacha Kulibins there is nothing impossible, and therefore many of them use lawn rollers made by themselves. And the imaginations of our summer residents can only be envied. After all, as rollers or materials for their manufacture, they use any available materials:

  • logs;
  • metal pipes and asbestos;
  • barrels;
  • water bottles;
  • gas cylinders.

If you have experience in welding work and the right equipment, then it will not be difficult for you to make a real roller from a piece of steel pipe.

Below is a diagram illustrating how to make a lawn roller.

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The sequence of work is as follows:

  1. We thicken the pipe from both sides with metal.
  2. In the center of the pancakes, cut out the holes for the axis. This operation should be performed on precise marking, it is very important to center the hole.
  3. Weld in the pancake bushings or weld the bearings.
  4. We insert an axis and weld to it a handle or rings for its fastening.
  5. We fix the pre-made handle to the rink.

In another production variant pins are welded to the centers of the pancakes, which rotate in bearings or bushings mounted on the handle by the principle of a well drum.

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Below is a photo of one of the many self-made devices.

If you have a metal barrel at your disposal, then it will also make a good lawn roller. It is enough just to insert a metal axis into it, and a reliable belt can serve as a handle. In the barrel there is a filler plug, through which it can be filled with a weighting agent sufficient for the work that you are going to perform with such a roller.

In addition to the above constructions, the rollers are made of asbestos-cement pipes with a pre-insertion of the metal axis and filling the interior with cement mortar.

When installing a roller from a piece of logs, select the cut in such a thickness that its weight is sufficient to carry out the work. The ends of the log are centered on the steel armature as an axis, and the rotation occurs at the junction with the handle.


Video about making a lawn roller for your lawn

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