Save each pasta silicone colander from China


Classics of the genre, - draining water from spaghetti, some of them get into the central water supply. Well if it's not an expensive product. But after all, friends from Italy with their super-paste can come to visit the dacha. Then it becomes a pity and inconvenient before them to feed the imported delicacy with sewerage. In such moments of desperation a silicone colander from China will come to the rescue.

Made with love

The product is made from environmentally friendly silicone. Thanks to this arrangement, the mistress will easily and conveniently merge the remaining liquid, without losing any products. The device is fastened by two clothespins / clamps to the side of the pan. They are sufficiently wide, so they simply manipulate. As a result, you can drain water even with one hand, without fear of burning your hands with steam emerging from the dishes.

The colander is able to withstand high temperatures. The material does not deform from boiling water, nor does it emit harmful substances. So, its operating time lasts indefinitely.

An unusual sieve with fasteners is easy to clean under running water or in a dishwasher. Moreover, manufacturers have taken care of other characteristics of the product:

  1. Compact size. The width is 22 cm, and the diameter of the semicircle is 8 cm. Suitable for pots, pans and buckets of different thicknesses, as well as dimensions.
  2. Design. At the edge of the colander there is a trough of a cone-shaped shape for directing the flow of water in the right direction. The grid of the device is also original. On the perimeter are narrow, long holes, and in the plane - small diamond-shaped holes.
  3. Elasticity of the material. Such a device withstands high water pressure. Therefore, do not worry if you have to pour boiling water drastically. To all, it is successfully used for washing fruit and vegetables.
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It is also worth paying attention to the color of the products. Buyers are offered all sorts of color solutions: green and red, sky blue and violet, as well as black. Although it is an inconspicuous thing of decor, yet in the interior of the kitchen it will take a worthy place.

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Such an anticipated purchase

Of course, such a silicone colander in your arsenal will want to have every mistress. However, the question of price always remains at the forefront. So, on the website AliExpress you can find the following suggestions:

  1. The goods cost 301 rubles. This is a stock price. Plus for shipping about 89 rubles.
  2. The seller requests 348 rubles. For the transfer you need to pay 81 rubles.
  3. Only 322 rubles and not a penny more.
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The difference in price is caused by many factors. Yet the choice is made by each client depending on the seller's reputation. Nevertheless, such products are cheaper than in other online stores.There it is sold for 1 298 rubles. Contrast on the face.

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