Review of washing machines Candy (Kandy)

Washing machines Candy are being actively advertised today. What is good about this brand? To understand this, consider the features of washing machines, their pros and cons. Also we will present an overview of models popular among users.

Review of washing machines Candy (Kandy)

Content of the material:

  • 1Where to produce and collect washing machines Candy
  • 2Features of SMA "Kandy"
    • 2.1How to install and download
    • 2.2Control
  • 3Models of Kandy machines
    • 3.1Candy Aquamatic 2D1140-07
    • 3.2Candy GVW 264 DC
    • 3.3Candy EVOGT 13072D-07
    • 3.4Candy GSF42 138TWC1-07GrandO Vita
    • 3.5Candy GC41051D
  • 4How to choose a Candy washing machine
    • 4.1Advantages and disadvantages of SMA "Kandy" according to consumers' opinions

Where to produce and collect washing machines Candy

The production of washing machines Kandy originates in Italy.

In 1945, a mechanics workshop was opened in Milan. Over time, the workshop turned into a company producing styaroks, which developed rapidly. Already in 1954, a semiautomatic machine came on sale.

Where to produce and collect washing machines Candy

In the 80 years, the brand "Kandy" became famous in the markets of Austria, Portugal, Great Britain, and then - in Spain, China, Turkey. In Russia, the company appeared in 2005, having bought out the Kirov plant, where now they make and assemble washing machines.

The company Candy is developing to this day.

Features of SMA "Kandy"

At first glance, the main advantage of styaroks is affordable cost. But what else can a firm offer besides the price? Consider the main characteristics of washing machines Candy.

How to install and download

  • Vertical models are characterized by a compact body. Due to the fact that the hatch opens upwards, you can save space and push the car into a narrow space. According to the functionality of the machine with a vertical load is not inferior to the front. The capacity of the tank is from 5 to 7 kg. Extensive set of functions and programs.
  • Compact models with a height of only 68-70 cm. The front-loading machine can be installed under the sink. Their capacity does not exceed 3 kg, so for a large family this option will not work.

Review of washing machines Candy (Kandy)

  • Narrow and full-sized cars "Kandy" will also find their buyer. The focus is on the amount of laundry to load and the availability of a variety of programs.


The operation of washing machines is simple thanks to the clear management. The panel can be mechanical or sensory. Any model includes basic washing programs and the smart Fuzzy Logic system.

In addition, there is additional functionality:

  • Delayed start. If you are in a hurry to work, load the laundry into the tank and turn on this function. Set a convenient end time for the cycle. When you get home, you will get your laundry just washed.
  • Protective system against leaks.
  • Protection against unbalance allows you to evenly distribute the laundry in the tank.

Also there is a useful function to preserve the freshness of things - in case the laundry is forgotten in the drum.

Models of Kandy machines

Description and characteristics of popular models of washing machines will help you make the right choice.

Candy Aquamatic 2D1140-07

A small washing machine measuring 70x51x4, Due to the small height of the body, the machine can be built in under the sink in the bathroom. The drum capacity is 4 kg. The maximum spin speed is 1100 revolutions, while it is manually adjusted.

Candy Aquamatic 2D1140-07

Control panel with a display allows you to conveniently set the modes. There are 16 washing programs, among which Eco mix 20 ° is noteworthy. It erases mixed things with maximum savings of resources. Also interesting is the function "Against the allergy of Aqua +". It includes additional rinsing in a large amount of water, which is effective when washing children's underwear.

Styroka tank is made of silicate. It is a lightweight material, which rotates quietly at a high spin speed. Protective functions include unbalance control, leakage protection. A special pump pumps out excess foam.

The cost is from 18 000 rubles.

Candy GVW 264 DC

Washing and drying machine with a capacity of 6 kg. At one time, the styrene can dry up to 4 kg of laundry.

The model features a new SHIATSU drum. Its design is equipped with small holes and grips of antibacterial material. Scrolling, the laundry is best washed, saturated with water and detergent.

Candy GVW 264 DC

Despite the drying function, the energy consumption class of the machine is A. This means that for an hour of work it consumes 5 kW. Spin speed - 1200 turns, adjustable. Management allows you to choose from 16 programs. There is a fast, mixed mode, washing children's clothes and delicate fabrics.

Drying includes 3 modes, among which:

  • Completely dry.
  • For ironing. The underwear is slightly moist, for easy ironing.
  • Into the cupboard.

A special feature of the GVW 264 DC model is the additional loading of the laundry. The dimensions of the machine are 85x60x44 cm.

Candy EVOGT 13072D-07

A machine with a top load can wash 7 kg of laundry at a time. The model combines simplicity and functionality. The electronic control panel with the display is understandable for the user. The machine is compact enough (40x63x88 cm), so it can be built into the narrow space between the furniture.

Candy EVOGT 13072D-07

Stiralka includes 18 programs. There is rinsing, quick washing. Start the program can be postponed at a convenient time for you. The spinning power reaches 1300 rpm, the speed is adjustable. The energy consumption class A + allows the machine to be used, 7 kW per hour. The water flow per cycle is 48 liters.

The hatch is fixed from accidental opening. The panel is locked after the start of washing. There is also protection from leaks, control of imbalance.

Candy GSF42 138TWC1-07GrandO Vita

Washing machine with front loading. The drum can hold 7 kg. Comfortable for loading linen hatch, which opens 180 degrees. The maximum spin speeds reach 1300 per minute.

The dimensions of the styralki are 85x60x44 cm.

In it you can wash different underwear thanks to 16 programs. There are also additional functions:

  • Weighing clothes allows you to use less water when washing.
  • With light ironing, you will get less crumpled laundry.
  • The spinning can be turned off when washing delicate items.

Candy GSF42 138TWC1-07GrandO Vita

A special feature of the model is the integrated Wi-Fi module. With it, you can control washing while away from home.

The main drawback: the machine is noisy, especially when spinning - 84 dB. The way out of the situation can be a rubber mat.

Candy GC41051D

A narrow washing machine measuring 60x40x85 cm. Allows you to wash up to 5 kg of laundry, which is enough for a family of three.

The model is quite economical, the energy efficiency class is A + (, 5 kW / h). Spin belongs to class D. The maximum speed is 1000 per minute. 45 liters of water are consumed per cycle.

Candy GC41051D

How to use Stiralka? Intuitive electronic control includes all the necessary modes. You do not even have to look at the instructions.

Protection against leaks is included. There is also a control of imbalance and foaming. The machine is very noisy.

How to choose a Candy washing machine

Let's start with where you can buy a Kandy car. To make it easy in a special equipment store, or on the Internet. First, compare how much a styalka costs in different places. Usually in an online store you can buy technology more profitable.

Advantages and disadvantages of SMA "Kandy" according to consumers' opinions


  1. Compactness. Narrow and low models are perfectly built in, taking up a minimum of space.
  2. Ease of Management. The principle is as clear as possible, no difficulties arise.
  3. Good spaciousness. Loads of 7 kg are enough even for a large family.
  4. Economy. "Kandy" reduces the consumption of water and electricity.

Advantages and disadvantages of SMA


  1. "Raw" technique. There are frequent breakdowns.
  2. Strong noise and vibration during operation.
  3. The powder is not washed out properly from the tray.
  4. The case is thin and flimsy.

Having become acquainted with the opinion of buyers, you can evaluate the reliability of washing machines "Kandy". Among the models there are mediocre styarki with low cost. This is an excellent choice for economy class. But is such a choice really beneficial? Perhaps it is better to pay for a better model, so as not to spend money on repairs.

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