How to repair a dishwasher yourself

How to repair a dishwasher yourself


Before discussing the main problems of dishwashers and how to separate them I would like to recall the basic rules of exploitation, which greatly facilitate the lives of owners of such aggregates.

Repair of dishwashers requires much higher costs than simple compliance with the rules of operation.


  • 1Safety and gentle care of the machine
  • 2Water does not warm up
  • 3The machine beats current
  • 4Water overheats
  • 5Does not gain water
  • 6Water does not drain
  • 7Water overflows
  • 8The dishes do not wash.
  • 9The machine makes suspicious sounds

Safety and gentle care of the machine

  • Do not forget to clean up your assistant on a monthly basis. Calcium deposits must be constantly combated. Pay special attention to the cleanliness of the door seal. Remember that it is better to check the status once more than to do a dishwasher repair.
  • If a scale is detected, a preventive cycle should be started in a dishwasher without utensils, but with half a glass of citric acid added. Repeat until all traces of scale are removed.
  • Periodically check the presence or absence of traces of water in the dishwasher tray.
  • Once every six months, check and clean the air gap of the drain hose.
  • Place the dishes in the machine as required by the operating instructions. Do not throw it at random, blocking the washing elements. Secure metal objects securely.
  • Remove the rusty parts of the case. Restore the coating of the dishwasher parts. Remember that if you accidentally get into the drain pump rust for its repair will have to give much more.

Below we list the problems that can be solved by yourself.

Water does not warm up

Heating of water is carried out by TEN, which is fixed on the bottom of the dishwasher compartment. In simple machines, it turns on without any algorithm, in complex machines it obeys the commands of the temperature sensor. If the heating element is faulty in the first case, the machine works, as usual, only to wash the dishes with cold water. In the second case, after filling with water, the machine simply does not turn on the sink.

In simple machines, without indicating the operation of the thermocouple, you will be able to control the process of washing with warm water only manually - trying your hands with the dishes after the end of the wash cycle. If it is cold, the TEN or the automatic control of its heating is out of order.


Automation can only be repaired in the workshop. You can change the heating element of the dishwasher with your own hands. To begin with, we test the resistance of the tester, for this we turn the machine over and remove the bottom. Contacts of the heater in front of us, we check with an ohmmeter, if the resistance at infinity is an open, replacement is required. Remove the heater, having previously unscrewed a few screws, and change to a new one.

The machine beats current

The almost always broken insulation of the heating element and the lack of grounding lead to a shock by contact with the body of the dishwasher. Replacement of defective heating element is required.


Water overheats

After recruiting water, steam is poured and washing does not begin. The reason for this phenomenon is most likely a thermal sensor or processor failure. We change the sensor by our own hands. The processor only diagnoses or changes the repairman. Complex repair of dishwashers should be carried out in a specialized workshop.

Does not gain water

There may be a reason in the water valve, which, together with the supply branch pipe, is installed on the back of the dishwasher. Remove the valve, check its integrity with an ohmmeter. Connect to the voltage indicated on the side plate and check the opening of the valve of the machine. If it does not work, then you need to repair yourself. We are replacing the element.

It is possible to clog the mesh between the inlet pipe and the water pipe. Need repair yourself - self-cleaning.


The water level sensor may also be defective. If you do not find any problems when checking previous causes, then it's all in it. Replacement with a working sensor, most likely together with a burnt TEN.

Water does not drain

The water draining unit does not work. We do not manufacture the unit independently. The unit consists of a valve and a pump and varies only as a whole.

Water overflows


The dishwasher does not start the washing process after the set of water, but continues to draw water and it pours out from everywhere. Requires repair level sensor. Replacement is made independently, having turned the car and having removed the bottom panel.

The dishes do not wash.

The machine turns on, picks up water, heats it. But that's where it ends. The process is not progressing. There may be three reasons for this to happen.


The filter is located in the bottom of the washing chamber. Required repairs: the filter opens and is washed independently.

The injectors are clogged. Required repairs: cleaned yourself with a toothpick.

The circulation pump does not work. Required repairs: make a replacement, remove the clamps and turn off the water supply pipes. It is worth the pump under the bottom of the washing compartment, fixed with a pair of screws.

The machine makes suspicious sounds

We check the camera for the presence of foreign objects or fragments. Bearings can be completely broken. Also, not typical sounds can produce broken blades of the impeller pump. If there are no fragments, disassembly and diagnostics of the state of the engine and pump is required. If necessary, we repair the dishwashers with the replacement of complex parts only in the workshop.

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