Sunny and sweet tomato Persimmon: characteristics and description of the variety

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Spring came and again the gardeners began to choose - what to plant in the summer residence? Those who are not afraid of difficulties in the hard work of growing a tomato, it is worth planting a tomato Persimmon. The characteristics and description of the variety are set forth in the article.

The large-fruited variety of tomato Khurma refers to hybrids. It appeared not so long ago (in 2009) as a result of amateur experiments by Russian breeders, but it has already gained popularity among truck farmers due to its excellent taste qualities.

Variety description

Tomato Khurma is a medium-ripening determinant variety. The shrub grows about 80 cm in height, in hothouse conditions it can reach 140 cm. A powerful stem overgrown with a large number of large leaves of light green color, which hide well the fruits from direct sunlight. Forms simple inflorescences, in each brush a maximum of 3 fetuses is fastened.

Tomato Persimmon is characterized by a high yield, as can be seen in the photo of the fruit. With a bush, you can get at least 3 kg of tomato, while the recommended density of planting is no more than 9 bushes per 1 square. m.

Fruits grow to a decent size - from 250 to 500 g. There have been cases when in greenhouse cultivation it was possible to obtain tomatoes weighing about 700 g. The shape of the fetus resembles a slightly flattened ball. Ripe tomatoes are like a persimmon - a rich orange color with a golden tinge, which is why the variety got its name.

At the beginning of the ripening process, the fruits have greenish spots that disappear after reaching full maturity.

The tomato pulp is very juicy, orange, and sweet. It has a stable aroma of tomatoes. But the peel has a dense structure, which allows you to use tomatoes for storage and transportation. In addition, the fruits can be ripped off in a state of "semi-preparedness" - they are able to ripen in boxes during storage, while maintaining their taste.

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A characteristic feature of tomato variety of Persimmon is that there are few seeds in tomatoes, besides they are small. To collect your own seed stock for the next season, you'll have to try.

Tomatoes should be removed from the bush on time, as soon as they ripen. In overripe fruits there is not a sour taste of the sort.

Tomatoes are mostly used fresh and for salads. But the juice made from them is also very tasty, has an unusual yellow color and pleasant sweetness. The variety is also used in another conservation.

It should be noted that nutritionists recommend to include in the diet of tomatoes Persimmon during the diet. Ripe tomatoes contain a large amount of carotene, while the concentration of organic acids is low.

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The advantages of the variety are:

  • productivity;
  • excellent taste qualities;
  • universality of use;
  • good transportability;
  • long-term storage.

As for the disadvantages - tomato persimmon is very sensitive to diseases, especially to late blight, and is also often attacked by wireworm, whitefly and slugs. But under the condition of timely treatment, the plant completely recovers and fructifies.

Peculiarities of cultivating a variety: seeding seeds for seedlings

The characterization and description of the tomato variety of Persimmon would be incomplete, if not to say a few words about growing seedlings. The hybrid in the open ground is planted mainly in southern regions with a warm climate. In the central and middle band, it is better to use greenhouses, since the plant does not tolerate low temperatures.

Seeding for seedlings can begin from the end of March. To do this, the usual land from the garden, from the top you can pour a small layer of nutrient substrate.


Seeds of Persimmon have good germination (up to 90% of seeds), so do not sow them very densely.

Cultivation of Persimmon seedlings of Persimmon consists in observance of certain conditions:

  1. The container with seeded seeds should be covered with a film.
  2. Do not allow the temperature drops and its drop below 23 degrees Celsius.
  3. Provide coverage. If necessary, install additional lighting so that the seedlings are not stretched.
  4. Maintain a high level of humidity, while periodically ventilating the "mini-greenhouse".
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To transplant sprouts into separate containers is necessary when there are 2 real leaves. In the open ground seedlings can be planted in May, as soon as night frosts leave.

Before planting seedlings, it must be hardened: take out into the open air, gradually increasing the residence time.

Features of further care

From the emergence of shoots to the beginning of fruiting, tomatoes take an average of 120 days, the first harvest can be removed in June. In the conditions of cold summer and lowering the temperature to 20 degrees F, the fruiting will be later (in July).

Care for growing tomatoes has its own characteristics:

  1. Under the weight of massive fruit, bushes often break down, so it is necessary to put the supports and tie the plant, especially the greenhouse.
  2. When growing tomatoes Persimmon regular pasynkovanie is a must. The plant is prone to strong thickening of bushes.
  3. Perform daily watering under the root with subsequent loosening of the soil.
  4. For a full-fledged nutrition tomato to make mineral top dressing.

Based on the characteristics and description of the variety of tomatoes of Khurma, it is an excellent alternative for greenhouse cultivation, as well as for planting in southern regions. With a little effort and effort, you can get quality and delicious fruits.

Video about the cultivation of tomatoes of variety Khurma

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