Potassium sulfate for fertilizing potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes

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We have a small summer cottage where we grow some vegetables for our own use. Last season, the potato harvest was not very rich, cucumbers formed a lot of barren flowers, and ripe ones acquired a strange shape, like pears. In addition, the tomatoes lost their color in the green mass and gave small fruits. Friends suggested that this could occur from a lack of potassium and advised to make potash fertilizers. Tell me how to use potassium sulfate to fertilize potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers?

Potassium sulfate or potassium sulphate is a concentrated potassium based fertilizer( 50%) in the form of a highly soluble white powder or granules. Potassium sulfate contains no chlorine, therefore it is an ideal fertilizer for potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as other crops that are sensitive to this trace element.

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Potassium sulphate can be used in the cultivation of garden crops on all types of soil, from sandy soils to clay.

General recommendations for the use of the drug

The maximum effect of top dressing is achieved by direct fertilizer application to the soil, especially if the soil is heavy, clayey. To do this, scatter the drug on the site where tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes will be grown, and dig up the soil. You can do this procedure both before planting crops, and in the fall, while digging a vegetable garden. Sandy light soil is preferable to fertilize immediately before planting.

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As an additional dressing based on potassium sulfate, you can prepare a solution that plants need to be watered under the root during the growing season.

The last feeding with potassium sulfate should be carried out no later than 14 days before harvesting.

Potato fertilizer

Fine granules are recommended to be applied to the beds before planting potatoes( 30 g per 1 sq. M.) And dig up them. On 1 hundred we need only 250 g of the drug.

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It is recommended to hold the second potash supplement during the formation of root crops, watering the plantings with a solution( 30 g per bucket of water).

Tomato fertilizer

To enrich the soil composition on tomato beds before planting seedlings, add a little less fertilizer - 20 g per square meter. During the growing season, feed the tomatoes on a sheet with a solution( 35 g of the drug per 10 liters of water).

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Feeding cucumbers

Cucumbers are one of the most demanding in relation to potassium crops, so feed them several times during the season:

  1. Before planting cucumbers.
  2. 14 days after disembarkation.
  3. At the beginning of flowering.

With a deficiency of potassium, leaves of cucumbers begin to lighten at the edges.

For root dressing, pour 20 g of the preparation in a bucket of water, and for fertilizing cucumbers on the leaf for the same amount of water, use no more than 8 g.

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