Care of seedlings tomato after landing in the ground

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This year I decided to try myself as a gardener and grow tomatoes. With the sowing of seeds, it seems to have sorted out - the seedlings have risen and are already glittering on the windowsill, waiting for their time of migration to the garden. Tell me, what should be the further care for seedlings tomato after its landing in the ground?

A good harvest of tomatoes depends not only on strong seedlings. A major role is played also by timely measures for caring for young plants. After all, with a lack of moisture or food, tomatoes can not only get sick, but even die.

Care of seedlings tomatoes after disembarkation into the ground includes:

  • watering;
  • loosening of the soil;
  • seeding of seedlings;
  • mulching;
  • fertilizer plants;
  • formation of tomatoes.
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Watering after planting and during growth of bushes

When transplanting seedlings in the open ground, the holes are watered abundantly, so the nearest, -2 weeks plants do not need additional moisture, they are quite enough.

In the future, it is only necessary to keep the soil under the bushes in the wet state, watering it as it dries up to the beginning of the fruit setting. But from now on, tomatoes require more frequent watering, so that the soil constantly has the same humidity. Its swings can trigger the onset of diseases, stopping the growth of green fruit or compromising the integrity of the shell of a ripe tomato.

Watering tomatoes is necessary in the evening, directing the water strictly under the root. From getting drops on the leaves the plants get sick.

Loosening and hilling

To ensure air access to the root system after each watering, it is necessary to loosen the soil around the bushes, while removing weeds. In this case, the depth of loosening is:

  • up to 12 cm - with the first loosening;
  • up to 5 cm - with further implementation of the procedure.
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The hilling of the bushes is necessary when the adventitious roots appear on the main stem. This process improves the development of the entire root system, enriches the earth with oxygen and helps to retain moisture after irrigation.


For a season, tomatoes recommend to chew at least 2 times.

Mulching of inter-row spacing

The laying in the space between the rows of tomatoes planted with mulch will reduce the amount of watering and will bring about a ripening of the tomato. As mulch, you can use siderates, pereprevshie sawdust, straw or peat. Mulch prevents not only the rapid evaporation of moisture, but also the appearance and reproduction of weeds.

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Top dressing of a tomato

To provide plants with nutritious elements, four fertilizing should be carried out:

  • the first one - 21 days after transplanting the seedlings to the bed;
  • the second - with the opening of the 2-nd flower brush;
  • the third - with the dissolution of the third brush;
  • the fourth - 14 days after the previous fertilizing.

As fertilizer for tomatoes it is good to use infusion of bird droppings, Bordeaux mixture, wood ash, urea, superphosphate.

Plant formation

In pasynkovanii or pinching needs most tomatoes, especially tall and large-berry varieties. This helps to increase the number of fruits and speeds up their maturation. To form a bush it is possible in 1, 2 or 3 stems. After pinches on the plant should leave at least 5 brushes with fruits and 30 leaves.

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