A valuable contribution to family health is the SAVTM juicer from China


In, liters of fresh orange juice contains a daily rate of useful microelements, enzymes and vitamins. If you dilute this cocktail with apple, sea-buckthorn, strawberry or pineapple juice, you get an explosive mixture. This mix is ​​unique not only immunostimulating effect, but also a great taste, as well as aroma. To pamper your family with such divine drinks, you need a powerful juicer SAVTM. This is a new generation of comfortable equipment.

Advantages of juicer

Container juicer holds from 500 ml to 1 liter. Special markup will help to determine this. The power of the SAVTM kitchen machine is 150W. Therefore, it can easily cope with different density products. It can be both hard and soft species. These include:

  • soybean (at the output you can get soy milk or cheese);
  • milk dishes (ice cream, cocktail);
  • products for baby food;
  • a variety of fruits and vegetables.
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The speed of the juicer varies between 60-80 rpm. Due to such a slow operation of the shaft, more than 80% of the juice is squeezed out of the product. The walls of the drum are perforated with small holes, which allows the machine to grind the vegetable as much as possible and get the desired result. Dehydrated oil cake leaves through the side opening into a special container.

The advantage of this juicer model is the quiet operation mode (55 dB). This is an acceptable noise figure that does not harm the hearing aid. In this case, the equipment is equipped with a special protection system. In case of overheating, the motor automatically turns off. The work is resumed only after the equipment has cooled down. This can happen if you process very solid products.

Any kind of household or construction equipment should work continuously for no more than 15-20 minutes. Then she needs to rest.

Easy to use

The working area of ​​the juicer consists of several elements. They are both easy to assemble and easy to understand. This makes it possible to thoroughly clean each part of the mechanism. With the help of a special brush it is possible to clean the mesh surface from the pulp, and also to penetrate into hard-to-reach places of other parts. The set of juicer includes:

  • upper shell;
  • a rod for products;
  • screw-type part;
  • reticulated drum;
  • capacity with two outputs;
  • a pair of bottles (availability depends on the supplier);
  • instruction (mainly in Chinese);
  • brush;
  • two containers.
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Before use, all products must be crushed and cleaned, removing seeds or seeds. Such measures will prevent breakage and clogging of the mechanism. Also, you do not need to force the fruit into the hole with all your might, so as not to overload the juicer.

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The cost of automatic juice extractor SAVTM in ordinary stores is 10 thousand. rub. and higher. It is clear that such products are 2 times cheaper to Aliexpress. The price depends on the model, so it ranges from 5 to 10 thousand rubles. In online stores, the price of a juicer is almost the same and even lower.

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