Smoke detector made in china

Many gardeners have seen a fire in their villages at least once in a lifetime. This is a real tragedy for fire victims and a real danger to their neighbors, because if you break the rules of construction, the fire can affect homes in other areas.

Each property owner in the country must take care of their own safety and install smoke detectors. Very often, accidents occur at night, when inhalation of carbon monoxide drowsiness in a person only increases, so waking up from the smell of smoke alone is almost impossible.

The deafening signal from the smoke detector, which woke you up early in the fire, will give you precious moments to save the whole family and the most important things. Experts recommend installing appliances in all living rooms, corridors, basements and attics.

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In the online stores of Russia and Ukraine to buy smoke detectors is not difficult. The greatest demand is for wireless models designed for an area of ​​10 square meters.metersInside the plastic case there is a sensitive element, an antenna for transmitting a signal, an audio unit for a siren( 85 dB volume) and a circuit.

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It is not recommended to install the device next to the air conditioning system or heating device. In addition, false alarms may be due to direct sunlight.

The cost of one sensor is from 800 to 2500 rubles, and for an ordinary country house at least five instruments are required. Security is always expensive, but you can still save. For example, sellers on the AliExpress website offer similar sensor models for as little as 220 rubles.

The device is suitable for autonomous work and connect to a fire alarm system. Immediately after receiving the order, many buyers checked the sensor's performance - in most cases, the signal sounded only after a strong smoke. The device is turned off by removing the battery.

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If a sensitive sensor is important for you, do not choose the cheapest models. On AliExpress there are devices a little more expensive, for example, for 500 rubles. The main differences: high sensitivity, the presence of a test button and a low charge indicator. Sellers of such detectors have a responsible approach to the process of delivery of goods, so they rarely break along the way due to poor packaging.

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