Faulty refrigerator Noau Frost

In the article you will learn about the typical faults of the refrigerator Know Frost. How to deal with the fact that it does not turn off, does not cool or store ice? To find out the cause of the problem, it is necessary to understand the principle of the work of Noe Frost.

Content of the material:

  • 1How the No Frost System Works
  • 2What does not work in the refrigerator No Frost
    • 2.1The refrigerator does not turn off
    • 2.2In the refrigerator Know Frost does not work fan
      • 2.2.1The fan stopped working
      • 2.2.2The fan constantly works
  • 3Faults Noë Frost Refrigerator Samsung
  • 4Faults Know Frost "Indesit"
  • 5Faults Know No Frost LG
  • 6Faults Know Frost "Bosch"

How the No Frost System Works

Evaporator in the technique is located behind the back or side wall. Two-compartment refrigerators can be equipped with two fans, one in each department. These fans drive cold air through the chambers.

After the motor-compressor stops, defrost begins. Moisture drains into the drainage hole and is removed from the system. It is possible to note such advantages of "Know Frost

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  • uniform cooling of products in the compartment;
  • a small temperature difference between the shelves;
  • minimum level of care - the system rarely needs defrosting;
  • no snow in the freezer;
  • superfast freezing.

There are also disadvantages:

  • the noise level is increased due to the operation of the fans;
  • a lower degree of loading due to the design;
  • consumption of more electricity;
  • high cost (in comparison with coolers of a drop type).

What does not work in the refrigerator No Frost

What should I do if the No Frost refrigerator constantly works and does not shut down? Understand the reasons for this behavior.

The refrigerator does not turn off

Periodically, the motor must be switched off. Continuous operation of the compressor leads to wear of its components. Therefore, the first thing to check:

  1. The door of the camera. Is it tightly closed? Maybe something is bothering her or the sealant needs to be replaced. Problems with closing the door are solved immediately, otherwise the warm air will constantly enter the compartment. Because of what the motor does not turn off.
  2. Installed modes. If you set the super-frost on the electromechanical control, it will not turn off until you turn the knob.
  3. Presence of ventilation. If the room is stuffy or the refrigerator is standing close to the wall, the battery, the compressor will constantly pump up the cold.

Have you checked everything and even replaced the seal, but the motor continues to work? Perhaps there was a breakdown:

  • The temperature sensor gives incorrect readings to the module, or the thermostat has broken. These reasons lead to the fact that the electronic board receives the wrong signals, so the cooling in the chambers is not turned off.
  • The control module burned. The reason in the defective board or its elements is that it can not be trusted with the work of technology, it is necessary to carry out diagnostics and replacement.

  • Problems with the evaporator. Probably, there was a blockage of the capillary tube. It is necessary to call a master who will inspect and eliminate blockage.
  • In the system there was a leak of gas-freon. It is responsible for cooling, so the refrigerator tries to compensate for the loss of refrigerant by constant work.
  • Problems with the compressor, which can not create a normal pressure for cooling.

If you notice a similar problem, contact the service center. Do not wait until the technology finally fails. Similar malfunctions happen with refrigerators Know Frost "Stinol "Atlant "Virpul "Daewoo" and others.

In the refrigerator Know Frost does not work fan

The fan is an indispensable element in the system. Without it, cold air can not enter the compartment and cool the food. With a fan there are two problems: either it does not work, or it constantly works. Let's consider both features in more detail.

The fan stopped working

Most often this happens when the blades of the part freeze. Open the camera door and look - if the blades are covered with a layer of ice and snow, you need to immediately defrost the refrigerator. Maybe there was a coolant outlet or a drainage hole, where the thawing water is draining.

Defrost must be performed for at least 10 hours, better - a day.

If the fan does not start after defrosting, check its motor for serviceability. During combustion, the part must be completely changed.

The fan constantly works

When the blades rotate without stopping, the cause may be in the evaporator, which overgrows with ice. The air begins to circulate badly, so the fan works to lower the temperature in the chamber.

Similar signs may indicate a breakdown of the compressor, control module, temperature sensor. If the latter fails, the board receives incorrect information about the temperature in the camera, so it forces the motor to run without stopping. In such cases, a complete diagnosis of the refrigerator is needed.

Faults Noë Frost Refrigerator Samsung

Technology from the manufacturer Samsung is always equipped with the latest developments, modern electronic control. Refrigeration equipment (CW) with the No Frost system is no exception. What breakdowns can be found in the two-chamber refrigerator "Samsung"? Let's consider in more detail

Since in each compartment the temperature is almost the same (a small difference in, degrees), the user should pay attention to:

  • appearance of the crust of ice on the walls;
  • flow under the refrigerator, water in the pan;
  • increasing the temperature in the chamber - maybe you opened the compartment door too often, or it is closed loosely.

If a display is installed on the panel, it displays breakdowns with icons or error codes. So you can find out that there are problems with the door contacts. When the door was rearranged or repositioned, the connections could be broken. You may have set the wrong temperature. Eliminate the problem simply by adjusting the readings.

When the refrigerator broke, you can see the relevant signs:

  1. Snow layer in the area of ​​the evaporator - relay failure. The evaporator will soon overgrow with snow, the refrigerator will fail. To replace the parts, it is better to call the master. To speed up the repair, perform defrosting of the compartment for 10 hours.
  2. If the timer is broken, the signs are exactly the same as in the previous case.

Typical malfunctions of Samsung Nou Frost refrigerators:

  • Noisy CW operation, extraneous sounds;
  • one of the cameras does not work well;
  • non-stop operation of the compressor;
  • non-working display;
  • refrigerant leakage due to mechanical damage.

Electronic control allows the user to practically not interfere with the settings of the refrigerator. However, electronics is its weak point. Be careful when operating.

Faults Know Frost "Indesit"

Refrigerators "Indesit" are also equipped with modern technology, while the cost of technology compares favorably with other models. What to do in case of a malfunction of a two-compartment refrigerator and what kind of breakdowns occur most often, read below.

Most often, the freezing compartment does not work in CО "Indesit". At the same time, a snow coat forms on the walls. What happened:

  • Have you noticed that the engine is constantly running, but the temperature in the compartment is increased? There can be several reasons.
    A broken thermostat no longer has a connection to the module, so the module does not turn off the cooling. Check and replace the thermostat.
    A damaged wall or a clogged capillary lead to a leak of freon. It is necessary to check and eliminate the cause of the leak.
    Depressurizing the door seal also contributes to non-stop operation.
  • The refrigerator only works a few seconds or does not turn on at all. Several options are possible: the starting relay, the electronic module or its wiring has broken.
  • The failure of the thermal sensor or the clogging of its tube is also accompanied by the build-up of snow.

You can also face such problems:

  1. Problems with the fan. In addition to external signs, an error code may appear on the scoreboard. By the code you will understand exactly where to look for a breakdown. The most common problems are wiring between the board and the fan. The contacts are called by the multimeter, after which the faulty elements change.
  2. Faulty defrost heater. At the same time, code F07 can be displayed on the display panel, which means that it is necessary to check the connections and the heater itself.

There are also problems with the motor-compressor. In this case, it is recommended to perform a replacement.

Faults Know No Frost LG

If the two-chamber LV refrigerator does not work, you need to quickly fix the problem, otherwise the spoiling of products can not be avoided. Immediately check the connection of the equipment to the network: maybe the plug has moved or the integrity of the wire is broken. Also inspect the case of XO: maybe it is located with a leaning forward and the door is slightly ajar. Then you need to install the technique by level.

How to identify other breakdowns:

  1. Wear of the compressor. At the same time, clicks are heard, although the motor does not start. This starting relay tries to turn on the motor, but to no avail. Need a complete replacement of the compressor.
  2. Malfunction of the air sensor or thermostat, depending on the type of control. The engine is silent, but the light in the compartment is working. Hence, the module does not receive a signal about the temperature in the chamber, therefore does not include cooling.
  3. If the refrigerator LG No Frost does not work at all, does not give "signs of life then the diagnosis of the electronic module is necessary.

Over time, users complain that the equipment is working loudly. The most innocuous reasons that are easy to fix are the wrong installation, crowded with the products of the department. What should be done:

  • arrange the pots in the compartment far away from each other;
  • move the refrigerator away from the wall and furniture.

When installing, follow the operating instructions.

Faults Know Frost "Bosch"

Refrigerating equipment Bosch is distinguished by its reliability and quality. In the event of a breakdown of a two-compartment refrigerator, you need to contact the master or try to figure out the problem yourself.

Common breakdowns:

  1. The refrigerator does not work or does not turn off. The reasons for this behavior are described above.
  2. Condensation is collected in the compartment. This happens with a poorly closed door: warm air enters a chilled chamber, forming a condensate that turns into ice.
  3. Breakdown in the system "Know Frost". The products do not cool properly.
  4. One of the cameras does not work or it is slightly freezing.

Watch the video on the topic:

It will take repair of equipment, replacement of damaged parts. Often, such malfunctions occur in the two-compartment refrigerator Electrolux with No Frost. Sometimes the system does not work in Siemens refrigerators. Therefore, all the breakdowns described in the article can be found in the technique of any brand.

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