Faulty refrigerator Indesite: does not freeze, does not work

The technology of the Italian trade mark "Indesit" is in great demand among buyers. However, not everyone knows that refrigerators are produced in Russia, in the city of Lipetsk. Therefore, they have a low cost, a wide range and technical support in the service centers. This allows you to quickly eliminate the breakdown. What faults in the refrigerator "Indesit" happen most often and why, can you eliminate them yourself, read below.

Content of the material:

  • 1Typical Refrigerator Problems Indesit
    • 1.1Defective start-up relay
    • 1.2Do not freeze the freezer
    • 1.3Fan does not work
    • 1.4The heater does not work in the chamber
    • 1.5Problems with the compressor
    • 1.6Refrigerant leaks
    • 1.7The body is beating with current
    • 1.8The light does not light up
    • 1.9The refrigerator rustles, hums, cracks
    • 1.10The unit flows, the water under the fruit boxes
    • 1.11The indicators on the panel do not light up
    • 1.12Unpleasant smells

Typical Refrigerator Problems Indesit

Indesit models are equipped with a self-diagnosis system, so when a malfunction occurs on the display panel

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error code. The instructions always indicate the decoding of all errors for a specific model. You can determine the place of failure and repair.

What kind of problems happen in the refrigerator? Let us consider in more detail the breakdowns and ways to eliminate them.

Defective start-up relay

The relay is part of the motor-compressor. When turned on, it starts the compressor, and the chambers begin to cool. When the engine is switched off, the motor stops "for rest". If the relay sticks in one position or fails, the temperature in the chambers will rise, because the motor does not start.

For what reasons does the relay break down:

  • Ignite the terminals and contacts when the voltage drops.
  • The moisture falls on the parts.
  • Incorrect connection leads to the closure and combustion of the element.

What to do:

  • Clean contacts.
  • Check that the wiring is connected correctly and tightly.

See the video on the principle of operation and diagnosis of the starting relay:

Do not freeze the freezer

More in detail about this problem we wrote in the article "The freezer does not work". Here we describe the common problems that need to be addressed.

The latest models of "Indesit" have a defrost system Noau Frost. This means that the ice does not form on the walls, and the equipment does not need frequent defrosting. However, some notice that the ice is settling on the back wall.

Here's what users complain about:

  • The freezer does not cool the food. The operation of the compressor is audible, but the temperature in the compartment does not decrease. It is necessary to check the temperature regulator. An incorrect value may have been set, or it failed. Also inspect the door seal and perform the circuit diagnostics for refrigerant leakage.
  • The engine starts for a few seconds and turns off. Frost does not work. The cause of the malfunction could be: starting relay, burnt wiring or malfunction in the electronic board. You need to contact the service center.
  • Ice on the walls. High values ​​of the thermostat are set. Probably, the capillary pipeline was hammered, therefore the refrigerant can not normally circulate.

Fan does not work

Fans in refrigerators with No Frost chase cold air, evenly distributing it through the camera. They can stop their work for the following reasons:

  • The blades have ice, so they do not spin. Need defrosting the refrigerator.
  • The connection between the main module and the fan is broken. The wiring and the replacement of defective components are inspected.
  • The motor burnt out. It is necessary to completely replace the part.

To check the functionality, the fan wiring is connected to the working voltage. If it rotates, everything is in order.

The heater does not work in the chamber

Such a malfunction can be indicated by code F07 in electronic models and the flashing of three indicators on electromechanical ones. Do not immediately replace the element and take the error literally. If the camera does not defrost, you need to check the wiring, the quality of the connection and only then, in case of a malfunction, change the parts.

To conduct diagnostics and replace the heater, proceed as follows:

  • Get all the boxes out of the compartment.
  • Remove the rear wall, behind which there is a heater and an evaporator.
  • To check the defrost timer, short-circuit the contacts with a wire. If he earned, then everything is in order.
  • Measure the relay contacts with a multimeter. If the tester is squeaking, the relay is working.

See the video for more details:

Problems with the compressor

It happens that the compressor does not work or, conversely, it constantly works.

If the refrigerator does not turn on and does not start, the network wire is checked first. If at the same time you hear that somewhere is clicking, you need to check the motor. Clicks issues a relay in an attempt to start the engine.

When the equipment does not turn off and does not cool, this indicates the wear of the motor. He lacks the power to create pressure and cooling. Therefore, it does not turn off, because the system is trying to reach the set temperature. So that it does not break down completely, carry out diagnostics and repairs.

Refrigerant leaks

Most often, the failure occurs in the two-chamber models with the bottom freezer. The condensate, which drains from the upper chamber, drips onto the freezer body. Underneath it goes the circuit with the refrigerant. Due to corrosion, the pipes of the circuit are destroyed, the leakage of the refrigerant gas begins.

What signs indicate a problem:

  • The walls and the evaporator are ice.
  • The refrigerator does not freeze well or does not cool at all.
  • The back wall was swollen.
  • The compressor switches off for only 5-10 seconds, trying to reach the set temperature.

Methods for troubleshooting are simple: call the wizard. Independently this work can be performed by a specialist with equipment. It is necessary: ​​to find the damage, to eliminate the leak, to refuel the system with freon.

The body is beating with current

Touch the body and get a small discharge? Use this technique is prohibited. Disconnect it from the mains and check the insulation of the wiring, the power cord. Connection of large-sized devices is always done through a grounded outlet.

Found a bare wire? Do not isolate it, it is better to replace it completely.

The light does not light up

When the light bulb is very hot or burns out, you can perform replacement yourself:

  • Unscrew the fixing screw. Remove it.
  • Unscrew the bulb and put a new one on 15 watts.
  • Replace the cover.

It is worth checking the switch. When the door is closed, the light should turn off. If this does not happen, then the circuit breaker repair is performed.

The refrigerator rustles, hums, cracks

After installation, the technique began to buzz? Check that the housing is level. It must be installed with a deflection back a couple of degrees. To do this, adjust the front legs.

Can you hear the crack during the work? This is possible with the inclusion of freezing: thawed plastic is deformed from the temperature difference. This is not a malfunction if the appliance has cracked since the first days after the purchase.

The unit flows, the water under the fruit boxes

In models with a drop defrost, the drainage hole is clogged. Moisture from the walls should go into the drain, but instead drain down the compartments.

The hole can easily be cleaned with a thin wire. Cover all products so that crumbs and small particles do not get into the drain hole.

The indicators on the panel do not light up

In such cases, the control card is diagnosed, the contacts from the module to the panel are checked.

Unpleasant smells

There is an unpleasant odor in the compartment, although the temperature is normal. It is necessary to perform defrosting and cleaning of the unit.

  • Disconnect it from the network.
  • Remove all products and leave to freeze for at least 24 hours.
  • Wipe the walls and shelves with a solution of water and lemon juice. Cover the doors for half an hour.
  • Wipe the contents with a dry cloth and load the food.

To avoid malfunctions of the technology, it is enough to adhere to the rules of operation. Before buying it is worth paying attention to the climatic class of the refrigerator to install it in suitable conditions.

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