The refrigerator does not freeze, but the freezer freezes

It often happens that the refrigerator does not freeze, but the freezer freezes. Do not let the problem run its course, you just need to understand the reasons for the breakdown. We will tell you what causes such malfunctions. To repair yourself or call a master is up to you.

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  • 1In the fridge the freezer works, but the camera does not
    • 1.1The refrigerator does not cool, but the freezer works

In the fridge the freezer works, but the camera does not

We will analyze what to do if the fridge only has a freezer, and why the upper chamber does not cool, although there is not much difference between the temperatures.

It is worth paying attention to the work of the motor-compressor: in the event of a breakdown, it operates without stopping and overheats. The cause could be simple malfunctions:

  1. Badly closed camera door. If the seal of the sealing rubber is broken or the door is loose, cold air from the camera is constantly coming out.
  2. Problems with the installation. If the room is hot or the appliances are near the heaters, the cooling will occur continuously. Therefore refrigerators "Indesit "Nord" and other brands will not work, although the freezer works. Move the case away from the battery or stove, set the regulator to a lower value.
  3. Freon leak. As a result of damage to the circuit, or because of a violation of the tightness of the wall, the cooling gas leaves, it becomes insufficient for normal cooling. It is necessary to repair and refill the cooling gas.

The situation when the refrigerator started to freeze like a freezer is also not normal. In the department, the temperature rises, the products freeze, snow and ice build up on the walls. Why is this happening?

  • The door seal does not fulfill its function - there is no airtight fit to the housing. When warm air enters the chamber, the system compensates for the temperature rise by constant cooling, so the compressor does not turn off for rest.

  • Drain hole obstruction. On the walls frost, snow, and under the bottom drawers - water. In normal operation, the refrigerator includes a defrost: as a result, droplets of moisture flow down the walls into the drainage hole, and then are removed from the system. If the hole is hammered crumbs, small debris, then there is nowhere to go. It is necessary to clean the machine to resume the operation of the equipment.

  • The temperature controller in the compartment or the air sensor is defective. The main board does not receive temperature data in the camera, so it does not give the command to turn off the engine.
  • The valve does not switch, so the top of the refrigerator can not freeze. In the technique where two chambers are cooled by one motor, a switch (valve) is activated. If it sticks or breaks, the cooled air will flow into the freezer, and it will not reach the refrigerator.

The refrigerator does not cool, but the freezer works

Only the freezer works in refrigeration. How to fix the situation? Probably, there were problems with one of the equipment nodes - it is desirable to carry out diagnostics and repairs. Let's consider the main problems:

  • The fan motor broke, so the cooling chamber stopped cooling and freezing. When you do not hear the sounds of the working blades, check the fan. If it is frozen, perform defrosting of the compartment. After defrosting and restarting the fan must earn, and if not, then its motor needs a replacement.

  • If the freezer freezes, but otherwise the twin-engine cooler is warm, it's in the compressor. Since the lower chamber is working, its motor is faultless - then the failure has happened to another engine. Need repair or replacement.
  • The refrigeration compartment does not freeze well and cools? Probably, the drainage system or the capillary tube was clogged. The reason may be in the refrigerant leakage - you need a complete system diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  • Modern refrigeration systems are equipped with many sensors that send information to the module. The cause of the failure may be in the malfunction of one of the sensors. For example, if the Samsung refrigerator does not freeze, you need to check and replace the sensor.

We figured out why one of the cameras does not cool. Now you can correctly identify the cause of the problem and try to fix it or contact the service center.

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