When to plant a melon on seedlings: the time of sowing

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Tell me, when to plant a melon on the seedlings? Summer heat in our area comes late, and it does not last long. Often the culture just does not have time to mature. And so you want to enjoy the taste and aroma of freshly baked, straight from the garden, juicy melon. So they decided this year to try to mess around with the seedlings - and suddenly something will come out.

Melon crops, including melons, are often planted immediately in open ground. However, this method is not always able to give a good result. In southern regions with a warm and prolonged summer, the fruits are sufficient to mature, even when planted on a bed. But closer to the north of the country this heat-loving culture simply does not have enough sun. In addition, later in the summer also shifts the timing of planting. Therefore, in this case, the most suitable option to accelerate fruiting is to sow seeds on seedlings. To grow melons successfully, no matter where it goes, it is important to know when to plant a melon on the seedlings.

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The timing of seed sowing is influenced by two factors:

  • region of cultivation;
  • place of cultivation.

In both cases, the planting time should be calculated based on the vegetative development of the plant. So, in order to avoid stretching the seedlings, it must be transplanted in a timely manner to the bed.

To form a full and strong bush, a melon needs from 25 to 30 days. Then the seedlings must be moved to the open ground. If the potatoes are restrained in the room, they begin to stretch and ache.

Seed sowing depending on the regional climate

As already mentioned, heat in different climatic zones comes at different times. In the middle belt, the earth is ready to "embrace" seedlings in its embrace in late spring - early summer. It is at this time that the positive temperature has already stable values, and the soil itself has become quite warm. Accordingly, in order to plant melon seedlings in the soil at the end of May, the seeds should be sown around the end of April.

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When to plant a melon for seedlings for greenhouses?

In hothouse conditions, the growth of melon seedlings can be started earlier. Transparent walls of the greenhouse will protect the delicate plants from frost and provide good lighting. And they will maintain a constant temperature. With this comfort, the seeds can be planted at the end of March - early April. After the emergence of sprouts, they are given a little strength. The beds are transplanted at the beginning of May.

Sometimes, for certain reasons, there is a need to grow melons in a greenhouse in the southern regions. Then you do not need to sow seeds until early May.

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