How to plant raspberries in spring

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With the onset of warm spring days, many summer residents are thinking about expanding their garden or, conversely, creating something new. Raspberry is a shrub that can be found on many household plots. This is explained by the fact that the plant does not require special care and is not whimsical to weather conditions. However, despite this fact, when planting raspberries you should know some rules and pay attention, it would seem, to minor nuances. They will help preserve the crop and avoid unforeseen surprises, for example, the death of seedlings. So, let's talk about everything important in order.

Raspberry planting dates

Beginning gardeners sometimes wonder: "When to plant a raspberry?" There are a lot of opinions about this today: some say that it should be done in the spring, others in the fall. The only correct option is not, however, it is noticed that in the spring the seedlings of the bush get better.

According to the advice of experienced gardeners, the optimal planting option is mid-April-early May, when the buds have not yet blossomed on the trees.

It is necessary to make planting in the above-mentioned time interval, because the summer heat is not yet on the street, and there is moisture in the soil necessary for plants. If you plant a shrub a little later, then it is likely that it will not survive and the merciless sun rays destroy it, and if earlier, it can die due to frost.

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Choose a place for future raspberries

Very responsibly you need to take a place where the raspberries sit. The area should be protected from winds and well consecrated. Typically, such a site is located near the fence. You also need to be prepared in advance for the fact that in a few years raspberry can, very much grow and interfere with the normal development of crops. To prevent this from happening, truck farmers come up with all sorts of obstacles, for example, dig in (at a depth of 50 cm) along the perimeter of the planting of slate.

IMPORTANT! In the area where raspberries grow, rainwater should not accumulate. The shrub from the overabundance of moisture develops slowly, the fruits are small. Also, this culture does not tolerate the proximity of groundwater.

Preparing the soil for raspberries

It is believed that raspberry is not a capricious culture and grows on almost any soil. However, some manipulations with the land still need. In particular, a little ash and humus is added to the holes or trenches. The feed layer should be about 10 cm thick. If there is no humus, then dry foliage or grass can be used instead.

The main ways of planting raspberries

There are three methods of planting raspberries: trenches, cuttings and seedlings. To understand the differences, we give a general description of each of the above methods.

  • Trench method.Based on the name, it becomes clear that this method is based on digging a certain size of the trench. Its depth should be approximately 40 cm, and the width a little more - 50-55 cm. At the bottom of the excavated hole is laid a nutrient layer, which can consist of manure, mixed with earth, leaves, branches and grass. The peculiar litter gives a huge advantage: it feeds the roots of plants for a long time. On top of the nutrient pillow you need to fill a layer of earth (this allows you to start the decay process).
  • Planting cuttings.The stalk is the root offspring, which appears in the rows of raspberries literally in 2 or 3 years. They are carefully excavated and planted. The method is quite versatile, it is used by most gardeners.
  • Planting seedlings.This method is almost identical to the previous one. However, seedlings are used as a planting material.
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We get the planting material

You can buy planting material in special nurseries or agricultural markets. The price category is different, it directly depends on the variety and age of the seedling. On average, the cost is 200-300 rubles for one young bush.

When choosing it is worth paying attention to the root system. It should be powerful (have many branches). Otherwise, the plant can take a very long time.


We make calculations: the main schemes of planting raspberries

To raspberry bushes could develop well, you need to know the correct scheme of planting. In general, the formula proved by years is used: the distance between rows should be approximately 1 m. 20 cm., And between bushes - 20 cm.

As for the depth of landing, it depends on the chosen method. If the seedlings are planted in the holes, then enough depth of 20 cm, and if in the trench, then a minimum of 40 cm.

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Raspberry: basic care after planting

  • Watering.In constant irrigation, raspberries do not need, except at the initial stage (after disembarkation). In this period, you need to water the plant 1 time in 2-3 days. In the future, raspberries will have enough precipitated precipitation.
  • Mulching.We must not forget to periodically mulch the soil around the bush (lay out the dry grass). This allows you to keep moisture.
  • Weeding and loosening.At the initial stage, when the raspberry bush is only planted and has not yet gained strength, it must be ensured that there are no weeds around the plantations. Also, experienced gardeners recommend that from time to time loosen the soil in the hole, this will allow "breathing" the roots.
  • Pruning.When the transplanted raspberries grow, you need to prune the plant. This is necessary in order that the bush ceased to grow upwards and began to release lateral shoots (branches).

We will add, no matter how you choose the way to plant raspberries, sooner or later it will have to be transplanted to another place. If the shrub grows constantly in only one area, it will cease to bear fruit.

Experienced gardeners recommend changing the dislocation of raspberry every 5 years.

In general, to have a well-groomed raspberries in their garden, even a beginning gardener can do. The main thing is to choose a good planting material and know the basic rules of caring for this plant.

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