Raspberry seedlings cuttings

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She wintered well. I want to try to expand raspberries, disembarking cuttings. Tell me how to grow raspberry seedlings using cuttings.

Everyone loves sweet raspberry berry, probably, without exception. Happy owners of dacha plots, on which at least one raspberry bush grows, have advantages, because they can propagate it on their own. To do this, you can use the method of growing raspberry seedlings cuttings.

Benefits of raspberry reproduction by cutting

Raspberry is a semi-shrub plant that forms a branched root with a large number of dormant buds. The cuttings for seedlings can be taken from the shoot( green cuttings) or this rhizome( root cuttings), in any case, it quickly takes roots and takes root well. This raspberry breeding method attracts attention by the fact that:

  • you can get several cuttings from a single shoot;
  • is suitable for breeding raspberry varieties that produce poor root shoots;
  • young raspberry bush has all the varietal signs of the bush, from which the cutting is taken.
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Seedlings of raspberries from green cuttings

Cuttings harvested from young shoots in early summer, when it gets stronger. To do this, cut the stem, remove the tip from it and divide it into 2-3 fragments up to 10 cm long. Each piece must have 3 buds and one left leaf. In this case, you need to cut so that the lower cut was under the sheet.

To speed up the process of the roots of cuttings, immerse Kornevin or another growth stimulator for 2 hours in a solution.

Further green cuttings should be rooted. You can use one of the following methods:

  1. Pot rooting in greenhouse conditions. Prepared cuttings should be planted in pots or a common container with nutrient soil( a mixture of peat, humus and sand in proportions of 1: 1: 2).Liberally pour the planted cuttings and put them in a greenhouse( or create greenhouse conditions for them).The root system is formed after 4 weeks, at this time the green cuttings must be regularly watered and sprayed.
  2. Rooting in a water tank. With this method of rooting, initially cuttings need to be made up to 20 cm in height. Near the bottom cut every 3 mm make shallow scratches. Next, place the cuttings in a jar of rainwater so that it completely covers the notched lower cut, but no more. Add water as needed, no need to change.
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After rooting, plant the seedlings into separate containers, if this was not done initially. By landing in open ground, it will be ready with the onset of autumn and will delight the harvest next summer.

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Seedlings of raspberries from root cuttings

Root cuttings are harvested in the fall. Two-year-old rhizomes are cut into 15 cm long pieces. They can be planted in open ground in two ways:

  1. Immediately after digging. Plant cuttings should be lying in a trench with a depth of 7 cm, and on top of mulch leaves.
  2. At the beginning of spring. To do this, the cuttings are placed in storage in the cellar, putting them in the wet sand.

Video on how to cutting a raspberry

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Raspberry seedlings cuttings

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