Garden vacuum cleaner air from China


Garden vacuum cleaners or air shots are a necessary thing in the summer residence, especially at the end of the summer season. It is during this period of the year that there is a great need for cleaning up the adjacent territory and the suburban area, as a large quantity of foliage falls off intensely.

Vacuum cleaners for the garden are designed specifically for cleaning work in the fresh air, in addition to collecting garbage air can crush or strip garbage. Based on how large the area is for cleaning, a garden vacuum cleaner of different size and engine power is selected.

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With the built-in battery and charging in the kit there is a real opportunity to clean home territory away from the outlets, because the work of the garden vacuum cleaner does not depend on the wires and electricity. Built-in battery is enough for two hours of intensive cleaning, and the duration of a full charge of a lithium battery does not exceed three hours.

Comparison of prices in Russian online gardening equipment stores and on the Chinese website AliExpress. For comparison, similar garden vacuum cleaners of air were selected, while on Russian sites they are supplied to the buyer without a charger and a battery. A full set of air is most advantageous at a price to buy on the website of Aliexpress, directly from suppliers from China.

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The main characteristics and advantages of the garden - park vacuum cleaner from China:

  1. Low noise and low weight, which is convenient for women.
  2. Long battery life Li-lon.
  3. Convenience in storage. It is easy to remove and fix the suction pipe, so the place for storage and transportation of the tool is saved.
  4. Ease of holding the air in your hands, because the handle is marked with a special soft lining.
  5. Use a garden vacuum cleaner can be in any places, even where there is no electrical network.
  6. Absence of harmful and toxic exhausts during operation.
  7. In addition, you can purchase a spare battery, which will significantly extend the working time with the instrument in the open air.
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With a garden vacuum cleaner, you can always keep the garden areas, lawns, adjoining areas and courtyards clean without spending a lot of time and energy on cleaning. Thanks to the regulator on the casing, the air speed can always be adjusted.

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