Super tool Bulgarian Bort BWS-1200U-SR from China

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In everyday life for a skilled craftsman there will always be 1000 and 1 case. Often something needs to be cut or polished. The hard material can be processed with the Bort BWS-1200U-SR angle grinder, which is a find for the home professional. If a man can make a voluminous front of work independently, then for the family this is an invaluable contribution. However, the best employee is the one who adheres to safety techniques. Unfortunately, it is written in the blood of the self-confident.

When working with the USM, wear a face shield or glasses. Hold the tool with both hands, not one.


The capacity potential of the Bulgarian reducer significantly simplifies the work. The Bort model is equipped with a powerful engine of , 00 watts. Thanks to these features, the grinder works longer and needs much more time to overheat. Such endurance of the tool allows the master to quickly cut or polish:

  • tree;
  • concrete;
  • a rock;
  • plastic;
  • metal.
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The reducer of this technique is several times greater than the power of the drill. The Bulgarian was created specifically to carry out heavy loads. With such a reserve of energy in the processing of solid materials, the engine is not fated to burn, and the bearing - to break. This often happens with a drill during grinding.

Drive, speed and soft start

In this range of power, only small disks with a diameter of up to 125 mm can be operated. Large equipment, it just does not pull. Reducer spins the shaft up to 11 thousand. revolutions per minute (at idle speed). Often this leads to sharp jerking when turned on.However, in Bulgarian Bort BWS-1200U-SR soft start function is provided, which means that the disc is unwound gradually (current comes only with increasing speed). Still, do not start after cutting immediately (you need 5-10 seconds) to start cutting, so as not to spoil the ears or the working surface.

Check the presence of a smooth start can be as follows: if you turn on the Bulgarians work quietly and "do not jump" in his hands, then it is.

Speed ​​control

A special system integrated in the grinder, is responsible for maintaining the optimum speed of the grinding discs. So, the master can choose the most favorable speed for different activities: polishing or grinding. As a result, the speed of the circle's rotation depends on the type of work, and not on the load. A useful function is to lock the on / off button.Since the start button is wide, the specialist can work even with gloves.

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Working with a stone, you need to wear protective equipment, because this is a very unpredictable material. Also, one should protect their breathing organs by performing grinding work.

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You can buy an angle grinder Bort BWS-1200U-SR on the website "AliExpress" directly from China for , 74 rubles.While in ordinary stores it costs more than , 00 rubles.In Internet shops in Russia.In online stores in Ukraine.

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