Choosing a set of cutlery from China


Cutlery is necessary for a man every day. They do not change for decades, they can withstand any temperature thanks to stainless steel. But one day they will have to be changed, for example, when moving to a new apartment. How to choose cutlery? Where to buy a quality set of cutlery?

In the set there is a different number of cutlery. Standard set consists of 24 items: 6 forks, knives, small and large spoons. This set is designed for 6 people and is ideal for a small family.

Cutlery is made of different materials. The most common products are stainless steel. This is a relatively inexpensive material that is distinguished by its strength, hygiene, durability and ease of maintenance. Stainless steel does not react with alkalis, acids and salts. Therefore, instruments from this material can be used every day.

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When choosing cutlery, it is recommended to pay attention to the length and thickness of the object. Each cutlery should not be short and too thin. Carefully evaluate the thickness of the bend. If it is not thick enough, the object can deform when pressed.

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To know the quality of the cutlery, just inspect it carefully. Sharp corners should be absent, and the surface should be perfectly smooth.

When choosing a set of cutlery, do not forget that you will use them every day. Do not take any unusual instruments with wrapped handles. The most important thing in cutlery is practicality.

But the main question remains: where to buy a set of cutlery? In online stores in Ukraine and Russia, a quality set costs almost 5000 rubles. Even though it's a purchase for several decades, the cutlery is a bit expensive. If you manually collect the devices, the price will be even greater.

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But on the site Aliexpress you can find an excellent set of cutlery in just 2015 rubles. This amount is half that of a domestic store.

Characteristics of the Chinese set:

  1. The set is designed for 6 people.
  2. Material - stainless steel.

Thus, it is much more profitable to order a set of cutlery from a Chinese manufacturer. Moreover, it is not inferior to the quality of domestic recruitment.

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