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Delicious vitamin vegetable like not only a person. Carrots love various insects and other living creatures. Eating juice of plants they cause harm to the fruits. To be able to save the crop, you need to know the enemy in person and be able to fight it.

Carrot block

Small, up to 2 mm, the insect is light green. Hind legs are bouncing. The larvae are yellow-green, even smaller, with fringes along the edges.

It affects the planting, located near the coniferous trees. Conifers are an intermediate host, also accumulates in the planting of wild carrots, and with the emergence of shoots of carrots sowing - switches to them.Both larvae and adult insects suck out the juice, which greatly depresses the plants. Leaves curl, outwardly become similar to curly varieties of parsley.

Prophylaxis: spatial isolation.

Control measures: treatment in May or June with insecticides. Usually only one treatment is enough.

Carrot fly

Perhaps the most common pest of carrots. The abdomen is black with a weak greenish tinge, the head is brown, the legs and mustache are yellow, the length of the imago is up to, see. Larvae yellowish, up to 7 mm, pupary (false-cocoons) brown.

An adult insect lays up to 120 eggs near the root or on its surface. Released larvae bite into the root crop, where they feed for about a month. Puparia are formed in the soil, sometimes in the root crop. Usually over the summer two generations, winter pupary in the ground or in root vegetables in the vault.

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He likes wet, shady places. Infection of crops is easy to determine by changing the color of the leaves, acquiring a red-violet hue.


  • Early and podzimnius sowing- will reduce harm, since the most dangerous is the defeat of young plants.
  • Prevention of thickened and overgrown crops.
  • Alternation of rows of carrots with onion, coriander, dropping of green tops tomato, sprinkling of row spacing with tobacco, mothballs -extraneous odors reduce the degree of damage by masking carrots.
  • Deep digging.

Control measures:

  • Spraying with insecticides.And it takes several times during the summer, as necessary.
  • Removal of infected root crops.

Carrot aphid

Light green wingless and slightly darker winged small insects. Over the summer several generations are deduced. Hibernate eggs, the first generation - wingless, in the future - winged. Suck the juice, and in an amount much larger than necessary for food: so the aphids protect their delicate body from drying out ...

Prevention: the destruction of stubble leftovers and wild carrots, on which the eggs hibernate.

Control measures:

  • Spraying with insecticides.
  • Rinse off with water.Do not overdo it!
  • Attracting ladybug -it feeds on aphids.
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Carrot (umbrella) moth.

Small, up to 14 mm butterfly. The front pair of wings is dark brown, the back is grayish-pink. Harms in the main testicles: caterpillars infect inflorescences, sometimes - leaves. In addition to carrots attacks and other umbrellas.


  • Destruction of wild umbels near seed plantations.
  • Removing stubble residues.
  • Early threshing of the testes.

Control measures:

  • Biopreparations treatment:dendrobacillin, endobacterin, lepidicides.
  • Spraying with insecticides.

Carrots are affected not only by specific "carrot" (and these are not very specialized, most and other cultures do not ignore) pests. Alas, many pests of carrots are quite universal, gnaw and other garden plants:

  • Slugs.There are many species, but they all hurt, so we will not focus on an exact biological classification. They all love the moisture, they do not tolerate the heat and the sun. They feed on cloudy days and at night. Leave specific shiny paths from dried mucus. They gnaw out parts of plants. They struggle with them to remove the tops, weeds, and clean up the site. It is good to leave it for bait and periodically remove the put leaves of burdock or cabbage, torn beet tops. Some, quite large slugs are consumed in food. They are used by fishermen as bait. Helps to apply high doses of superphosphate, spraying with a 10% solution of common salt.
  • Wireworm.It is the larva of the beetle, which has received its name for the rigid integument of the body. Gnaws all the root-bulb fruits, and in general damages the underground parts of any plants. It's unpleasant to find a wireworm in carrots. How to get rid? First of all, we take into account that he is very fond of cereals, for some reason especially - wheat grass. So, destroying the weed, at the same time fighting pests of carrots.Excellent application of any ammonia fertilizer, like liming. Make bait crops: pre-sow seeded insecticide-treated grass. Still use a late, before the most freezing, digging of the site: the larvae pulled out on the surface die. In the spring - traps: we make grooves, lay a handful of hay or straw, moisten, cover with a piece of board. Periodically clean and burn together with the wireworm.
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Insecticides for pest control exist different, indicate the best - problematically, all firms praise their own. It makes sense, if possible, to replace chemical preparations with home remedies. Tinctures of tobacco, poplar leaves - tomatoes or potatoes, peppers with an addition of laundry soap or a drop of shampoo for better adhesion are quite toxic for insects, and they should be used. And do not rush to handle the plot abundantly, if pests of carrots are small. Perhaps it makes sense to lose a small part of the crop, but do not eat vegetables with the remnants of poisons?

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