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Tell me, what can I put in beds after cucumbers for next year? I want to sow carrots in their place in the spring, but I began to doubt.

All farmers know the golden rule of a good harvest - observance of crop rotation. Without it, a solid garden in a couple of three can no longer provide culture with everything necessary. In addition, some plants are completely unable to co-exist with each other.

Cucumbers are not an exception to the rules. Every year it is advisable to change their landing site, so that the land recovers, and no pathogenic bacteria accumulate. But the garden is not a field, the area is limited, and hardly any owner can afford to keep cucumber beds "under steam as crunchy vegetables will also take someone's place. What can be planted after cucumbers for the next year?

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Orchard plants for the replacement of cucumbers

Choosing a culture, you can navigate to the root system. In cucumbers it is rather shallow and deepens into the soil by a maximum of 25 cm.

Hence, in deeper layers nutrients remain and plants, in which the roots go deeper into the soil (for example, root crops), are quite suitable for substitution.

On beds after cucumbers it is possible to grow:

  • beets;
  • carrots;
  • turnips and radishes;
  • parsley and celery root.
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Also, such crops grow on the former cucumber beds:

  • potatoes;
  • bow;
  • garlic;
  • tomatoes.

To restore the balance of nutrients in place of cucumbers in the next season, it is good to grow beans or peas.

What if there is no possibility to change cultures?

It also happens that the site allocated for planting is too small, and there is simply nowhere to apply the rules of crop rotation. In this case, you should try to maximize the composition of the soil. Help in this matter can plants, siderates. They not only return the elements selected by cucumbers to the earth, but also contribute to the destruction of harmful substances accumulated during the season.

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After cucumbers well restore the soil:

  • cereals;
  • cruciferous plants, such as white mustard and Maslenitsa radish.

Sow them after harvesting from the beds of cucumber lashes. Before the onset of persistent frosts, the syderates have time to grow well. Then they mow down and drop a green mass. Until the spring it will rot, and cucumbers can be sown again. However, from the practice of truck farmers it was noticed that it can be done no more than 5 times.

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