Rotten apples as a fertilizer for raspberries and strawberries

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I have a small apple orchard, every year a part of the crop falls to the ground. I want to try to feed these fruits with berry crops. Tell me, how correctly to use rotten apples as a fertilizer for raspberries and strawberries?

Many gardeners who grow apple trees, wonder - what to do with the fallen fruit? Battered apples are no longer subject to storage, in addition, they quickly become corrupted. Well, if there is a subsidiary farm - cattle or pigs with pleasure will help to utilize the delicious carob. Otherwise, it is simply thrown away. And completely in vain, because rotten apples are an excellent fertilizer for crops, including raspberries and strawberries.

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Deciduous as a fertilizer

Fallen and spoiled fruit can be used as an organic fertilizer for other crops. Thanks to the presence of a variety of microelements after complete decomposition, they not only improve the quality of the soil, but also help to obtain a plentiful harvest. At the same time, it is possible to bring the carrion as under fruit-berry, and under vegetable and ornamental crops.

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Experienced gardener and gardeners practice two ways of using rotten apples as food:

  • direct introduction of fruits into the soil;
  • use as a component for compost.

Incineration of soil into the soil

To use fresh fruits as a fertilizer, you need:

  1. Between rows of strawberries or raspberries (or around the bush) to dig not very deep grooves.
  2. Cut the scorpion with a shovel or an ax (so that it rotates faster).
  3. Pour the crushed apples into the grooves. If desired, you can add to the fruits of the rotted manure and leaves.
  4. Mix them with soil and cover with a layer of soil.

Before laying apples in the soil, you should choose fruits with obvious signs of fungal diseases or with pests. This excludes infection of plants for which "apple" fertilizer is applied.

Compost of rotten apples

Padalis is an excellent compost component. Fruits quickly decompose, which in turn accelerates compost maturation, and also enriches it with useful trace elements.

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To prepare compost, prepare a plastic container or make a wooden box. You can just dig a hole in the far corner of the site, which is well lit. At the bottom of the pit or cooked container put a layer of straw or branches. Then shredded apples layered, alternating them with the ground. This is the simplest version of compost.


To enrich compost with useful elements, it is recommended to add weeds, food waste, ashes and some manure when bookmarking. A quick ripening will help to accelerate the preparation Fast compost.

Compost pile cover on top of the film to avoid rapid loss of moisture. Periodically, the contents of the heap must be stirred, and if necessary - watered. Ready compost can be obtained in about 3 months. It is suitable for fertilizing both raspberries and strawberries, and is also used as mulch.

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With regard to bacteria and fungal spores, which lead to the fall of apples, then when ripening compost they are completely neutralized. High temperature kills all pests, and such compost is absolutely safe. For complete certainty, you can leave the compost ripen for two years.

Compost of rotten apples - video

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